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10 posts:

• The sleepwalkers order a financial news blackout: trying to hide their tracks, conceal their acts of omission – Th20Oct2022 PNB

• Contra Counsel Arthur’s advice, the directors illegally extend all delegates’ terms – even their own. The sense of entitlement, privilege, indispensability, superiority – even contra the heavy-duty “in no event” imperative of by-law 4/8. Shredding the by-laws – Pacifica, governed by decisions, not rules. Now in double jeopardy: out of control ‘governance’, plus flying blind post-NETA with no fiscal management – Th20Oct2022 PNB

• Why don’t we decide to sell the building used by KPFK/PRA, then come up with a reason for doing it? Maybe even publish a plan? But maybe we won’t – Th27Oct2022 PNB closed meeting

After deciding to sell the building used by KPFK/PRA, they then decide to try to come up with a plan. Yup, always rational, always on top of things: “I know that some of us are beginning to take a shot at putting together a draft strategic plan” – Director Jim, Th3Nov2022 PNB

• Questions on the sale of the building used by KPFK/PRA – public comment, Su6Nov2022 KPFK LSB

• PNB Audit Cttee Chair Eileen Rosin, also WPFW Vice-Chair, ‘termed out’ 22June2022, but LSB Chair Williams says she’s staying! Letters to PNB, PNB Audit Cttee, WPFW LSB, auditors Rogers & Company, & their licensors, the Virginia Board of Accountancy & the California Board of Accountancy

• Steinberg’s ‘recovery manager’ proposal rejected – M14Nov2022 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee . . . bonus, the missing audio

[audio starts with ex-PNB Chair Alex reading his motion (the first few secs are missing) https://mega.nz/file/ABM3CRLC#Ux_z59yfJVg7QeXSf5dDqKc53EbzznWY4EI01LSDMMs (1h15, 105MB)]

• Preparing to default on the payroll – be it F25Nov, F9Dec, F23Dec, F6Jan . . . A cut by a uniform x%, so a regressive policy, favouring the higher paid – Th17Nov2022 PNB closed meeting

• Public comment: illegally extending delegates’ terms; corruptly letting Eileen Rosin usurp a delegate’s seat & worse; & the August monthly statements being withheld illegally by the directors – not heard at the Su20Nov2022 KPFK LSB . . . bonus, the missing audio

[the audio was published in the Pacifica meetings archive, as two audiofiles, but then withdrawn; it seems this was done for a few possible reasons. #1: there’s mention of whether the breaker directors from the KPFK LSB voted in the Th27Oct2022 closed meeting to sell the building used by the station (56:37). These are Ali Lexa Al-Hilali & PacificaWorld’s retort to Austin Powers, ‘Mrs Evil’, Evelia Jones. The good lady had absented herself, but Ali Lexa vehemently denied the accusation against him, disclosing that he abstained (sic – well, that’s ok then). #2: [? – check] disclosed that the PNB has lost its secretary, Marianne ‘¡bueno!’ Edain, who was supposed to get paid – which is exactly how the PNB let it remain until, surprise, surprise, she found better things to do than staying up to see in Friday with friends like that (TimeStamp) – don’t you just luv that talk of ‘the Pacifica family’? The recording linked here misses out the prelims (the first few days, with all-nighters, when the agenda was decided), & starts with GM Novick’s report & questions – https://mega.nz/file/cdsyTbzK#XziI3eyEb8Vlv1dTwcQZQ7BtKbNF-sRTbj-3ExZpBvY (2h31, 210MB)]

• Gunten’s ‘business plan & market-priced balance sheet’ proposal rejected: why on earth would the directors need this when, ganging up 4-on-1, they’ve already decided to sacrifice KPFK? Get real, Gunten: rationality resides with each station fiefdom, not Pacifica – Tu22Nov2022 PNB Finance Cttee

[note, all this ‘von’ talk in people’s names is inegalitarian nonsense. A nobiliary particle, as they say in linguistics. In German it denotes ‘from’, the land owned by the family; it ranks somewhat lower than von und zu, Freiherr, Graf, Herzog, Fürst. These are markers of distinction – nod to Bourdieu, who examined “strategies of pretension” (Distinction, p. 253). We can do better than this, yes, especially in PacificaWorld? Indeed, in some countries, as part of their attempt to continue a capitalist cultural transition after World War One, such markers were even banned by law]


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