More than 18 months of multiple waves of illness? Fed COVID-19 ‘plan’ for the people, dated 13Mar2020

. . . whither the world? . . . whither Pacifica? . . .

PanCAP, your friend? Who knew?

“A pandemic will last 18 months or longer and could include multiple waves of illness

(p. 4, added emphases)

“Supply chain and transportation impacts due to ongoing COVID-19 outbreak will likely result in significant shortages for government, private sector, and individual U.S. consumers” (p. 4, added emphases)

Universal susceptibility and exposure will significantly degrade the timelines and efficiency of response efforts” (p. 4, added emphases)

A COVID-19 pandemic environment will require modification to concurrent disaster response operations (e.g., increased levels of personal protective equipment (PPE), restricted interactions with survivors and stakeholders, resource prioritization)” (p. 5, added emphases)

Implementation of community mitigation measures may adversely impact sustained operations of U.S. healthcare facilities, critical infrastructure, and government” (p. 5, added emphases)

COVID-19 vaccine research, development, production, and distribution are under rapid development and will take extended time to develop” (p. 4, added emphases)

Aim: “COVID-19 response and recovery worker safety and health protection measures have been developed and compliance measures have been implemented” (p. 7). Already not achieved.

“Purpose[:] This plan outlines the United States Government (USG) coordinated federal response activities for COVID-19 in the United States” (p. 1)

“A nimble, effective COVID-19 response with flexible sustainable capabilities will save lives and mitigate social and economic disruption” (p. 7). Sure.

“The first U.S. case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Washington State on January 20

(p. 1, added emphases)

(“PanCAP Adapted”, in the doc’s title, means this COVID-19 response plan is an adaptation of the Pandemic Crisis Action Plan: “[t]he PanCAP, approved in January 2018, operationalizes the BIA [Biological Incident Annex] with a focus on potential viral pandemic pathogens. The COVID-19 Response Plan outlines adapted federal response actions for the response to this disease” (p. 6, all added emphases, for the titles).)


. . . meanwhile they frolic in the Floridian ocean . . .

. . . it may be Spring Break for humans, but for Viro the Virus it’s work, work, work . . .

Video published M16Mar by the local TV company.

It’s why Kang & Kodos, for eons, simply observe.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Pacifica’s future was largely structured by the $3.265m loan from the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC. Now it’s the effects of the virus, SARS-CoV-2.


Breaking the story: Peter Baker & Eileen Sullivan, ‘U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages’, NYT, Tu17Mar2020:

Click to access full.pdf

Permanent posting of the doc:!BFkEGISB!5MXaxUANc8XxYSzvBeV6AZ2FIzLmhmnx7j48_ouW4JA


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