NES Penaloza fails to disclose station referenda numbers, & the raw data. Why?

NES Penaloza’s refusal to disclose absolute numbers (Referendum Final Report, Su29Mar2020, p. 10)

IMPORTANT CORRECTION (M30Mar) . . . The lack of info provided by the NES is even worse than I thought: the station voting percentages she gave (the “Voted (%)” column in the above tables) aren’t the station turnouts, as I mistakenly took them to be, but each station’s share of the total vote – that’s why, in the tables, one adds to 99 & the other to 100 (it’s 100 in the “Electors (%)” column of each table). Note, the heading “Voted (%)” is misleading: it should have been ‘Voting Share (%)’.

(I’m working out all the absolute numbers, which necessarily have a margin of error, not least because the percentages given are whole numbers; I’ll post them later today, M30Mar.)


M23Mar, NES Renee Penaloza posted on her website’s homepage the two referendum result certificates, issued by Simply Voting Inc. the same day. These stated the ‘yes’/’no’ numbers, as well as the percentages.

What was missing were station data. Obviously these would be in today’s NES’ report. As absolute numbers, & as percentages. But no. Just percentages, rounded to, presumably, the nearest whole number.

Hopefully, one or three Pacifica directors will persuade the NES to include them in the report. Those numbers should be prominently & proudly displayed. After all, this is the go-to document on a Pacifica high: “[v]oter turnout was higher than in any prior Pacifica election” (p. 1).

More importantly, not least for voters, the raw data, anonymised by each voter’s receipt code, haven’t been disclosed. They’ve been kept secret. Why? Why have voters been prevented from checking if their vote was properly recorded? Why? . . . More work for directors who care.

(awkward to read the NES’ posting of the report (viewing its pages at 67% may be adequate) – why no PDF? Note, to turn the pages of the doc on the webpage, hover just below the ‘0’ at the bottom, which is the page number. Also, the downloadable zip file, oddly, doesn’t include the NES’ report – as efficient as the US’ ‘Third World’ capitalist response to the work of the SARS-CoV-2 virus . . . somewhat worse than the usual ‘market failure’.)


[Remarks will follow as a separate post.]


3 thoughts on “NES Penaloza fails to disclose station referenda numbers, & the raw data. Why?

  1. robertgartner 30 March, 2020 / 12:48

    Interesting that KPFT ‘yes’ votes were so high. I contend that the perpetrators had access my many mailing lists. Go knows they enjoyed repeated PSA’s that were slanted.

    And herein (elections. is a complaint from Nancy Saibara that on both Spare Change and Deadbeat Shows were programmer promotions done. Nancy failed to follow through with the links. Penazola claimed she could not access them. BUT they CAN BE ACCESSED. Our station engineer knows how to do this.


  2. Carol Spooner 30 March, 2020 / 21:12

    See attached spreadsheet where I did the math to arrive at the raw numbers, more or less accurate considering rounding errors, with a couple of unexplained anomalies but not enough to affect the outcome.

    ~Carol Spooner


    • PacificaWatch 31 March, 2020 / 06:01

      I just posted the numbers I came up with. Your spreadsheet isn’t attached: if you’re kind enough to send it, I’ll compare your figures with mine, & comment.


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