KPFA LSB: living the dream

. . . KPFA Local Station Board, roll-call . . .

. . . and delegate Elizabeth Milos has decided she’s going to speak . . .



Milosz: Pacifica’s reality


A Song on the End of the World

On the day the world ends
A bee circles a clover,
A fisherman mends a glimmering net.
Happy porpoises jump in the sea,
By the rainspout young sparrows are playing
And the snake is gold-skinned as it should always be.

On the day the world ends
Women walk through the fields under their umbrellas,
A drunkard grows sleepy at the edge of a lawn,
Vegetable peddlers shout in the street
And a yellow-sailed boat comes nearer the island,
The voice of a violin lasts in the air
And leads into a starry night.

And those who expected lightning and thunder
Are disappointed.
And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps
Do not believe it is happening now.
As long as the sun and the moon are above,
As long as the bumblebee visits a rose,
As long as rosy infants are born
No one believes it is happening now.

Only a white-haired old man, who would be a prophet
Yet is not a prophet, for he’s much too busy,
Repeats while he binds his tomatoes:
There will be no other end of the world,
There will be no other end of the world.


Czeslaw Milosz, A Song on the End of the World, Warsaw, 1944, translated by Anthony Milosz, in Czeslaw Milosz, New and Collected Poems 1931-2001, HarperCollins Publishers (New York), 2003, pages 56 & 776 – free download at


[Pertinent is the successful 2022 news blackout, keeping secret even the concrete topics of any significant PNB decision (made in the famed ‘executive sessions’), the cherry on the top of the increasing number of open meetings either lacking a publicly available audio recording or even closed to the public thru the withholding of joining details when they aren’t streamed. Every lil bit helps. This exercise in opacity makes it even more likely that Milosz is right, that “There will be no other end of the world, / There will be no other end of the world.” – “And those who expected lightning and thunder / Are disappointed. / And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps / Do not believe it is happening now.” Gotta luv it. Only goes to prove that when Pacifica decision-makers really put their mind to something, even without coordination, they can come up trumps. Now there’s a thought.]


7-21Dec KPFK fund-drive, hourly pledges up $5.21 on the last drive. Daily gross proceeds up ~$98, a drive total of ~$1 463. Gross proceeds rate, only ~58% of the ~$8 044 daily expenses. Can the PNB wait until the seating of the new breaker directors in January?

. . . for the 15 days, Tu7-Tu21Dec2021, $195k pledge goal, $13k a day . . . & yet, & yet . . . $89 415 total pledged at 0001 PST, W22Dec, daily average $5 961 pledged, &, at 78% fulfilment, $4 650 gross proceeds per day . . . so even being in drive brings in only ~58% (less cost of fundraising) of the ~$8 044 daily expenses . . . oh . . . . . .

[UPDATE . . . the drive ended on time, with a welcome ‘thank you’: KPFK’S ON-AIR FUND DRIVE IS NOW OVER[.] THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS PLEDGED SUPPORT!” (original caps & emphases, so unobtrusively to the left of the thermometer that it’s easily missed). Welcome, coz the last drive, the first under Miquel’s management, fizzled out in silence. And the gauge is still registering: at 0001 PST, Th23Dec it was $98 967, a commendable $9 552 for the day, 60% up on the drive daily average. This may be telling us something – but the motivator may be a self-interested message: “Get your Tax-Deductible pledges in before the new year” (original emphases). Ah well . . .

[0002 PST, F24Dec: $100 805, +$1 838 … 0103 PST, Sa25Dec (just after going to Mass with Miquel): $100 805, +$0 … 0309 PST, Su26Dec: $100 805, +$0, so I guess the thermometer manager is now in Honolulu (or is it Vegas?) – and good for her (or is it them?).]


. . . the coming gloaming, the darkness sweeping in upon the face of the deep . . .

The Tu7-Tu21Dec KPFK fund-drive ended yesterday. A disaster: it couldn’t even bring in enough to cover daily expenses – let alone create a stash to cover the weeks out of drive. Gross proceeds, so before deducting the costs of fundraising, averaged only ~58% of the ~$8 044 daily expenses.

The previous drive was Tu5Oct-F5Nov: $186761 pledged ÷ 32 days = $5 836 – the report by then KPFK Treasurer & KPFK Finance Cttee Chair Fred Blair (10:06) to the 9Nov PNB Finance Cttee,

How does the current one compare? $89415 pledged ÷ 15 days = $5 961. Oh.

The extra: $5961 − 5836 = $125 daily pledged.

But that’s pledged: what about cash in the coffers?

In that report, Chair Blair said the fulfilment rate was “about 78%” (30:18). That was a slight improvement on 76.8%, the previous rate given publicly, by then KPFK business manager Barry ‘The King’ Brooks (18:17) for the Tu20Apr-F4June drive (16June KPFK Finance Cttee –

So, $125 x 0.78 = $97.50.

So an extra $98 gross proceeds a day. An extra $4.06 an hour. (You may have thought this warranted bolding – but it’s actually worse, as explained below.)

So, an extra ~$1 463 gross proceeds for the period, compared with the last drive.

(Re the 5Oct-5Nov drive, there has been no update, as usual, on any of these basic facts: the total pledged, the fulfilment rate, the gross proceeds, the cost of fundraising, the net proceeds – and no-one seems to ask, members of either the KPFK Finance Cttee or the KPFK Local Station Board.)


Station manager Miquel Calçada made a special effort for this drive. To break the mould. “I-I hope that we have a webinar by Christine [Blosdale] with all the programmers” (49:29, at the W17Nov KPFK LSB; oddly, the drive wasn’t mentioned in his report, that starts 36:20) –

The complete plan for full-spectrum domination was unleashed on day #9 of the drive, W15Dec, when he told the LSB,

we got, urgh, the attention of individual programmers and the necessity of pitching. We distributed scripts, pro formas [garbled]. I spoke with many programmers personally, and they also were offered to attend [Mansoor-the-Unmuted then interrupted] a webinar by Christine Blosdale on pitching techniques [guess she charged: otherwise Miquel would have raised morale by lauding her for selfless magnanimity in supporting the station in its hour of need]

GM Miquel Calçada, 49:15; report starts at 47:32 –

So all systems go.

However, the yield looks like +2.1% (5961 ÷ 5836 daily pledged, or 4650 ÷ 4552 daily fulfilled). That’s the +~$98 gross proceeds a day. And that’s the gross.

As I said 19Nov, “that’s the gross figure, the fulfilment of the pledges. It excludes the cost of fundraising, those such as premiums, post & packaging, hiring pitchers, borrowing existing staff deployed elsewhere (albeit a sunk cost: already incurred, but a cost of this activity), call-centre charge, payment processing.” (section •7• Discussion: General)

So, this drive compared with the last, the extra $4.06 gross proceeds per hour is, what, $3.50 net, an extra $3.50 cash in the coffers for each & every hour of the drive? Or is it $3? Guess we’ll never know.

In that longish post I also pointed out,

[t]he pledge level is now so low that, counter-intuitively, drives may bring in less money, less net income, than if the station had no drives at all. It would be a good idea for KPFK management to do a more accurate set of calculations, for different scenarios, & think the matter thru.

‘Today KPFK is losing money at a rate of ~$3 500 a day, ~$105k a month, ~$1.26m a year, as per the docs. Why does no-one publicly recognise the scale, the urgency?’, section •7• Discussion: General –


So, bringing in an extra $98 gross proceeds a day.

And the current cost of the station, estimated using the KPFK net income statements in the Aug2021 NETA-produced monthlies? $244 684 per month . . . $8 044 per day. Running a loss at a rate of $105 116 per month . . . $3 456 per day.

And the response to reality is an extra $98 gross proceeds a day?


Those estimated rates were at 6Nov2021. GM Miquel started work 15Sep. So although there has been cost-cutting (of an undisclosed amount) since he took the job, the rate of loss-making started off higher. Nevertheless, applying the 6Nov rate for the whole period 15Sep-31Dec, his management has overseen a loss of ~$367 906 (105116 x 3½). And when the new Pacifica directors are seated Th27Jan2022, the KPFK loss for this current fiscal year, the period 1Oct2021-31Jan2022, will be of the order of ~$420 464.

Will the current PNB tolerate another ~$105k of debt for the next board to deal with? Undoubtedly.


Meanwhile, just up the coast, the KPFA breakers have been on the move, mimicking Putin pushing his tanks up against the Ukrainian border. Both luv it up close & personal. Sharon ‘no-one luvs WBAI more than I do’ Adams termed out as KPFA Treasurer, & Chris ‘please don’t mock my false laugh, it’s not easy being Janus’ Cory, already on the PNB Finance Cttee, replaced her, by acclamation, at the Sa18Dec KPFA LSB. This creates space on the PNB Finance Cttee for a certain Ms Gendelman. She didn’t run for any of the LSB positions – clearing the way for her to become a director, & even stand to be PNB Chair. (Riding two horses is forbidden: “Local Station Board officers may not serve concurrently as Foundation Directors”, Article 7, Section 5 – Shooting the stable is allowed.)

Ms Gendelman? Yes, Sherry.

• 2008 PNB Chair.

• 2008 (praps 2008-9) Executive Director (as PNB Chair, standing in): “[s]he was on the Pacifica National Board for two years and served as its Chair, and interim Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation” –

• A self-proclaimed KPFA Protector, as are Adams & Cory, a breaker alliance of Pacifica Safety Net & New Day Pacifica during the 2021 delegates elections –

• A co-organiser of the 2019-20 Pacifica Restructuring Project, instigator of the 2020 by-laws referenda –

• Head of Pacifica Safety Net: “Sherry Gendelman (PSN President)” –; given as CEO & “Agent for Service of Process” in a 16Nov2020 filing with the California Secretary of State, a ‘Corporation – Statement of Information’, form SI-100 –

• Why safety net? A circus? Clowns? Kinda, but not really: “[w]e are raising money for a ‘safety net’ of funds outside of the control of Pacifica Foundation management to protect the stations” – Oh. So much for loyalty to the foundation, the usual gloss for a certain standard of behaviour, one even found in state law: “[a] director shall perform the duties of a director […] in good faith, in a manner that director believes to be in the best interests of the corporation” (CA Corporations Code, § 5231(a)) –

• Not a litigant against the foundation, just sitting back as president/CEO whilst others bring the action –

• As I said last December:

Let’s not mince words: the stated ambition is to set up a parallel funding operation, so necessarily competing with Pacifica. In the meantime, fund litigation to bleed Pacifica dry.

Setting the stage for what? The anti-breakers, politically crushed in the 2021 by-laws referenda. The 2021 PNB under Chair Alex Steinberg, as passive as can be. And now the breakers with a stronger presence on the PNB, able to cause frequent deadlock. Welcome to New Day Year 2022.

Quo vadis?

[UPDATE . . . another prediction bites the dust: Ms Gendelman didn’t run for the PNB, in early Jan2022. Even so, the KPFA delegates elected the same mix of directors, three breakers, one anti: Donny ‘do you think I care?’ Goldmacher (Sherry’s partner in PSN crime), Darlene Pagano, Mark Van Landuyt, & anti-breaker James McFadden. As living disinformation, Ms Pagano said in her pitch for votes that she’s not in any faction – “I am a person who is not on, or in, any – or either – faction, urgh slate or party, urgh though I have been endorsed by two slates now over the years, at different times, and I take that as, um, a sign that I’m doing something right” (29:10), – yet she endorsed the KPFA Protectors candidates in the 2021 delegates elections, .]


Should KPFK’s estimated rate of current loss-making be revised in the light of the later Sep & Oct monthlies?

Above, total current expenses ($8 044 per day) & the current rate of loss-making ($105 166 per month) are estimated from the KPFK monthly net income statements included in the Aug2021 NETA-produced monthlies. Since then, the Sep & Oct ones have been posted online. Should these be used instead?

Folder of the NETA monthlies (10 no.; Nov2020, & Feb thru Oct2021; note that the Nov2020 monthlies give monthly net income statements for all 7 units, plus the aggregation (‘consolidated’ in the jargon), from Oct2019, so before SARS-CoV-2 had been detected, as well as the FY2019 totals):

It largely turns on the total non-Central Services expenses. My working estimate was the average of June-July-Aug, ~$203k per month.

First, have the FY2021 monthly totals been restated in the later monthlies? Yes: only two changed, those for July & Aug. July was down by $2 877, & Aug down by $1 514; & 4391 ÷ 3 = 1464, & x 12 = 17568, so my estimate was overstated by $17 568 for the year thru 5Nov2022, or 0.72% (÷ (202945 x 12)). A tidy sum for an individual, but not material for a ~$3m juggernaut.

Second, & more important, are the size of the Sep & Oct totals. (In case you were asking, the Sep total is the same in both the Sep & Oct monthlies.) Sep was the highest since March: so no continuing monthly decline there (Sep was $216 016, & the June-July-Aug average was the $202 945). Then Oct came in with $161 556. Other that recognising it as an anomaly in the calendar 2021 series (or indeed the series since Adam & Eve), what is one to make of it? The new standard? Will we be at $150k by Dec?

So where does the Oct figure vary the most? Compared with the June-July-Aug average (as now adjusted, of course), personnel costs are down $14k ($119 346 ⭢ $105 058), admin down $10k ($35 778 ⭢ $25 800), programming up $2k ($12 903 ⭢ $14 694), & development down $17k ($32 634 ⭢ $16 003). The net decrease is $39 106. The line items tell you that half of that is forgoing premiums & telemarketing – but with an Oct telemarketing charge of $10 790 (÷ 31 = $348), who the hell was calling whom, & about what? Is this some standing charge, that previous station manager Anyel Fields contracted to in his wisdom? Or is it actually a call centre, processing pledges & payments during the 5Oct-5Nov fund-drive? Maybe Julia, or Kim, can tell us.

On balance, with Sep higher & Oct significantly lower than the June-July-Aug average, & without any explanation from anyone for Oct being such an anomaly, it’s prudent not to change any of the working assumptions. It may be that current total monthly non-Central Services expenses are down from $203k to, say, $173k, reducing the estimated monthly rate of loss-making to ~$75k, making the annual loss thru 5Nov2022, ~$900k. In the wider scale of things, small comfort, yes? Anyway, there just isn’t enough reliable evidence at the moment to support the claim that KPFK is currently not an annual loss-making operation of $1.25m but an annual loss-making operation of $0.9m.

And putting it that way, tells us what has to be done – N O W.


Absurdly named Pacifica Safety Net, launched Tu15Dec: latest breaker tag-team, Gendelman-Goldmacher-Huggins-Alderson. PSN sue Pacifica directors for misfeasance, malfeasance, negligence, unlawful conduct, & gross dereliction of fiduciary duty

. . . not Cornelis Cort, Heracles slaying the Hydra, his second labour, engraving, c. 1565 . . .


[Remember, the KPFA Local Station Board meets this Saturday, 19Dec, at 1100PT. “Each meeting shall include a public comment period of not less than thirty (30) minutes. No person shall be required, as a condition for attendance at any public meeting or to publicly comment, to register his/her name or to provide any other information” (Art. 7, Sec. 6C), Given the latest news out of Berkeley, I’m sure that the KPFA delegates will want to learn from a full & frank exchange of member & listener views, so one can expect at least an hour of public comment. To join the meeting: (accessing in another way, just use meeting ID 9726172 & passcode 935186), per]


What a bunch of busy breakers! Whilst attention was on the New Day Pacifica group, this lot stayed focused, beavering away, stamping the PSN brand here, there, & everywhere, & even finding time to go to court – not once but twice! So what have they been up to, this last three months?

  • Two websites created F18Sep2020: (also the destination when keying ‘’) – and no, there’s no ‘’. (Thx to a reader for this info.) The main site links show their colours: New Day Pacifica, & Save KPFA –
  • a 501(c)(3) registered Tu29Sep2020: doc linked from Pacifica in Exile, please see below – will also be embedded on this webpage
  • of course, a GoFundMe, created 5Oct2020: “Donald Goldmacher is organizing this fundraiser” – well, he is the chief financial officer, according to the Cali Secretary of State; “$60,000 goal”; as of Pacific breakfast, W16Dec, $1 350 had been raised from 8 donors, all within the last 24hrs bar the first donation, made 18 days ago, Sa28Nov;
  • officers publicly disclosed M16Nov2020, to the Cali Secretary of State: Sherry Gendelman, Chief Executive Officer; Craig Alderson, Secretary; & Donny ‘do you think I care?’ Goldmacher, Chief Financial Officer – see Pacifica in Exile doc drop
  • a YouTube channel, Pacifica Safety Net, created F20Nov2020: 13 subscribers as of Tu15Dec; no public content, but two vids (detailed below), that are ‘unlisted’, so they don’t come up in a YT search, but each has a URL so can be shared; notably, comments are turned off – these peeps aren’t into conversation, discussion: they’re steamrollers (think tankies), into dissemination, into top-down communication; [UPDATE . . . the two vids were made public at c. 1600PT W16Dec (changing the upload date to 16Dec, but leaving the views unchanged).]
  • & a Facebook page created Sa21Nov2020: linked to the primary website; three posts (the Peter Coyote vid described below, a note by David Talbot, & admin referring to Talbot); one ‘like’ & one ‘follow’ for the page; no likes/comments/shares for the posts;

(GoFundMe donors, in chronological order: 28Nov, Anonymous, $5; −22hrs, Anon., $100; −16hrs, Thomas Miller, $1 000; −15hrs, Ann Riley, $100; −15hrs, Anon., $20; −11hrs, Rolando Thorbourne, $25; −8hrs, Barbara Whipperman, $50; & −8hrs, Chris Stehlik, $50. In The Times of Corona, glad to see some have a hoped-for $60 001 to spare. If only they were putting their energies into fundraising for Pacifica – priorities, I guess, priorities on what to build, what to destroy: building the attack to destroy Pacifica.)

The YT channel has at least two unlisted vids, both embedded on the PSN website homepage:

  • one titled ‘Peter Coyote’, he speaks to camera, not having learnt the script, as betrayed by his eyes; uploaded Su6Dec2020; 331 views (this out of praps 3k-5k pre-contacted potential supporters); (5:31)
  • the other titled ‘Programming Heard on Pacifica Radio’: unreferenced medley of gross falsehoods (even lies) & gibberish, allegedly broadcast by Pacifica; uploaded Su6Dec2020; 28 views; the clips are from Guns & Butter, Alan Sabrosky, Michel Chossudovsky, & a combo of anti-vaxxing/anti-masking/crisis actors/alien visitors/quackery/snake-oil hawking; but remember, in the 1960s, WBAI had the KKK on, to interrogate their ideas; & the liberal conception of speech allows causing offence, even expressing hatred, but bars incitement to violence (all anathema to liberalism are cancel culture/dis-inviting/safe spaces/trigger warnings); a separate matter, of course, is whether Pacifica should give its valuable airtime to reactionary views; (6:47)

And part of building the PSN brand is thru action, thru what are now two court cases, according to the PSN site, brought to eat up money that Pacifica doesn’t have, to punish their enemies on the Pacifica National Board, & to discourage anyone from becoming a Pacifica director:

  • Tu8Dec, the rejection by Judge James Chalfant, Los Angeles County Superior Court, of a petition (case # 20STCV46681) to put Pacifica into receivership & order a temporary restraining order; &
  • a Th10Dec press release declaring, “[l]egal action [by persons unnamed] to stop the destruction of the Pacifica Radio Foundation was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The complaint accuses members of Pacifica’s board of directors with misfeasance and malfeasance, negligence in their management of Pacifica, unlawful conduct and gross dereliction of their fiduciary duties and responsibilities, causing Pacifica the severe loss of multiple sources of income, the imminent loss of its assets and putting Pacifica in imminent danger of insolvency and complete collapse” (emphases added) – (So Th10Dec; but this is contradicted by another webpage, which gives M14Dec: “PSN’s launch today [Tu15Dec] follows the bombshell announcement on Monday that Pacifica network directors were being sued for malfeasance and mismanagement” – Bit of a pickle.)

What else is publicly available? Pacifica in Exile, the blog of Tracy Rosenberg, usefully posted other primary docs on Tu15Dec2020 – (They’ll be embedded here.)

And filings with the Cali Registry of Charitable Trusts? Unfortunately their Registry Verification Search, & other resources, are currently down for maintenance – and, like a failed state, the webpage says “[w]e do not have an estimated date on which those services will be restored and available”, a notice that’s also undated ( Amerikan Karnage. Yes, the future is the present – and we aren’t even talking climate emergency.

Nevertheless, RCT gives alternative routes. First, it says “[d]ownloadable Charity Registration Reports are updated monthly on the Registry Reports page”, but this drew a blank (just Pacifica churches – although that’s close) – Second, the Charity Annual Report Filings, as expected, give nothing for Pacifica Safety Net, but it lists Pacifica Education Foundation, & Pacificans Care (lines #20247 & #20259 respectively; ‘care’ popped up on the PSN website, closing the ‘about’ statement: “[t]hank you for caring and giving” – However, the location detail for both charities is Pacifica, CA, so one wouldn’t expect them to have anything to do with breakers – But when normal service is restored to the RCT site we’ll take a look.


A Pacifica safety net, a really awkward phrase, yes? Even more rubbish as the name for a group. Seriously. But it has a genealogy, rooted in KPFA separatist culture, going back just over four years ago, just after when Trump was elected. This will be detailed in a companion post, ‘The hydra grows another head: breakers resurrect a 2016 plan, the Pacifica Safety Net’.

The primary sources are the two audiofiles of the Sa19Nov2016 KPFA LSB – yes, them again – and a 29Nov report & analysis by Janet Kobren, then a Pacifica director, PNB secretary, & KPFA listener-delegate. (two audiofiles, 3h35; as you know, at the end, just replace the ‘a’ with ‘b’) &

Quotes from the report, in order of appearance:

  • “One notable difference was the Proposal #4: Proposal for LSB to Establish a 501(c)3 (see description below) for which the title had changed from ‘Proposal for bringing to Life The KPFA Foundation’ to ‘Proposal for Bringing to Life a 501(c)3 Foundation As An Available Safety Net To Catch The License And/or As A Way To Ensure KPFA’s Financial Stability’” (emphases added);
  • Set up a safety net 501(c)3 Foundation – lavender paper [document]. A safety net organization to receive the license to broad cast [sic] in the event of collapse, dissolution, or acceptance of the plan #3 (above) that makes KPFA an independent affiliate of Pacifica holding our own license and operating in exchange for assuming Pacific’s debt” (emphases added);
  • “Proposal #4: Proposal for LSB to Establish a 501(c)3 [… new para …] Kobren summary: Per Travis, in the case that Pacifica is dissolved, this is a way to pass some of the assets to a nonprofit organization that has a similar mission, and this 501(c)3 would have an identical mission and ‘have something in place’ (a ‘safety net’)” (emphases added); &
  • “Whipperman [Barbara, an early GoFundMe donor, $50, to PSN] suggested the 501(c)3 be named the Thompson/Hill Foundation”.


A final, crucial point.

PSN betray their origins:

[t]he Pacifica Safety Net (PSN), a California non-profit organization, formed by Pacifica radio listeners, volunteers, and donors officially launched a website and posted a five-minute videotaped statement by actor and author Peter Coyote (emphases added)

Donors. In PSN’s own words, donors who aren’t “listeners”, donors who aren’t “volunteers”.

So who are they? Who bankrolled the court actions? Who are these people? What do they want?

Why no transparency?

Why the secrecy? What are they hiding from the Pacifica members, from the Pacifica staff, from the Pacifica listeners?


The GoFundMe tells it like it is, meekly & modestly:

[o]ur mission is durable because it was created to serve – out of a righteous spirit


[w]e are dedicated to raising money, outside of the purview of foundation [sic] management, to protect the local stations from the immediate dangers they face. We are raising money for a ‘safety net’ of funds to protect the stations in case of emergencies, whether they are legal, operational or otherwise (emphases added)

Let’s not mince words: the stated ambition is to set up a parallel funding operation, one necessarily competing with Pacifica. In the meantime, fund litigation to bleed Pacifica dry.

Let battle commence.