WBAI statements at NY City Hall, Tu15Oct2019

. . . but what’s the plan addressing the deficiencies, both WBAI & Pacifica-wide? . . . (photo courtesy of Paul ‘Weegee’ DeRienzo)

(video, 1:09:32)

Director & temporary PNB Chair, Alex Steinberg: 12:27

Director Ralph Poynter: 15:35

Legal counsel for WBAI peeps, Arthur Schwartz: 16:24

GM Berthold Reimers & PD Linda Perry (our photogenic duo): 58:15

He says he was elected temporary Chair of the Pacifica Board at its Su13Oct meeting – why this wasn’t done in public, he didn’t even address. The politics of ‘not in front of the children’ has to end.


2 thoughts on “WBAI statements at NY City Hall, Tu15Oct2019

  1. Alex Steinberg 19 October, 2019 / 18:04

    I would have said something about the politics of the coup. But I was under pressure to finish my remarks quickly. The lineup at the Press Conference gave too much time to people who were talking in general about WBAI and not about the coup. We did not hear nearly enough from the WBAI General Manager, Carolyn MacIntyre, or the WBAI GM. Berthold Reimers, or the WBAI Program Directot, Linda Perri.

    It is now obvious that John Vernile was selected for this job to do a corporate style takeover of WBAI and to drown up whatever radical voices remain on WBAI and afterwards the rest of the network. My guess is that there is big money and powerful people behind Vernile and Quincy McCoy. They are attempting a “cleansing” operation to remove any dissident voices to the left of the Democratic Party establishment from having any say on the politics and culture of this country. It’s of a piece with Hillary Clinton’s attempt to demonize Democratic Party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who is the only consistently anti-imperialist candidate running as a Democrat.

    Alex Steinberg WBAI Director to the Pacifica National Board


  2. Alexander Steinberg 19 October, 2019 / 18:26

    Correction – Carolyn MacIntyre is the Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board. We did not hear nearly enough from her and she was also sidelined to a spot after many other speakers.

    Alex Steinberg


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