Lawrence Reyes, video of the W19Aug2015 KPFK LSB

. . . the horseshoe, left to right: Aryana Gladney, Lawrence Reyes (director), Rodrigo Argueta (director), Chuck Anderson, Lydia Brazon (director & PNB Chair), Fred Klunder, Ron Spriestersbach, Leslie Radford (KPFK General Manager; a non-voter), Luis Garcia y Ayvens; Michael Novick (Treasurer), Tej Grewall (Chair), John Garry (Secretary; a non-voter); Ankine Antaram, John Cromshow, John Wenger (not a delegate – see below), Fred Blair, Kim Kaufman, Steve Pride . . . held at the Aris & Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230 . . . Mr Wenger had just served 6 cumulative yrs – but, perversely, the delegates agreed to let him stay sitting on a privileged chair, albeit in silence . . .

. . . what’s striking is the groundhog: the same hot topics, over 7yrs on . . .

. . . after hundreds of hrs of audio-only, seeing is quite different . . .

URL’s of the above vids: (1h06; uploaded by ‘mrvideoman5’), & (1h46; uploaded by ‘Paul Hart’)

On YouTube there seems to be only one other KPFK LSB vid, Treasurer Fred Blair’s address to the 21Feb2016 meet (13mins, including an extra-meeting statement by Kim Kaufman), (uploaded by ‘Myla Reson’, the name of a current KPFK delegate, a breaker). Also, there are two vids of the LSB’s attempt to make quorum on 17May2015, the purpose of the meeting being to elect a director, following the PNB’s 30Apr decision to remove Kim Kaufman for allegedly sharing confidential info – with The Anti-Christ & Beelzebub, aka Tracy Rosenberg & Summer Reese (uploaded by ‘Paul Hart’)

audios: (continues as b-file & c-file)



excused absentees: Steve Brooks, Chris Condon, Jim Lafferty (Vice-Chair), Brenda Medina (director), Dutch Merrick

unexcused absentees: Chipasha Luchembe, John Parker, Lamont Yeakey

also present: the great Amerikan public





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