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. . . not Robert Natkin, Beyond Kaddish – He is Risen, 1999 . . .

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1) comment, M7Jan2019, re

Pacifica got the new year off to a great start: the PNB adjourned at 1.40am ET. They had gathered the day before, Th3Jan, nominally at 8pm, but combat didn’t commence until 8.26 because the axe-grinder had run out of wheels. (That’s grinder, not grindr.) But don’t despair, they all meet up again this Thursday.

The question captivating everyone is, for how long will Mrs Maxie let Mr Maxie stay up well past his bedtime? Forget about the $3.265m loan from the Foundation for the Jewish Community (FJC), this is what the people deserve to know.


2) Contemporaneous note:

[to be added]


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