Auditor’s reports: summary notes

These are the annual general audits of Pacifica Foundation, Inc.. (The annual pensions audits haven’t been made public – a request from a lowly member or listener is unlikely to elicit transparency, & bolster an accountability process, but a request from a director or local station board delegate?)

[Notes from elsewhere will be consolidated here, in three sub-menus: Notes, explanatory & historical, to the auditor’s reports; How delayed was each auditor’s report?; & The auditor speaks! The A-Files: audiofiles, 2004-2020.

[Notes will be current as of 31Dec2020.

[The auditor’s reports are presently on two webpages coz the FY1994-FY2004 ones came later to the Pacifica Foundation website, around about Christmas 2019. They’ll be re-arranged, either split at FY2006 (the last annual net income) or merged as one page.

[Additionally, Pacifica’s monthly net income statements (the units, plus consolidated), when made publicly available, are enfolded here:]