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How many listeners?

• Nielsen’s estimates: ADD

• Pacifica discloses how many listeners are receiving the stream of its programmes; the labelling of the x-axis implies it’s in real time. One can choose different time periods: the last hour; the last 24hrs; the last week; the last month; the last year.

The URL’s are chosen by Pacifica not to be intuitive (that is, allowing an easy change by period or station; this is unlike the financial reports at, where, except for the FY2011 auditor’s report, one simply has to change the year in the URL).

For an overview of the stream uptake, click for the last year:


• And how many downloads? Pacifica must have this data from the sites; the relevant decision-maker chooses to conceal this from the members & other listeners.

• Ditto, how many visits to the individual episodes on the sites? Again, the relevant decision-maker chooses to conceal this.

• (And then there’s the Pacifica material stored, even streamed, from the sites of those who produce the programmes. But I guess that requires a different sort of management with that kind of vigilance.)


Site that seems to be maintained by the National Elections Supervisor during an election/referendum process:

(Seems, also in terms of disclosing what’s going on. For example, during the 2021 referenda on a proposed new Pacifica constitution, the NES had published alleged campaign violations & her response; as of 28June there were five, all between 5Apr & 24Apr2021. Then sweetness & light. If overworked, as is almost certainly the case, this shows her priorities.)