Referenda results delayed, & no observation of ballot opening

the delay, & the non sequitur

Important news yesterday from the NES’ homepage:

  • the by-laws referenda results won’t be declared this weekend, &
  • “there will be no ballot opening observation”.

On the first, NES Renee Penaloza used contradictory language in saying, “[r]esults will be announced on Monday, March 23rd (TBD)”: well, they either “will” or it’s “TBD”, to be determined. I guess, in her usual sloppy way, she meant to say ‘it will be Monday, but the time isn’t known yet’.

On the second, “[d]ue to the coronavirus outbreak, there will be no ballot opening observation”. This doesn’t follow: given how the virus is transmitted to a person, it’s necessarily prevented in this situation by adhering to two simple rules: (a) staying 2 yards away from anyone, & (b) not touching the ballots with bare hands. (Aerosol transmission won’t arise during a fleeting visit to a largish room, a visit with no face-to-face interaction for 15mins or more.) Hence the NES’ decision is unreasonable, not least because it even contradicts the precautionary principle observed by a diligent manager. (copied at!NJsnVZjJ!PLxz9-Q8W92poFvYH1qQFqAop8SlftJ0C-VvFCqOZUE)


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