Pacifica gets $1m+, praps $1.2m – ED Brazon announces Paycheck Protection Program decision, Th28Jan2021 PNB

. . . a double-edged sword, putting off uncomfortable decisions . . .

[A temporary post, superseded by an elaboration of the political & organisational context & effects of the decision for Pacifica, as intimated by the above comment: The PNB audio is now in the Pacifica archive: (59:28). A contemporaneous clip of ED Brazon’s announcement is embedded below, & ‘clouded’ at The audio ‘blip’ has still not been rendered as a number; maybe a director will ask one day.]


Unfortunately, there was a blip in the livestream, at the crucial moment, so one hears “one point [blip] million”. It might be $1.2m, the same as in the first PPP disbursement per 23June2020 PNB Finance Cttee approved minutes – (unpaginated, but page 1 of the PDF; minutes approved, without objection, at the next meeting, – again, unpaginated, & p. 1 of the PDF); note however, contrary to the minute, that the only mention of a figure in the 23June audio is expressed not firmly as a definite number but probabilistically, in a recollection: “I’m pretty sure it was one-point-two”, said Chief Financial Officer Anita Sims (49:28), it having taken almost an hour (sic) before any of Pacifica’s Finance Finest thought to ask the PPP amount –

ED Lydia, last nite (0:01-1:31):

“approved” (0:14) – but didn’t say when the decision was made, when she was informed, & when payment(s) is expected;

[UPDATE: embedded audio doesn’t work, for some reason but it plays at the link.]


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