California Secretary of State

[intro … seems to be only this form]

Form SI-100 ( – “REV 12/2020”):

• SI? Statement of Information (no pagination; page 1 of the PDF)

• when file? By 31Aug of even years (no pag.; p. 1). That’s because Pacifica had its articles of incorporation registered with the California Secretary of State on 24Aug1946, & required periodic filing is every two years, in a six-month window ending the last day of the registration month. (“Founding Documents” in the California Registry of Charitable Trusts depository, via

• what’s disclosed? (a) Name & address of Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, & Chief Financial Officer; & (b) the legal point man: “[a]n Agent for Service of Process is responsible for accepting legal documents (e.g. service of process, lawsuits, subpoenas, other types of legal notices, etc.) on behalf of the corporation” (no pag.; pp. 6 & 3 of the PDF)


[to be written-up June-July2021]