Yet another one without audio, but here it is: Th15Dec2022 PNB

The Th15Dec2022 PNB public meeting finished a lil later than usual – c. 2355 ET. So it’s even more derelict that there’s every chance the audio won’t end up in the Pacifica archive. (At the witches’ hour, a coven was formed – no wonder their closed session decision-making has deteriorated.)

Here’s the audio, as two files: (2 of 2; 20m, 28MB)

Note, this is a recording made by PacificaWatch: it’s not the one also doing the rounds (that’s 479MB, available at


The last PNB audio in the Pacifica meetings archive is that for Th10Nov (sic) –

Since then, four are missing: Th17Nov, Th1Dec, Th8Dec, & now Th15Dec (just as well no meet 24Nov).

However, PacificaWatch recordings are linked from here:



No reasonable person would think this is unintentional. Yet no director sleepwalker has publicly mentioned this parlous state of affairs: no-one has complained, no-one has asked for an explanation, no-one has moved a motion to instruct ED Steph ‘The Breeze’ Wells to discipline the worker responsible for this exercise in opacity.

There you go, says Lydia.



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