Audio of the Th10Nov2022 PNB – including another hot mic After Party. Also Mike Davis

Still not in the Pacifica meetings archive,, as of 1200 MST, M14Nov2022. One other 2022 PNB meeting is missing, that of Th9June: the daily calendar notice,, is in the form of an open meeting (so including three links for the stream), although the linked “Agenda” says “[p]art of the meeting will be in executive session.”, & the notice says there’ll be a closed meeting (but the calendar grid only gives an open meeting: yup, the software needs excluding pathways) –


Since the end of summer 2021 there has been a marked deterioration in Pacifica’s intercourse with the public. Yes, more online ‘town halls’, but a significant reduction in the streaming of meetings & the posting of audiofiles. Those in charge of this work have chosen to neglect the public. Low priority. As so often in Pacifica, even when workloads become even heavier, peeps are reluctant to delegate, or ask for volunteers. Neglect is the result. And an ageing organisation, a gerontocracy, heads in only one direction. The only question is whether the final repose – which is horizontal – is either supine or prone. (Incineration isn’t green.)

So, the Th10Nov2022 PNB. It started as a whirlwind, to cite the title of Yevgeniya Ginzburg’s memoir: a surprise attack, an ambush, from Lawrence – causing Chair Julie to shoot coffee all over her ‘Jerry Paris’ coaster.

That aside, Lawrence’s question: does the sale of the Pacifica building housing KPFK & Pacifica Radio Archives count as “substantially all” of the assets of Pacifica Foundation, Inc.? By-law 3/5:

“All Members shall have all rights granted to them by law or by these Bylaws, including without limit the right to vote, on the terms and in the manner set forth in these Bylaws […] on the sale, exchange, transfer or disposition of all or substantially all of the Foundation’s assets”

Pacifica by-law, Article 3, Section 5 (emphases added) –

And then it all kicked off . . .

Draft agenda:

Folder containing the whole of the public meeting (bar a few secs of roll-call), plus the first 10mins of the after party, when the grandparents & great-grandparents let down their hair – or at least took off their wigs – during the intermezzo before the great & the good donned their ceremonial robes, disappearing into their conclave, the closed PNB meeting: (as two audiofiles).


But if you want to spend your time doing better things, here are some tributes to Mike Davis – plus SoCal Mike from 7mths ago, an essay, an excerpt, & free PDF’s:

two episodes of ‘Beneath the Surface’, Suzi Weissman, 1000 PT, Su30Oct & Su6Nov: (yes, the website really needs to get unique URL’s for each item in the KPFK archive)

focus on his City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, 1990, & an essay on nationalism, 2015:

Verso Books, London, published his work, & its blog carried quite a few pieces by & on him:

Ciarán O’Rourke:

summaries of 10 of his books:

. . . finally, his books are here, as free downloadable PDF’s:

¡Presente!, as Lawrence would say. And rightly so.



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