Chris Albertson died one year ago

Chris Albertson, WBAI studios, 1965 (photographer: Sam Falk, New York Times)

Chris died a year ago today.


His blogs, that are still maintained:

Two of his obituaries: (written by Michael West)


One thought on “Chris Albertson died one year ago

  1. bernieS 25 April, 2020 / 01:52

    I sorely miss reading Chris Albertson’s brilliantly incisive and insightful commentaries about the foibles of WBAI-Pacifica. Chris, as one of the most experienced WBAI veterans, would’ve have had a field day reporting and commenting on the shrill and dishonest propaganda regurgitated by the likes of Mimi Rosenberg, Arthur Schwartz, Linda Perry, Berthold Reimers, Emmanuel Goldstein, and their ilk as they tried to defend the indefensible gross mismanagement of WBAI-FM after it culminated in a long-overdue and necessary layoff last October.

    Thanks to their “victory” Pacifica Foundation falls even deeper in debt as it covers month after month of unsustainable WBAI expenses with dollars donated by listeners of other Pacifica stations. WBAI management is nearly a month in arrears in paying its transmitter rent at 4 Times Square, and that contract has no grace period. That landlord, Durst Corporation, learned from what transpired at the Empire State Building and has no obligation or desire to prop up WBAI-Pacifica.


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