Apparent CPB noticing violations: Nov2021

This exercise is made from the CPB’s point of view, what they would find when looking at Pacifica websites. The monthly list needs to be read in conjunction with the explanatory notes, *LINK. [posted by Tu18Jan]

Summary of apparent noticing violations

Re open meetings: 19.

Re closed meetings: 11.

Noticing: open meetings

No streaming button, phone number or URL given on the webpage linked from the hypertexted day number on the monthly meeting calendar grid (top-left corners) at, that would have allowed the proceedings to have been witnessed by the public:


1400 Sa20Nov KPFA LSB


1430 Su28Nov KPFK Outreach Cttee


2030 M1Nov KPFK Fundraising Cttee: notice is dated W27Oct, so not giving the required seven days’ notice.


1900 Tu9Nov KPFT Development Cttee






1830 W3Nov PNB Coordinating Cttee

1900 W3Nov PNB Personnel Cttee

2030 Th4Nov PNB

1800 Sa6Nov PNB Governance Cttee

1330 Su7Nov PNB Programming Cttee

2030 M8Nov PNB Strategic Planning Cttee

2030 Tu9Nov PNB Finance Cttee

2030 Th18Nov PNB

1230 Su21Nov PNB Programming Cttee

1830 M22Nov PNB Strategic Planning Cttee

2030 M22Nov PNB Development Task Force

2030 W24Nov PNB Governance Cttee

1230 Su28Nov PNB Programming Cttee

1900 Tu30Nov PNB Strategic Planning Cttee

2030 Tu30Nov PNB Finance Cttee

Noticing: closed meetings

A written explanation wasn’t provided within 10 days at of why proceedings of these meetings were closed to the public (even at 11Jan2022 none was there):






2000 M15Nov KPFT LSB (no explanation per FCC & CPB rules was given; by contrast, the notice simply declares the triumph of the will of an unknown number of comrade-directors: “closed to the public, per instructions from the PNB. Sorry.” – the same wording is at, which identifies the noticer as Bill Crosier)

2000 M22Nov KPFT LSB




2000 W3Nov WBAI PD Search Cttee

1200 M22Nov WBAI PD Search Cttee

2000 W24Nov WBAI PD Search Cttee

1900 M29Nov WBAI LSB


2030 Th11Nov PNB

1930 Tu16Nov PNB Personnel Cttee

2030 Th18Nov PNB

1900 Tu23Nov PNB Personnel Cttee

1800 Tu30Nov PNB Personnel Cttee



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