Breaking up Pacifica (2): the attempt, Aug2020+, by Tanaka-Foley-Goodman-Kyle (as Golden Dawn New Order New Day Pacifica)

. . . the wolf within, within the breaker (courtesy of Thiago Bianchini) . . .


[This is why Christmas holidays exist: doing this page, linking to the primary docs, then analysing them. PacificaWatch hasn’t spent time on this latest attack on the Foundation coz although the breakers have got a petition out of their PR campaign, it hasn’t gone anywhere, coz the Pacifica National Board has yet to deem it actionable. So maybe 2021 will usher in a bright day for these harbingers of hope.

[The breakers are tag wrestlers: Crosier-Goldmacher-Sabbagh bit the dust, crawling back to their corner, replaced by Tanaka-Foley-Goodman-Kyle. And, like a zombie, they just keep coming. The individuals change, even the personal motivations, but the enduring force endures: KPFA station chauvinism. A separatism that requires the break-up of the Pacifica network; hence the dismemberment of the Foundation. No rational person can take the Golden Dawn New Order New Day claims at face value: the principals’ biographies betray their intent. These people lack credibility. They cannot be trusted. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

[Yes, Grey Wolves grey wolves.

[But zombies don’t go away: they have to be defeated. And that requires organisation. But not just that. There comes a point when to keep on saying ‘NO!’ loses efficacy: what is needed is vision and feasible plans. This is the principal failure of the Pacifica partisans – and must be rectified. Yes, they themselves have a credibility problem.]



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