M21Sep PNB Strategic Planning Cttee meeting decides to decide to start discussing a discussion of a strategic plan – at the next meeting

. . . the cttee members decide not to decide on the preliminaries of how to discuss the discussing of a Pacifica strategic plan (not least the need to pay $3.265m within the next six months to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC); instead they decide to decide to defer the deciding to the next meeting . . .

It was even on the agenda – it’s just that in 1½hrs they never got to it coz they had agreed (without objection) to place it as the penultimate substantive matter, & having spent almost all their time on whether to run a pilot on advertising (underwriting), the grains of time had passed thru the egg-timer. Ah well, there’s always another one in two weeks’ time. (The meeting next Monday, called on 6Sep, was cancelled on 15Sep, without explanation or subsequent comment – but then it was denoted as “Purpose: Discuss Strategic Planning”. https://kpftx.org/pacalendar/cal_show1.php?eventdate=20200928)

[UPDATE . . . audiofile now posted, https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnbstratcomm/200921/pnbstratcomm200921a.mp3 (1:18:48; the intended 90mins meeting started 21mins late; agree agenda, 2:44; advertising, 4:52-1:05:04; the last 13mins of the gathering spent lamenting the fact they never got to discuss “the strategic plan”).

[Highlight, from Our Grace, hallow’d be Thy name. Priceless:

I’ve been hearing, um, complaints & criticisms from a number of sources that Pacifica doesn’t have a strategic plan, & I would like to suggest that we, argh, at least start talking about it & – urgh – that we – I’d like to extend this meeting for 30 minutes to start a discussion about a strategic plan.

The effort to extend just withered. And died. Never put to the vote. There’s always next time.]


Apologies to the three- & four-year-olds of Tourcoing, France, on the Belgian border, 12May2020; photographer, Lionel Top.

Also recognition to the teacher, a profession much maligned by the barbarians. But much more meaningful, & solidarian, than verbal support is significant material support: here, the widespread use of daily rapid testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. As Michael Mina (Harvard public health) et al. argued even in late June, feasible on a universal basis is a $1 test giving a result within 15mins. It’s akin to a pregnancy test: it’s non-laboratory, just saliva on a paper strip impregnated with antigen (that’s a protein from the virus – non-infectious, please note! – that triggers a detectable immune response).

the 5mins vid,

details on the meat, identifying the people able to transmit the virus: that’s why a rapid result is needed, so it’s actionable (note, false negatives are irrelevant in practice coz they’re almost certainly picked up the next day, not least due to massive virus replication), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDj4Zyq3yOA&t=2m21s (15July) & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3seIAs-73G8 (5Aug)

the paper, 27June, ‘Test sensitivity is secondary to frequency and turnaround time for COVID-19 surveillance’, https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.22.20136309v3 (also as downloadable PDF)

advocacy, https://www.rapidtests.org/ – and for those in the Heimat, https://rapidtests.de/

. . . so much for focusing on massive vaccine development funding, moreover, providing competing pharma with the guarantee that if they fail then the taxpayer pays for their failure, & if they come up with a winner then the shareholders take the profits. Brilliant. Not the Amerikan way but the capitalist way, when capitalist interests run the state . . .


Station financial data, to 30June – the Tu11Aug PNB Finance Cttee

Data were given at the Tu11Aug PNB Finance Cttee that will circulate widely, despite their unacknowledged conceptual deficiencies. These necessarily make the data misleading, & so will misinform any decisions using them. (The deficiencies have been discussed in other posts, & will be elaborated in the revision of this post.) The data were in a written report by director Chris Corey (KPFA listener-delegate). The content wasn’t challenged by Chief Financial Officer Anita Sims. (Note, not a Pacifica employee but a key principal of NETA, Pacifica’s bookkeeper & accountant – so no possible conflict of interest there.) CC, not the Egyptian president, read the report to the Cttee: https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/finance/200811/finance200811a.mp3 (10:37-19:34, then discussion).

The Cttee agreed to add the report to the minutes (19:46) however, these won’t be agreed until Tu25Aug at the earliest. Of course, no-one had the crazy idea to post the report immediately to the meetings archive, https://kpftx.org/archive.php. Communication remains a problem for this communications business. So it’s just as well that later today R Paul Martin (WBAI treasurer) is likely to publish it, at https://glib.com/treasurers_reports.html, as an appendix to his usual written report delivered to tonite’s WBAI Local Station Board. [UPDATE: oddly, this report still not published as of 1000 EDT, F14Aug.]

It means the content of this post is temporary, not least because, given the limited info disclosed, there are unavoidable inconsistencies in some of the absolute numbers that have been derived: station net income/loss, Oct-Dec2019 (the first quarter, Q1); station income & expenses, Jan-June2020 (Q2-Q3); & Pacifica consolidated quarterly figures.


Management accounts are designed, they don’t fall from heaven. Social, not natural. They’re designed to assist decision-making concerning internal affairs, such as operating units of an organisation – here, the five stations, Pacifica National Office (PNO), Pacifica Radio Archives (PRA), & the affiliates programme. Design means there are options, different ways of arranging the recording of the monetary transactions of the organisation, even extending to the creation of accounting units (as happened recently with Rosemary’s Ursula’s Baby, the affiliates programme). These alternatives exist even if they’re not recognised. Being a choice, it’s conscious, even if unrecognised, ill-informed, or mistaken.

For example, by accident of history, an operating unit can benefit from not paying studio rent, office rent, tower rent, so effectively being subsidised by the other stations. This has the important effect of necessarily distorting the relationship between accounting units – and the harm is compounded, unfortunately, because cost-cutting decision-making often suffers the unthinking default of focusing on the wrong level, on accounting-unit info, whereas the rational level for this work is Pacifica-wide info. Decision-makers may treat Pacifica as a federation, but RealWorld treats it as a unitary entity, Pacifica Foundation, Inc.: no station has legal personality.

And concerning the cost structure, what sticks out like a sore thumb is personnel, ~52% of the annual total, with ~56% of that eaten up by KPFA & KPFK: ~30% of Pacifica’s costs are workers & managers at the West Coast stations ([1 996 377 + 1 728 425] / 12 497 805 = 29.8%, the last audited figures, FY2016). And chopping these transforms those stations, turning them from paid-producer/presenter programming to volunteer programming. In a word, war. And hence the recent defensive attempts by KPFA station chauvinists to change the by-laws, making the composition of the national decision-making body, the Pacifica National Board, proportional to station membership. https://pacifica.org/finance/audit_2016.pdf (page 26; page 30 of the PDF)

But the truth is plain: there is no station property, only Pacifica property. A station-proprietary consciousness is a distortion of reality, it’s a mistake, it’s ideology, easily fuelling station chauvinism, especially in times of crisis. And it is in times of crisis that solidarity is needed, not separatism. Conceptualisations, like lives, matter. They have real effects.

It means all land, buildings, & towers, as well as such rents, should be stripped out of station accounts: they need to be in the National accounting unit (there is no office). And those rents, as a National expense, not a station expense, need to be paid from the central services fund, so by all stations. This simple procedure will end the double inequity suffered by WPFW & WBAI: (1) effectively subsidising KPFA, KPFK, & KPFT, allowing them to enjoy Pacifica property for free, whilst, (2), having to also pay their own rents for studios, offices, & towers. A double burden – why hast thou forsaken us, Pacifica?

Distortion of the assignment of expenses & income to accounting units, distorts the info available for decision-making concerning operating units. As noted, this is never more pertinent than when deciding on cutting costs, especially how much, & where – and smaller stations have less scope for cuts. Only comparing like-with-like is rational, & therefore fair.

Accounting matters. Accountancy is a means of control, helping to control the quality of the relations between people, not least the control of people’s access to ‘important stuff’. This makes accounting political. Accountancy is not purely technical, reducible to technique. Facts, numbers, never speak for themselves (the positivist illusion, as the epistemologists say): putative facts, claims to knowledge, need to be produced, put into a semantic context, before they have meaning. The clever Romans knew this: factum = an act, a deed. Yes, facts come out of factories, not picked up, in pristine condition, from the ground. Produced, not collected.

Nevertheless, there’s a crucial difference between the world & its representation: reality is mind-independent, not dependent on our recognition of it, & it’s discourse-independent, having its effects, even if the description is accurate. Facts are evidenced knowledge claims that have proven robust, crucially when tested in action rather than merely contested in discussion. It means descriptions, explanations, justifications, & prescriptions vary in their practical adequacy. Using facts simply improves the chance of making life easier.

Knowledge developers are fallible, but because they’re corrigible there can be growth in knowledge, improvement, & this includes being aware that accounting principles, methods, standards, & policies can be rationally challenged. This happened when the PNB majority insisted that the gain on the sale of the Nakapon building in FY2018, an income, be assigned not to KPFA but to National, thereby improving a Pacifica accounting policy. Yes, there is no station property, only Pacifica property.

Accountancy is social, a perspective on the world, & a practice in the world. And in being social, human made, it’s subject to evaluation, subject to critique. That’s the nature of accountancy, & the nature of humans.


Now the data disclosed at the Tu11Aug PNB Finance Cttee meeting. The period covered by Chris Cory’s report was the financial year to 30June, so the three quarters since 30Sep2019, Q1-Q3. (Additionally, NETA has just done the July figures – in six working days?, why not 24hrs?) He gave two sets of station net income/loss: the last six months, so 1Jan-30June (Q2-Q3); & the year to date, so 1Oct2019-30June2020 (Q1-Q3). He also gave the Q2-Q3 net income/loss as a percentage of income.

From this can be derived: Q1 net income/loss; Q2-Q3 income; Q2-Q3 expenses. Hence these data:

station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . thousands of dollars ($k) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q2 & Q3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . Q1 . . .| . Q1 thru Q3 .

. . . . . . . . . income . . . expenses . . . net income/(loss) . .|. . . ni/(l) .|. . . . . ni/(l) . . . .

KPFA . . . . 2 000 . . . . . 1 980 . . . . . . . . . . . 20 . . . . . . . . . . . 130 . . . . . . . 150 . . . .

KPFK . . . . 1 338 . . . . . 1 766 . . . . . . . . . (428) . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 . . . . . . (350) . . . .

KPFT . . . . . . 345 . . . . . . 383 . . . . . . . . . . . (38) . . . . . . . . . . . 12 . . . . . . . . (26) . . .

WPFW . . . . 700 . . . . . . 777 . . . . . . . . . . . (77) . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 . . . . . . . . (18) . . .

WBAI . . . . . 714 . . . . . . 914 . . . . . . . . . . (200) . . . . . . . . . . . (14) . . . . . . (214) . . .

Note: Cory said depreciation is excluded, & rounding is to the nearest thousand


‘Interesting’ Cory also gave some Q1-Q3 pan-Pacifica figures (‘consolidated’, in the jargon), so including PNO & PRA (oddly, he was silent on the affiliates programme, so presumably their fabled net income has disappeared). These data: Pacifica had a Q1-Q3 loss of $128k, 1.5% of income; with unit net incomes of $296k for PNO, & $36k for PRA. These net incomes presumably arise largely from charges to the stations; also, being balances of intra-organisation transactions, they all drop out when composing the consolidated financial statements (a station’s central services charge is income for PNO, the net effect for Pacifica being zilch). (Note, rounding error, −$2k, re consolidation of the Q1-Q3 station net income/(loss): [150k − 608k] + [296k + 36k] − 2k = (128k).)

From this info, these data ($k) can be derived:

period — income — expenses — net income/(loss):

Q1-Q3: 8 533 — 8 661 — (128) . . . includes the elimination of PNO & PRA balances, so consolidated

Q2-Q3: 5 097 — 5 820 — (723) . . . unconsolidated

Q1: 3 436 — 2 841 — 595 . . . unconsolidated . . . [in this squaring line, the 595 is inconsistent with the 265 net income derived above (please see the table); note, 595 − 265 + 2 = 332 = the PNO & PRA net incomes]

Making them all consolidated, & assuming uniform quarterly PNO + PRA net income (so Q1, $111k; Q2, $111k; Q3, $110k):

period — income — nominal expenses – (re PNO & PRA) – adjusted expenses — net income/(loss):

Q1-Q3: 8 533 — 8 993 – (332) – 8 661 — (128)

Q2-Q3: 5 097 — 5 820 – (221) – 5 599 — (502)

Q1: 3 436 — 3 173 – (111) – 3 062 — 374 . . . [in this squaring line, the 3 173 is inconsistent with the 2 841 derived above, a difference of 332; & the net income is different from the 265 in the table – but note, 374 111 + 2 = 265]



  • in squaring the figures, inconsistencies necessarily arose
  • it seems Q1 generated a very welcome surplus, perhaps of the order of an unconsolidated $265k (per the table). (The consolidation, also derived, includes an inconsistency in its computation.)
  • given this likely Q1 net income, & because anti-COVID-19 mobility restrictions started Tu17Mar, first in CA, then NY state, it’s a pity Chris didn’t split the Q2-Q3 figures into the quarters; as it is, the scale of the effect of the COVID-19 societal crisis upon Pacifica is concealed, as is, correspondingly, the possible pecuniary progress made in 11 of that quarter’s 13 weeks; a break with his routine of solely compiling a 6-monthly rolling report would have been illuminating
  • for devising an emergency financial plan, the crucial info needed is the size of the effects of the COVID-19 societal crisis on Pacifica, especially week-by-week listener donations; all this info has to be used in producing credible FY2021 station budgets: applying prudence requires reliance on the new info since mid March, not historical data even from last year.

June/July digest – not least about a dish best served cold, Pacifica suing John Carlo Vernile, former ED

[UPDATE, Su9Aug . . . these topics were to be separate posts but, hey, life moves on – so now a digest. (Hence the change of title & deletion of the final one-sentence paragraph; given that Pacifica relies on donations, & so normal life, including childcare, added is a note on a study finding that “children under 5 with COVID-19 have a higher viral load than older children and adults, which may suggest greater transmission”.)]


Twelve topics, in chronological order:

  • what are Pacifica’s chances of getting CPB money? Its disbursements: structure, size, distribution criteria. A reality check, not a cheque
  • Trump goes all Guevarista! One, two, three Vietnams! Scenarios of US excess deaths thru summer 2021. This is the red ground spreading out before Pacifica, the principal force structuring its immediate prospects thru all sorts of mediations. (Can you recall the last time you read or heard discussion of the excess deaths question? For a society this is the focus, not death from a pandemic.)
  • the passed by-laws amendments: surely, as the breakers have warned, Pacifica will now be sued. Why? One simple reason: for trying to restrict a right of members, “materially and adversely”, without going thru the final step, namely a vote of all members agreeing to such a diminution (by-law Article 17, Section 1(B)(3)(v)). Yes, that again. The right affected is that of voting, by making it more difficult to vote on a by-laws amendment. Moreover, the change is also discriminatory, applied solely to voting on a proposed amendment brought by just one of the three possible routes, a members’ petition: the threshold has been raised from 1% of members to 5% (so today, from ~435 to ~2 175). How difficult is this? At the last LSB voting round, Aug-Oct2019, a provisional 6 085 voted; given this, it can be said the effective threshold has been raised to something like 35%, a third of typical voters, so beyond the clouds, from 7.1% to 35.7% (435 ÷ 6085, & 2175 ÷ 6085; the 6 085 is provisional because National Elections Supervisor Renee Penaloza, presumably breaching her contract, still fails to submit her final report!; note, the Feb-Mar2020 referenda had 10 226 voters, breakers being 3 450). The petition route has been rendered infeasible; that right of members has been, in practice, abolished – and not done legally: members’ consent can’t be given indirectly but only directly, not by decision of Pacifica boards but by a referendum. Silly question I know, but before voting on Th25June did the PNB inform themselves by getting an estimate of the cost of litigation? https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb200625/pnb200625_6541_minutes.pdf (pages 9-11)
  • on a matter that no-one would deem trivial, & is indeed a test of morality, why were all the directors silent, even those from KPFA? And what about Margy Wilkinson’s dad, & the forgotten Smith Act?
  • (A post will not be made on the unsavory attempt to remove PNB Chair Alex Steinberg (WBAI listener-delegate) & PNB Secretary Grace Aaron (KPFK listener-delegate) from their positions, Th2 & 9July. Pacifica boards are nasty. Toxic. The dynamic brings out the worst in people. It’s as if they enjoy their symptom. Here, yet again, the observing ethnographers were able to record a typically sly manoeuvre by Chris ‘Cowardly’ Cory (KPFA listener-delegate). This time it was a sorry-I-couldn’t-get-the-motion-to-you-in-time-for-the-proposed-agenda-as-I-was-still-writing-it (8:56, https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb200702/pnb200702a.mp3 & https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb200702/pnb200702_6464_minutes.pdf). There’s a pattern here. His most disingenuous was when he was Chair of the PNB Finance Cttee the day after the WBAI coup, faking amnesia (what-day-is-it?), feigning ignorance, then largely faking empathy, laced with guilt, wrapping his arms around R Paul, WBAI’s treasurer, at the end of the meeting, “I-I-I I can’t express how much grief I have over this-this last-uh few days […] I don’t have words for it […] if it were my place to apologise I would” (0:01, 5:40, 20:37 & 27:46 https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/finance/191008/finance191008a.mp3, & 1:05:41 https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/finance/191008/finance191008b.mp3). Self-denigration is a sorry spectacle. And as mom must have told him, no-one likes a liar.)
  • why are directors choosing to omit a lil detail in their latest reports to their local station board, that the PNB has rejected an offer to buy WBAI’s broadcasting licence? (Note, this was not a proposed signal swap.) The circling opportunists sleep less than Fauci – more indefatigable, too. https://pacifica.org/documents/pnb_exec_200709.pdf
  • Chris Cory exaggerates Pacifica membership by ~15%, roughly 1-in-7 (50k rather than the 43.5k figure, Mar2020, of the National Elections Supervisor) . . . & has Peter Franck got dementia? The wonders of KPFA’s pseudo-town hall
  • FY2018 draft auditor’s report repeats the previous year’s judgment: fair financial statements don’t exist (so, the ones provided by NETA, yet again, aren’t materially accurate), but something does exist, “substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern”. NETA also came up with an unaudited ~$7 800 loss – which means an unaudited ~$735k loss without the benefit of an extraordinary event, the sale of Nakapon, it functioning as an internal bequest, the death of an asset, thru autophagy, “an adaptive response to stress” (Wiki)
  • the WPFW praetorian guard just can’t help themselves. Rather than the hammer seeing any problem as a nail, here outsiders are the problem. So make the problem theirs: set up barriers, make them jump thru hoops. But what to do with a town hall? Obvious: make it difficult. WBAI posts in their notice the URL & password of the Zoom. Absurd. WPFW posts “[f]or security and integrity, we ask you to email your interest in participating to wpfwlsb@gmail.com. You will receive a link to enter the zoom room. See you there!” (emphases added). The authoritarian & bureaucratic tone exuded effortlessly, serenely. The cynical politeness, the cheery good humour, the added twist of experienced operators. No Gatekeeping 101 here
  • (My own experience with the WPFW LSB ruling clique is condensed in the saga arising from my attempt in Nov-Dec2018 to send an email to each of the delegates. Secretary Ellen Carter & Chair Robb Simms blocked it. Sample, a complete email from Our Robb: “Knock this off, OK? I will not waste time sending your materials to our Board. The WPFW LSB pretty much know about what you wrote in your essays. Please stop communicating with me as your messages will be ignored.” Nice. The Politics of the Gate. Eat y’ 💗 out, Lew. The write-up is linked from here: http://wbai-nowthen.blogspot.com/2018/12/jara-handala-reports.html.)
  • Barry Brooks, KPFK. Nobly addressed as the business manager so can’t be an emperor with no clothes, although he has a touching faith in the imminence, & efficacy, of ‘a vaccine’, a vaccine jabbed into KPFK listeners, magically making the last three quarters of FY2021 boomtime in Tinseltown, making redundant any need to stem the current station losses (running at ~$150k a month, according to Our Grace, hallow’d be Thy name). Warped, or what? Whistling Barry seems oblivious to the contrary vaccine evidence (itemised below). Illusions delude, they inspire false optimism, they provide poor counsel – particularly when a principle of accounting is prudence (its patron saint), its embodiment & expression of the precautionary attitude
  • lastly, Pacifica is suing John Vernile, the executive director who organised – and most fail to recognise this – the coup not simply against WBAI but against Pacifica. Running dog! “The Pacifica National Board met in executive session and voted to authorize its Legal Counsel, Arthur Schwartz, to initiate legal action against its former interim Executive Director, John Vernile, for breach of his fiduciary duties toward Pacifica” (Th30July private PNB session: https://pacifica.org/documents/pnb_exec_200730.pdf). As they say back in the olde country, revenge, a dish best served cold.

As it’s of general interest, it’s worthwhile itemising here the stubborn evidence confronting Pangloss Brooks. That, to be quite blunt about it, no vaccine exists, just a hope, albeit a hope motivating research; that acquired immunity has proven ephemeral, a matter of a few months; that the efficacy of any vaccine may itself be short-lived, requiring new jabs, be it annually or quarterly; that, & this is crucial, existence of a vaccine is quite different from there being a vaccination programme; that even the reality of such a programme is the laborious result of the organisation, diffusion, & mobilisation of resources, not least a stock of 330m units (see below note) for immediate distribution; & that, last but not least, there’s the lil problem of Joe & Joanna Sixpack having a certain resistance to Faucicide, of surrendering to The Evil Sorcerer’s warp-speed potion coursing their veins.

Barry could also acquaint himself with a US report, Tu21July, bearing the sub-title From Information Catastrophe to Empowered Communities. It coldly puts the US in its place, soberly exposing the anarchic & patchwork infrastructure it’s trying to use in its attempt to protect the public’s health. From the report’s opening para: “[u]nlike many other countries such as Germany, Senegal, South Korea, and Uganda, the United States does not have standard, national data on the virus and its control” (emphases added); next sentence: “[t]he US also lacks standards for state-, county-, and city-level public reporting of this life-and-death information.” This applied to an average behaviour of brazen ego individualism trumping basic human solidarity. The result, obvious, as night follows day. A long, dark night. No sun in sight. Just the glow of the pyres. Administrative anarchy. Irrationality ruling. A failed state. A society in decline. https://preventepidemics.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/RTSL_Tracking-COVID-19-in-the-United-States_-7-23-2020.pdf

(A special mention in the BB post has been earnt by KPFK’s very own Diva J.Lo, the exalted & revered Margaret Prescod, who recently insisted not on specified flowers adorning her dressing-room table but on her very own leased desktop printer sitting in her office, frequently maintained by an outside contractor, Wells Fargo (all-in, a snip at $142 a month for two!), this done so she’d never be frustrated again by finding that the communal copier/printer had run out of toner. I’m serious. And so was Margaret. Interesting, as Chris Cory would say. This is the nitty-gritty of how institutional Pacifica programmers fight over what listener donations get spent on (1:56:47). But, heaven forbid, don’t let this stop you donating. Have to support ‘the station’. Spoiler alert . . . the decisive Anyel had overruled the frugal Barry; this upset Barry. https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/kpfkfin/200722/kpfkfin200722a.mp3)

I say 330m vaccine units, for all US residents, although it would be less because population immunity is achieved when transmission of the virus grinds to a halt, finding it increasingly difficult to find ‘fresh prey’. Here, & oddly, a veterinary-sounding term has found acceptance, herd immunity; & great uncertainty surrounds its level, with estimates ranging from 50% to 80%. Note that no age group is exempt from the virus, SARS-CoV-2, never transmitting or falling sick. Indeed, under-5’s may transmit the virus as well as anyone – if not better. “We found that children under 5 with COVID-19 have a higher viral load than older children and adults, which may suggest greater transmission” (emphases added), said the lead author of a recent Chicago study of patients with “mild to moderate illness”, published by JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association. ‘May’, not least because the measurement is of virus material, not necessarily of infectious material: only intact virus, the virion, can be infectious, not ‘ripped up’ virions, the debris. (Also, little is known of the minimum & typical amount of infectious virus causing COVID-19.) Older children had as much virus as adults in their upper respiratory tract, by median value, but under-5’s had much, much more, “a 10-fold to 100-fold greater amount”. There are no innocences to hug. [UPDATE . . . & it’s been inferred that infectivity peaks when symptoms appear, if indeed they do.]

https://www.luriechildrens.org/en/news-stories/young-kids-could-spread-covid-19-as-much-as-older-children-and-adults/ (the first quote, by lead author Taylor Heald-Sargent), & https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2768952/ (published 30July); [UPDATE . . . https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-1016-z.pdf (infectivity peaking when symptoms start has a 95% confidence interval of 0.9 to 0.9 days; this was a correction, issued F7Aug, of peaking inferred to occur 0.7 days before onset of symptoms (95% CI, −0.2 to 2.0 days) page 1)]


And some remarks on the FY2018 draft auditor’s report (year-end 30Sep2018), not least because it remains unpublished, despite being accepted by the PNB over two weeks ago, on Th16July (so keep checking https://pacifica.org/finance_reports.php):

  • the unaudited loss, ~$7 800, is immaterial, in the jargon, $1 lost for every ~$1 500 of the unaudited ~$11.6m volume of activity
  • (To keep saying, & writing, the u-word is somewhat tedious, even irritating, but we need to get used to the fact that all publicly available Pacifica figures since 30Sep2016 lack the approving nod of a key alien visitor to PacificaWorld, the arrival of a strange guy, an expert, someone drawing on a quiver of skills & knowledge, the auditor; it should be noted, it’s not known whether this alien has managed to elude Houston’s very own very stable genius, its fave doc, Stella Immanuel MD.)
  • it bears repeating, without the gain on the sale of Nakapon there would have been an unaudited loss of ~$735k (8k + 727k); this is comparable to the $771 408 of FY2014
  • ignoring the mitigation of that extraordinary event, the unaudited loss was x~8½ that of FY2017’s (735k ÷ 86 640 = 8.48); the auditor, at the Tu14July PNB Audit Cttee, didn’t just fail to mention the scale of the underlying deterioration, he failed to recognise its very existence
  • listener & grant income was 84% of the unaudited total (~$11.6m x 0.84 = ~$9.744m), making the balance ~$1.856m. Gain on Nakapon sale was $727k, so leaving $1.129m as other income. As this is comparable to the previous year’s other income of an unaudited ~$1.135m, it means the net income statement itself only gives a net figure for Nakapon – so not disclosing the proceeds & the costs of sale. (It was due to be sold for $1.1m, according to the FY2017 auditor’s report, p. 23.) Hopefully a note to the statement provides transparency, giving the gross figures; & remember, $500k + costs came out of the sale’s gain to pay off ‘the small loan’, going to Manpearl-Heron-Heron-Reilly-&-co, including interest at 7.5% a year. You won’t be surprised that no PNB Audit Cttee member asked about this – but then they were as quiet as mice the whole time, not even meekly asking for the cheese wrappers . . . what’s become of Point-of-point-madam-chair Adriana & Bellicose Bella? Perish the thought, but it was as if no-one could understand the document they were supposed to interrogate
  • so the unaudited year-on-year increase in revenue, from ~$10.9m to ~$11.6m, is solely down to the gain on Nakapon – in a word, stagnation
  • but expenses didn’t stagnate – which is of especial interest today, given both the ongoing KPFK revenue collapse, & the current attempt to create FY2021 budgets for all Pacifica units. Effectively breaking even means that, year-on-year, expenses rose an unaudited ~$600k, all the time whilst units lacked budgets, with no central control given inadequate real-time data. That’s ~5.5%, 1-in-18 (from ~$11m to ~$11.6m); this arose from each of programming & “management & general” growing by an unaudited ~$300k, or 6% (0.3m ÷ 5.0m, & 0.3m ÷ 4.9m, respectively). Again, passed the auditor by. (And the Cttee.)
  • but that’s nothing: they ignored the 2018 elephant, the unaffordable ESRT contract for housing the WBAI transmitter, & how Pacifica was able to both pay the rent arrears & pay to end the contract early. It was as if the trident from Hell never existed: the 2017-8 bankruptcy panic; the $3.085m settlement with the Empire State Realty Trust; & the $3.7m loan from the Foundation for the Jewish Community, operating as FJC. Pacifica came out of this with the largest loan by far in its now 74-year history. There’s almost a mystical quality about how so much turmoil, emotion, & confrontation is embodied in that over 30-page auditor’s report without so much as a mention that Tuesday evening. It’s as if none of it had ever happened. A mere figment of the imagination. But that’s PacificaWorld for you.


Before ending, I wonder if, in the spirit of diversity, inclusion, free speech, & ‘the mission’, Stella Immanuel MD can get invited onto KPFT? Stella, besides running what’s called an ‘urgent care center’ in built-up Houston, is a woman of the cloth, in Katy, on marginal land at the western edge of the city. (Ideal for carrying out exorcisms, in the seclusion of the woods.) She’s been reincarnated as an “Emergency Medicine Specialist”, having been an experienced, get this, paediatrician: Stella was trusted with children. It seems she recently came to TX from Louisiana, having got into bad trouble (nod to Mr Lewis), allegedly running from a malpractice suit after her patient died six days after the consultation. 🔥🙏🏾❤️🔥❤️🙏🏾🔥

. . . can’t help noticing the N95, & the (non-clinical) sunglasses . . . reality trumps ideology . . .

But is KPFT up to the task? Does it have the dynamic, innovative, inspiring leadership it so badly needs? Can it seize the moment? After all, Stella has the experience, hosting her own Pentecostal radio & TV show, Fire Power, serving the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries, so maybe she can be offered a trial slot? And think of the fund-drives! Stella MD could not just rival Christine Blosdale & Gary Null but exceed them, pushing self-promotion beyond the terrestrial limit, going astral, excelling as a role-model: a woman of colour, an immigrant, a recovering victim of media ridicule. Come to think of it, DeWayne DeLark could become her manager, arranging her PR, negotiating her endorsements. The possibilities, the possibilities. 🔥🙏🏾❤️🔥❤️🙏🏾🔥

https://catalog.kpfk.org/christine-blosdale.html (broken link, but as Chrissy would say, adversity = motivation!)

https://www.give2wbai.org/category_s/1981.htm (amazingly, four pages of Gary product, proudly hosted by WBAI; as it’s so difficult to choose between Gary’s Red Stuff & his Energy Stuff, why not throw caution to the wind, go all in, peruse page 3, then buy “Gary Null’s Triple Stuff Pack”, a bargain at $160!)

https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-53574144 (profile on the good doc – not Fauci, silly, but Houston’s most trusted prophet-preacher-paediatrician), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_News_Pidgin (amazingly, this isn’t a spoof but a BBC service, in a West African creole, that’s been running almost three years now), & https://www.mountainoffire.org/ (the mother ship, a site with presence values that any Pacifica station would be proud of)


And here’s some thinkfood, about the poof who puts the p into preppy, who at least on this occasion (rather than on Israelised Palestine) had some fidelity with substantive rationality: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/07/how-jared-kushners-secret-testing-plan-went-poof-into-thin-air


WBAI treasurer’s 8July monthly report

. . . right on time – as usual . . .

R Paul Martin, long-standing WBAI treasurer, & Secretary of the PNB Finance Cttee, gives a written report to each meeting of his Local Station Board. This one, five pages, was a lot easier for him: usually the national Cttee meets the evening before, calling for a page or three of details. Small mercies in These Times of the Reign of the Lunatic.

These Times of the Reign of the Lunatic. Made possible by the opportunistic Republican Party. Made worse by renegades from their scientific & public health training, bringing their professions into disrepute, bending to the opinions of The Lunatic, discarding their duty to the public, diluting CDC public health policy. Sacrificing the public, collateral in a self-serving effort to keep their jobs. Colluding with the advocate of shining the light, cleaning with disinfectant. Betraying fidelity to evidenced reason. Capitulators. Yes, these enablers are led by Sideshow Bob–Debby–&–(less so)–Tony. Sad, horrible, as The Lunatic says in public. Wimps, cucks, as The Lunatic says in private.

. . . Amerikan Carnage . . .


Meanwhile, back in PacificaWorld . . .

Remarks on the report:

  • FY2018 audit delay: will do a separate post on this fiasco
  • re eligibility for money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, CPB, the lack of “the FY19 audit” (p. 3, emphasis added) largely misses the point: even if Pacifica can earn timely audited financial statements, & not an auditor’s report declaring their absence, the CPB has criteria for evidenced listenership ‘in the community’ that’ll trip up Pacifica
  • “we can’t forget that the principal on the big loan is scheduled to come due in less than nine months” (p. 4) – much, much worse than that, Paul: not only is there no plan addressing FJC’s $3.265m, there hasn’t even been the preliminaries of a public Pacifica discussion to simply identify the options!
  • corrections: NETA is not Television (p. 1), but Telecommunications; & FJC quarterly interest, due 30Sep, 31Dec, & 31Mar, is not ~$70k (p. 3), but, since 16Mar2020, $51 016 ($3.265m x 6.25% ÷ 4).


Lastly, this teleconferenced meeting isn’t being streamed. No explanation is given in the notice on kpftx.org. It’s an open meeting, in the terms of the Communications Act of 1934, § 396(k)(4). This sub-section implies that if Pacifica is indeed receiving any money under the Act, then for a teleconferenced meeting to be compliant, Pacifica has to publicly stream the proceedings, not simply make public a recording of the meeting. That is, the meeting must be witnessed, even if only aurally; & witnessing means whilst it’s happening.

https://pacificaradiowatch.home.blog/sources-on-pacifica/ (the Act, p. 216)

And what counts as a meeting? ln the opinion of the CPB, “[n]ote that deliberations do not require any formal action or vote. Any discussion of public broadcasting issues that may influence the opinions of members makes it a meeting” (all emphases added). So much for the view expressed at the 11Mar2020 LSB meeting that, in the past, decisions had been ratified at a subsequent meeting.

https://www.cpb.org/stations/certification/cert1 (linked from https://kpftx.org/, the homepage)

Have any audiofiles been posted on kpftx.org? In 2020, prior to today’s meeting, there’s been six LSB open meetings, one each month, with the last four being teleconferences. But only the March has a publicly available recording – and although the box says “Archive Soon” it’s actually there, as a URL, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RnIDQDCaO1mGn5z-Zph0eluonkbQvTdm/view?usp=drive_web – so no, it’s not the proposed agenda. Hidden gems do exist in PacificaWorld.


The public can obviously attend in-person open meetings, & posting a recording is a courtesy to members & listeners, & an exercise in transparency. The April/May/June teleconferences may indeed have been streamed, even allowing public comment, but Pacifica has offered no evidence that this was so. In fact, only the April & May notices show such an intention. Let’s hope that if the CPB comes auditing for compliance then the evidence exists. And if there are audiofiles, why aren’t they posted in the meetings archive, kpftx.org?


R Paul Martin’s monthly reports, from Apr2013, are archived here: https://glib.com/treasurers_reports.html.

One year ago the FJC loan documents were leaked – respect to those responsible

the leak – now mirrored across the net (only some of the 19 files are shown)

Most people, most of the time, don’t give a monkey’s about what goes on at Pacifica. And that includes the members. In the referenda brought by the breakers earlier this year, a massive 77% didn’t vote. (33k didn’t, 10k did.)


The anti-breakers shout about their ⅔rds support, but this misses the point. There’s aggregation – and there’s organisation. It’s the contrast between sharing attributes (typology) & being organised in & thru relatively enduring relations (structure). The contrast being statics & dynamics: one, a snapshot in the present; the other, a force projecting into the future. To be effective, atoms need to be organised – then mobilised. And things are so bad in PacificaWorld that even the anti-breaker higher-ups lack organisation: after three months they can’t get the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee to work. (Met twice, three cancelled, since it was ‘re-populated’ in April.)

RealWorld, in the latest form taken by its developed capitalist societies, has found a rhetoric to encourage both acceptance of an institution & participation within a ‘community’: be transparent, be open. Transparency of proceedings; transparency of facts. So, a threefold transparency: of process, of the world as it starts from, & of the world it creates. Well, the obdurate Pacifica secrecy culture is impervious to all this.

Three activities are essential to the species: working, reproducing, communicating. Pacifica’s pseudo-leaders may be able to work & reproduce, but they don’t know how to communicate, which is why transparency is an unwelcome complication. They’re always afraid they’ll be misunderstood – hence the sad performances of the hapless Mansoor ‘Uriah Heep’ Sabbagh & the hypocritical Chris ‘R Paul, my heart bleeds for WBAI’ Cory, continually fretting that the ignorant great unwashed won’t understand provisional financial data, data good enough for them, but not for others. Well, the hermeneutic failure is all theirs.

This contrasts with 26June2019: an exercise in transparency, communication, hermeneutic success.


On 2Apr2018, Executive Director Tom Livingston committed Pacifica to the biggest debt in its history, signing the $3.7m loan from the Foundation for the Jewish Community, known in the wider world as FJC.

Pacifica was proud of the new form it had pushed its debt into. It issued a press statement, still on the websites of KPFK & WBAI: https://www.kpfk.org/blogs/kpfk-and-pacifica-news/post/pacifica-announces-settlement-with-empire-state-building-and-empire-state-realty-trust/ & https://www.wbai.org/articles.php?article=3570.

So proud, the statement to the world included this from the then PNB Chair, Nancy Sorden (who’s still a director & WPFW listener-delegate):

I’d like to first thank the Pacifica National Board, for deciding on this approach and the enormous amount of work they put into it to get us to this point. Second, to FJC for providing this loan at a very difficult time for Pacifica, and third to the team of professionals that helped negotiate the settlement, secure the funding, identify and secure an agreement for our new transmitter location.

But the recognition of FJC didn’t stop there. A whole paragraph followed, detailing this ‘n’ that, as Mansoor would say, &, in referring to its Agency Loan Fund (ALF), Pacifica implied that this was the vehicle used to access money lodged at FJC. I carefully say ‘implied’ because no Pacifica employee or officer has ever disclosed the source of the loan: be it via ALF; one or more FJC donor-advised accounts; or some other FJC arrangement.

So given all these heart-felt thanks it was surprising that pretty soon, & with no explanation, the word ‘FJC’ became taboo, with the great & the good becoming boys in blue whenever someone mentioned the acronym. The policing became so extreme that Chair Nancy summarily ended the 20Dec2018 PNB meeting, cutting the stream, after ‘Jehovah’ ‘FJC’, that obscenity, had been uttered once too often by a blasphemer. PacificaWorld had collapsed into The Life of Brian.

http://wbai-nowthen.blogspot.com/2018/12/hush-money.html (smiles to Chris Albertson for the felicitous title) & https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb181220/pnb181220a.mp3 (22:45)

(Digression . . . this portion of the meeting is an excellent example of how that breaker Rottweiler, Carole Travis, operates. A masterful performance. Not least for trying to get on the stack before the agenda item had even been reached. Superb. Chomping on the bit before the meat was even on the table. Kinetic. Carole, sadly, is now retired from the PNB & the KPFA Local Station Board, but hangs around, lurking, in the KPFA Community Advisory Board & as a trustee of one of the pension funds – along with former ED Tom Livingston. Yes, the ties that bind. https://kpftx.org/pacalendar/cal_show1.php?eventdate=20200222 (click ‘Committee Members’))

As expected, the appeal to confidentiality – so beloved by Pacifica gatekeepers – was spurious, as fully explained July last year, by referring to the evidence, the leaked FJC contract documents we now have occasion to celebrate: https://pacificaradiowatch.home.blog/2019/07/21/pacifica-could-have-and-can-publish-the-fjc-loan-contract-the-confidentiality-clause-only-consists-in-fjcs-name-and-street-address/.

Giving credit where credit’s due, Chair Nancy, condemning mention of a press statement mentioning her very own words, richly earnt her PacificaWorld moniker, Chair ‘wooden as a chair’ Nancy. Nancy, we salute you, &, as they say interminably on Fox News, thank you for your service.

The self-appointed protectors of PacificaWorld created an aura of secrecy, one with its own lexicon: ‘the big loan’, to distinguish it from the Tom & Jerry loan, the Ben & Jerry loan – no, ‘the small loan’, the $0.5m loan collateralised by the Nakapon/National Office building (1921-1925 MLK Jr Way), the one ‘linked’ to Jan Goodman, the Jan & Terry loan, the Jan & fiends loan – no, the Jan & friends loan. In the leaked docs, ‘the small loan’ is called ‘the friendly loan’ & ‘the Pacifica supporters loan’ (sic). Inventive, & psychically revealing.

And yet the information gatekeepers, in doing their work, just couldn’t help themselves, antagonising fellow directors, by refusing to give everyone a copy of the loan documents. Directors Adriana Casenave & DeWayne Lark (both KPFT listener-delegates), not surprisingly, proved to protesteth the mosteth.

The notices for the PNB closed sessions say, “[o]n March 22, 2018 the PNB met in executive session and approved in principle a number of agreements that will immediately address our financial difficulties.” So, “in principle”: not the draft documents. The contracts were signed from the very next day: those with FJC signed 23Mar & before 3Apr by ED Livingston; the advertising contract with F.Y. Eye, Inc., signed 23Mar by ED Livingston (the euphemistic ‘underwriting’); & ‘the small loan’, the $0.5m, signed by director Grace Aaron perhaps 28Mar, & was due to be signed by director Mansoor Sabbagh. These docs weren’t distributed to all directors, either then or since. https://pacifica.org/documents/pnb_exec_180322.pdf

It should be added that the PNB Finance Cttee repeatedly complained about only some of its members having the FJC loan docs, even asking for them from the PNB. Fat chance. It was sorrowful to witness the repeated requests in Cttee of the forlorn Nick Arena, WPFW treasurer, a man who only happens to administer bank loan contracts in his day job. What could he contribute to Pacifica? Just as well he’s kept out of the loop.

(Elaboration . . . the lender of ‘the small loan’ was Pacifica Supporters Loan, LLC, & signing the contracts were two denoted “managers”, King Reilly & Jerry Manpearl. The PNB agreed that Pacifica donors pay Mr Reilly $10k “as a brokers’ fee for arranging this loan”, & pay the lender $28k as “legal fees and expenses” – page 2 of doc #1. In contrast, it takes a worker on $15 an hour all of 4 months to earn $10k. Progressive values in action, the Reilly/Manpearl way. From 1921-1925 MLK Jr Way to the Reilly/Manpearl way. The Pacifica journey. All funded by the members & listeners. #ThisIsWhatWinningLooksLike. https://mega.nz/folder/PloCiSqJ#9rLejSkttE7gCVCCq3q86g/file/W0J1Eaha

Also, doc #5 (duplicated as doc #6), a ledger that isn’t Pacifica’s, identifies the nine ‘small loan’ lenders, of between $25k & $125k, at 7.5% a year – one is a KPFK listener-delegate (then, & now), another a current KPFT listener-delegate. (7.5% = prime + 3 percentage points during the period 14Dec2017 thru 21Mar2018; prime then rose to 4.75%. To note, the FJC loan is on the same basis. What’s good enough for a FJC investor is good enough for a Pacifican – Pacifican, & liberal (not socialist), values at work.) https://mega.nz/folder/PloCiSqJ#9rLejSkttE7gCVCCq3q86g/file/DhAV1KCB & https://about.jpmorganchase.com/about/our-business/historical-prime-rate

The ledger shows that ‘the small loan’, $0.5m, was the residue of a liquidated $2.075m loan, also at 7.5% a year, that had lasted one month. This loan had 13 lenders, of between $25k & $875k (Manpearl $400k, Reilly $875k). Curiously, a $50k lender ‘earnt’ no interest, so perhaps the sum either was only committed or was withdrawn the day it was deposited (if the interest were foregone as a donation to Pacifica then this would have been further recorded). The existence of this $2.075m (or $2.025m) loan has never been publicly acknowledged by Pacifica, neither by employees nor officers.)


The publication of the FJC loan docs on 26June2019 was a giant step forward in making Pacifica transparent. The fact that no director claimed responsibility speaks volumes. Instead, respect goes to those who work to inform the members & listeners. Respect.


There are 18 unique documents (one is a copy):

https://mega.nz/#F!PloCiSqJ!9rLejSkttE7gCVCCq3q86g (convenient one-click download of the folder; also ‘preview’ allows reading online)

The ‘root’ contract, called the “loan agreement”, dated 2Apr2018, signed (with no date) by Pacifica ED Tom Livingston & FJC President Lorin Silverman: https://mega.nz/folder/PloCiSqJ#9rLejSkttE7gCVCCq3q86g/file/b0IBlaiR

There’s also an advertising (underwriting) contract as part of the loan, dated 2Apr2018, signed 23Mar2018 by ED Livingston: https://mega.nz/folder/PloCiSqJ#9rLejSkttE7gCVCCq3q86g/file/qkxynCxQ

Two-stage emergency plan; & signal-swap to release cash. Response to remarks by Mr Burton

Clifford Burton was kind enough to make a comment yesterday, about the current travails at KPFKD (not the KPD). My response became a lil longer than two paras., so i’ve put it here as a post. I thank Mr Burton (or is it Mx these days?) for helping me coalesce my thoughts. https://pacificaradiowatch.home.blog/2020/06/05/within-the-hour-facebook-inexplicably-deleted-the-post-about-the-pnb-zombies-and-karen/

In a separate post i’ll comment more narrowly on the KPFKD crisis thru consideration of two Pacifica meetings & a commentary: the Tu9June PNB Finance Cttee, & the W10June KPFKD Finance Cttee, & the W10June report by R Paul Martin to that evening’s WBAI Local Station Board (https://glib.com/treasurers_report_2020-06-10.pdf – 5pp. plus 3pp. appendices).


Strictly speaking, & this is the practical reality, KPFKD’s fate is Pacifica’s, not the station’s. A station owns nothing, not even the paper-clip being flipped across the station manager’s desk while he stares at the spreadsheet. Yes, the listeners think of the station as their own, they’re attached (Bowlby), & the station activists have not just a cognitive but an emotional involvement in the station, but in the famed last analysis, each station (1) is a custodian of Pacifica assets, administering them, (2) owns no debt, & (3) is an accounting unit.

This means that a revenue collapse at a station is Pacifica’s problem.

And this can cause a problem in a signal area when the self-understanding of what it is to support ‘my’ station, to love ‘my’ station, to be involved in Pacifica, is based on a falsehood, when, in the strictest sense (& so not to be thought unkind), the self-understanding isn’t up to the task, it’s practically inadequate.

As i’ve said elsewhere, all station accounting data, either as an aid for management decision-making or to inform the members & listeners, should allow a fair comparison between station performances, so of like with like. This requires the stripping out of the effects of historical accidents, which started in the Garden of Eden, when Pacifica & KPFA constituted an identity, the one & the same. The most glaring effect is that some stations are privileged, enjoying Pacifica buildings, land, & transmitters on a rent-free basis, thus being subsidised by the other stations, which also have the extra burden of paying non-Pacificans simply to function. A double burden is a double shift (Arlie Hochschild).

And the political effect of this persisting deficiency in how some Pacificans self-conceptualise & live affectively? Station chauvinism; separatism; provincialism. Station chauvinism: breeding poison, fuelling resentment. Separatism: break up Pacifica, destroy the network. Provincialism: springing from an exclusory proprietary attitude, it’s simultaneously inward-looking & antagonistic to others, causing the living of an in-group/out-group perceived reality, friend versus foe (Carl Schmitt). All this, antithetical to the nature that is Pacifica.

In terms of getting out of Pacifica’s endemic crisis, this blog (& in prior comments at Chris Albertson’s http://wbai-nowthen.blogspot.com/) has consistently noted the obvious: the only plausible way to, in the current idiom, let Pacifica breathe, is to negotiate a signal-swap (two isn’t needed), thereby using cash both to settle debts & to pay for the implementation of a network development plan. Only this can give Pacifica a future.

The Gorgon Grace approach has always been intrinsically myopic. Preserving the $3.265m loan principal, thru either extending the loan term or finding a new lender, has never addressed Pacifica’s future. It has only condemned Pacifica to a perpetual present, a Sisyphean existence, perpetual firefighting mode, the living of a diminishing, & so debilitating, present. The Grace approach, accepted by the PNB by default, the typical Pacifica action of inaction, an act of omission, has choked Pacifica, presenting it with the living of a shrinking horizon.

Only by eliminating the constant firefighting is it possible, but not guaranteed, to (1) pay bills timely, (2) give management, staff, the PNB, & the local station boards the time to focus on the future, rather than the present, & (3) improve the appalling interpersonal interactions at four of the stations (WBAI is relatively pacific).

In terms of the politics (not morality) of practice, Pacificans need to grasp that money isn’t necessarily sinful, but instead can simply make life a lot easier & less stressful. (Ask the hundreds of millions of Chinese no longer in dire poverty.) Most so-called leftists fail to recognise the liberatory potential of money (& of marketing) in our current kind of society, one that’s necessarily mediated by money: there’s no way to avoid this, other than suffering the consequences even more. Regrettable, yes, but true. It means money is needed to allow Pacifica to regain health, & to not just grow (augment existing capacities) but to develop (acquire new qualities).

It’s time to flourish, not suffer.

But how to do that?

Money. And the only feasible source, other than Danny Glover, is a signal-swap. But that can be a two-year process, so in the meantime Pacifica needs to find a way to survive, & the depth of its cashflow crisis may require a two-stage response.

First, the only way to chop enough costs rapidly is to chop the staff at both KPFA & KPFKD, changing their character, making Pacifica as a whole volunteer-based. Second, its cashflow crisis may require the sale of a building, even two. (Note that as they’re collateralised to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC, at a 3:1 asset-to-principal ratio, it means FJC gets a third of the valuation sum constitutive of the contract.)

Pacifica is in its current Laurel & Hardy mess because the PNB has been in denial since 1Apr2018. It had taken out the $3.7m loan from FJC but didn’t take responsibility for the future, grasping the monetary nettle by starting the process of doing a signal-swap.

In any case, a radio signal isn’t what it used to be. Digitisation has caused broadcasting to be transcended by providing. The broadcast schedule, transcended by the download list. The position on the dial, transcended by reputation, sustained by social media, enhanced by branding. The radio, transcended by mobile digital devices. Radio is 20th century, it’s passé. It’s one reason why the BBC since 2018 no longer speaks of radio but of “sounds”: not a device, but an output.


Yes, Pacifica’s listeners are, literally, a dying breed. If Pacifica is to avoid extinction it needs to grasp the future, it needs leadership, it needs a group to initiate a transformation. But do they exist? The breakers do. We know that. But can the Pacifica partisans rise to the occasion? As Primo said, thru his alter ego in the Belarusian forest, se non ora, quando?, if not now, when?

Surprise, surprise, FY2018 draft auditor’s report isn’t ready . . . M8June PNB Audit Cttee cancelled, to be held F12June, otherwise Tu16June, or . . .

(the WPFW is there for completeness)

At Monday’s PNB Audit Cttee, 1June, Chair Eileen Rosin (WPFW listener-delegate) confidently said the draft auditor’s report was just about to be slipped into the envelopes, to be received by the ctteepeeps Wednesday or Thursday.

https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/audit/200601/audit200601a.mp3 (29:17 & 47:36)

Obviously another glitch has occurred – maybe principal Jorge Diaz was the worse for having been gassed or ‘peppered’, benefiting from a chemical weapon that he helped pay for. (A different kind of perversion, the US state is legally bound not to use these against foreigners, but it has given itself carte blanche against Joe & Joanna Six-Pack. But the US was tardy: it took 50 years to ratify its 1925 commitment to the Geneva Protocol – after Vietnam, of course. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geneva_Protocol#Reservations has link to the relevant UN webpage)

As the double-screenshot shows, Audit will meet if not F12June then on Tu16June. The record shows that the changes were made by Chair Eileen, Friday tea-time, EDT.

https://kpftx.org/pacalendar/index.php (click on the # for details & the list of cttee members) & https://kpftx.org/index.php


Highlights of the M1June Audit meeting:

member intros (5:08);

Chair Eileen was the first officer or employee to publicly disclose (48:40) that the auditors aren’t issuing the management letter, the one telling the PNB, in confidence of course, how f’d up it is, & what it has to do to acquire a semblance of substantive rationality. Nothing new, in other words. Eileen didn’t explain (although she probably knows), but presumably it’s because ED Lydia Brazon (& the inner circle) haven’t agreed to some of its proposed content, not least being told in black & white that (a) bankruptcy protection may be unavoidable (although that triggers defaulting on the FJC contract), & (b) fundamental cost-cutting must be instigated within two months, if not weeks (although that greatly worsens immediate cashflow, given worker payouts). And the cost structure? The last audited figures (FY2016), so almost four years ago, gave personnel as 53% (plus, no doubt, some in the $257k consultants category), & 57% of those personnel costs was spent on the west coast stations, KPFA $2.0m, KPFK $1.7m. The other three stations totalled KPFK + $12k. Some stations, Lew, rely more on volunteers than others. https://pacifica.org/finance/audit_2016.pdf (pp. 5a & 26; pp. 8 & 30 of the PDF); &

a number of Pacifica favourites are crammed into the virtual room, in a self-sacrificing act of solidarity with Viro the Virus:

  • the return of Adriana
  • the elevation of our Bella
  • the serene breaker Lynden “what-a-bunch-of-fucking-bullshit” Foley
  • breaker Darlene of anti-BDSM fame – obviously only some breaking is righteous (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darlene_Pagano)
  • Marilyn ‘I translated lots of Trotsky’ Vogt-Downey
  • all ably overseen by, in the partisan corner, Grace-for-the-stack, &, in the breaker corner, authoritarian-Akio-the-anti-democrat (& yes, this moniker has also been diligently earnt by schemer Grace)
  • all that’s missing is the paragon of decorum, Cerene.

Chair Eileen better know where the mute button is.

Facebook has designated this blog as spam, banning any FB post linking to it – and there seems to be no appeal. Hail Sugar Mountain!


Yesterday I made the PNB-zombies-Karen post to two FB groups, Pacifica Radio Supporters & Pacifica Radiowaves. I noticed within an hour it had been deleted – praps even instantaneously, for all i know. A notification from FB said the post was spam.

It’s transpired that what FB deems spam is not the post as such but the site it linked to, namely this one, something i’ve often done since the middle of last year.

So the seriousness of the situation is much greater than i first thought. I’ve just noticed that all my posts linking to this blog have been deleted from the FB groups i’ve posted to.

I can’t find a way to appeal FB’s action: does anyone know different?

Anyway, g-d bless Mr Sugar Mountain, not least for the extra money he’s ‘earning’ during the COVID-19 global societal crisis. In the period depicted in the table above, from W18Mar to Tu19May, a day shy of nine weeks, it’s estimated from Forbes figures that his wealth increased by ~$25.3bn, from 54.7 to 80.0. That’s $408m every one of those 62 days; $17m every hour; $283 378 every second, so exceeding the annual wages of seven workers on $19.25 an hour (40 hours x 52) – makes Stalinism seem appealing.

And Pacifica’s revenue in a year? ~$10.9m (the FY2017 NETA figure rejected by the auditors). Zuckerberg ‘made’ that in 38.46 seconds – makes slavery seem fair.

On top of all this, 17 days have almost passed since the 19May calculation, adding perhaps another $6.9bn (17 x $408m). Overall, that’s +59% (32.2 ÷ 54.7) – makes the COVID-19 global societal crisis seem all worthwhile.

Within the hour, Facebook inexplicably deleted the post about the PNB, zombies, & Karen

FB notification, Th4June2020

Obviously, Karen stormed off immediately to FB on my behalf to find out what’s going on.

FB artificial intelligence being dumb?

The deleted FB post had gone to two groups, Pacifica Radio Supporters, & Pacifica Radiowaves. Here it is, as paragraphed:

Two months down, 10 to go: when will the PNB get round to identifying the practical options Pacifica has to pay the $3.265m to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC, by 31Mar2021? When will the PNB instruct ED Lydia Brazon to identify these options & how to proceed?

Who will be Pacifica’s Karen?


Two months down, ten to go, yet the zombies keep shuffling on to the abyss – but where is Pacifica’s Karen? . . . will tonite’s PNB instruct ED Brazon to identify the options for paying $3.265m to FJC by 31Mar2021?

. . . one reason why the PNB only has teleconferences – without cams . . .

At least the protesters in the streets today have some vitality. Back in PacificaWorld the directors just keep on keeping on, shuffling along as zombies, towards the abyss they refuse to see.

Besides the obvious – money & more appealing programmes – Pacifica needs one thing: Karen.

Yes, the directors vary in their abilities, but why the continuing collective failure? Just like the street, there has never been a more opportune moment to say, no more. Cometh the moment, cometh the Karen. Karen needs to step up to the counter.


The anti-breaker coalition hasn’t endured: Steinberg & Aaron have pushed Reyes aside, trying to close down discussion, stitching things up beforehand over Skype calls. The revived PNB Strategic Planning Cttee has been stymied. It’s as if when the moment suits them they’ll sort something out with Brazon, getting Marc Hand or whoever to try to find a new lender. What isn’t happening is transparency of proceedings, giving Pacifica members the opportunity to then hold directors & delegates accountable for their views/silence, for their action/inaction. All this has been made worse by the ugly tone that has descended upon the PNB, under the chairmanship of Alex Steinberg.

The differences between the street process & the PNB process can be pursued further.

The political problem facing the protesters, albeit unacknowledged, is the politics of the institutionalisation of enthusiasm, that is, how to meliorate oppression (glossed as achieving justice) through new or reformed institutional arrangements. So what institutional demands will the protest coalesce around? Or will it just peter out, like Occupy, without even an organisational legacy, just a fond memory?

So it’s the unknown that’s being lived in the street, & this makes the behaviour of the Pacifica directors even more inexcusable: they know what has to be done; they simply refuse to take responsibility, they simply refuse to carry out their duty. Instead, the last two months of proceedings have been largely devoted to tertiary & quaternary matters.

  • the Pacifica directors know what has to be done
  • they simply refuse to take responsibility
  • they simply refuse to carry out their duty

The reality is in plain sight: Pacifica is contracted to pay the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC, the $3.265m principal by 31Mar2021. What payment options have the directors contractually committed Pacifica to?

a swap or sale of one or more radio station licenses or a sale of other Pacifica owned assets of sufficient value to repay this Loan (as defined below), or such other sources that will become available

https://mega.nz/#!5NMhHAxI!QzMtaBd0iRTZJ_YNmh2KZ1xKu7Qh_hQ6IcPMVkGWX94 (the loan agreement; click on the Clouseau to read online, or download)

Just over two months ago, on 31Mar, when many were basking in the glow of the referenda results, I drew attention to the enduring problem, the elephant, the fact that Pacifica not only didn’t have a plan for what to do but hadn’t even identified the practical options it has. As I said,

So what’s it going to be: signal swap? buildings sales? extend the loan? find new lender? maybe the Jesse James approach, improving on the Symbionese Liberation Army?

With not an ounce of expectation, I asked the question whether at the Th2Apr PNB meeting a director would take the initiative & do the obvious.


No doubt counter-intuitive, but what Pacifica needs at this moment is a Karen: a director, of any pronoun, who demands to speak to the manager. Tonite, will anyone move a motion to instruct ED Brazon to identify the practical options Pacifica has for paying $3.265m to FJC by 31Mar2021?

Not to be thought reductive, but no Karen equals no Pacifica: Karen = Pacifica.

~💗~ code 666, Karen at the counter ~💗~


How many are in the streets?


It seems to be roughly ½% of those older than 14. ½%. Not even the fabled 1%.

Politically it’s always crucial to have a sense of scale, not to be fooled when seeing lots of people around you: it’s easy in the enthusiasm of the moment to be deluded, & misled in your judgment.

Do a ballpark exercise. The crowds are say 15k, & there are only 50 states, plus DC, & the other colonies. OK, even double the crowd: 30k x 50 = 1.5m.

US population is ~330m, & those aged 0-14 are 18.46%, which leaves ~268.9m. And ½% is ~1.345m.

How may the fallout of the protests affect electoral politics? Trump lost the 2016 popular vote by ~2.9m (65 853 514 − 62 984 828 = 2 868 686). This time he could lose it by 5m – and still win the electoral college. Remember, a US voter casts their ballot not for a presidential candidate but for a party’s state list of candidate Electors.

Meanwhile, the most excited of all by far, the most expectant, is Viro the Virus, the billions & billions & billions of SARS-CoV-2 virions.

https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/us.html (0-14: 18.46%; this source is used because the latest age structure at the Census Bureau website is 2015; note, the CIA uses a different total population figure; re the age stratum, it’s ♀ 30 034 371 + ♂ 31 374 555 = 61 408 926; incidently, the total is ~20m for each of the 5-year age groups from 0-4 thru to 60-64)

https://transition.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2016/federalelections2016.pdf (p. 5; p. 10 of the PDF)