Within the hour, Facebook inexplicably deleted the post about the PNB, zombies, & Karen

FB notification, Th4June2020

Obviously, Karen stormed off immediately to FB on my behalf to find out what’s going on.

FB artificial intelligence being dumb?

The deleted FB post had gone to two groups, Pacifica Radio Supporters, & Pacifica Radiowaves. Here it is, as paragraphed:

Two months down, 10 to go: when will the PNB get round to identifying the practical options Pacifica has to pay the $3.265m to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC, by 31Mar2021? When will the PNB instruct ED Lydia Brazon to identify these options & how to proceed?

Who will be Pacifica’s Karen?



2 thoughts on “Within the hour, Facebook inexplicably deleted the post about the PNB, zombies, & Karen

  1. CLIFFORD BURTON 10 June, 2020 / 17:05

    I certainly pray I’m dead wrong, but KPFK looks to be doomed. I’ve never understood how a station which was in robustly good shape financially when I discovered it a few years back has reached such a state of fiscal decrepitude in a relatively short time. Straight, non-curated, answers have been hard to come by. And at this point I’m hoping that a few benefactors with deep pockets and humane ideals will happen along before the lights go out and our radio frequency is commandeered by the likes of Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson or one of their many tin hearted Reich Wing Confederates…

    Sta. Monica

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