Is PNB Director Robin Collier undermining Pacifica by setting up Association of Affiliates, a non-profit, Tu24Sep?

. . . fishing for fish, not affiliates . . .

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Things are moving fast in PacificaWorld.

Robin Collier isn’t from Laos, but Taos. New Mexico. He’s President of Cultural Energy which owns KCEI, a Pacifica affiliate. The PNB elected him one of the two Pacifica directors coming from the affiliates, & they took their seats 31Jan (19:28).

These days, Robin’s been going a lil freelance. Tuesday just gone, 24Sep, he submitted to the New Mexico Secretary of State the articles of incorporation of Association of Affiliates. The next day he got the rubber-stamp. Here’s what Maggie sent him, the certificate of incorporation (download, or read online via the Clouseau symbol).

Please note that “Pacifica National Foundation” (Article II; page 3 of the PDF) is not Pacifica Foundation, Inc., which holds the FCC licences for KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WPFW, & WBAI. So, PNF? Cursory internet inspection drew a blank.

Hopefully Robin’ll soon explain what he has in mind.

Wonder if Ursula Ruedenberg, longstanding director of the Pacifica affiliate programme, is in the loop on this?

IED Vernile, too – or is this an IED for him & for those trying to stop Pacifica being broken up?

And things get even more interesting. The official history of the Pacifica affiliate programme says this in passing about the committee that made the successful proposal to the PNB back in 2003: “community radio station managers also served on the committee, including Norm Stockwell from WORT, Madison”. Yup. The same Norm Stockwell who’s one of the at-large directors carefully selected by the breaker faction.


In this context it’s of note that Mr Collier, the last evening the PNB met, Th19Sep, supported the breaker faction candidate in the crucial, tied, vote for the temporary Chair (38:57).

(That was the meeting that spawned two fundraiser premiums for Pacifica, the ‘A’ Audiofile & the ‘B’ Audiofile. The gift-wrapped super-premium, in the sleeve notes, came with this unforgettable remark from the highlights of the lowlights: “Adrienne shows she’s having problems getting into the swing of things: fails to appreciate why electing a pro tem Chair to take over from the Vice-Chair is needed immediately before electing the new Chair – give her time”.

So, Robin, what’s going on here? We all believe in transparency, don’t we, Robin? Spill the re-fried beans, dude.

The website of Cultural Energy has a “FFC” (sic) link, & this FCC page gives Cultural Energy’s as the station website. But, unlike Pacifica’s website, it carries no financial info, none whatsoever. KCEI’s FCC licence was granted 2016, expiring 31Jan next year.

(Just a minor detail on the topic of such licences expiring: that for WPFW is in half a week’s time, Tuesday next week, 1Oct. Obviously IED Vernile is on the case – Johnny’s such a tease, a real drama queen.) [UPDATE: an extension was applied for, & granted 1July, thru to 29Dec this year: So it’s odd that the station’s FCC public file says the licence expires 1Oct, hence my note:, the link that appears in the FCC section of one of this blog’s pages, ‘Sources on Pacifica’. So the FCC gives apparently contradictory info, apparent because, for example, the extension may have been revoked or shortened. Thanx to Tracy Rosenberg for giving, M30Sep, the link to the extension:]