Success! Judge grants restraining order until F18Oct against Dictator Vernile & Breakers Co., M7Oct2019. 3 of 3

[Please use this convenient folder to read all available docs on the attempted coup by Vernile & the other breakers against Pacifica, with WBAI as the current main target:!OuwyiKxY!wFtGGKGkG2R9x3A65uX4Gg]

Second of the two-page judgment by Judge Nervo, granting a restraining order against Pacifica Foundation, Inc. (unfortunately, there had to be separate posts as the software only allows one large image):!K6Qx2CAB!KAr_9KxEIDSw73clbaTaOEFLcQhCpsz1tCPH7vSuju4

See what happens when pseudo-progressives try to streamroller their way through? Remember, Dictator Vernile & Breakers Co. have never presented an evidenced argument to smash WBAI by reducing it to a relay transmitter. No doubt Interim Chief Financial Officer Tamra Swiderski will compile some figures into a dossier to give to the judge. These concocted figures must be challenged by a certified public accountant, not least because ICFO Swiderski recently told the PNB Finance Cttee that Pacifica lacks current statements, both management & financial, for any station & therefore for the Foundation as a whole. Pacifica must also be requested to provide all the data, so including supporting evidence, used in compiling these figures. The contrived nature of the figures must be exposed.

It’s no less than unfortunate that it takes a capitalist court to begin a process of enforcing the transparency, & accountability, that the pseudo-progressives dominating Pacifica have proved so inept in achieving.

They have perpetuated an obdurate & deep secrecy culture that has disabled Pacifica & helped bring it to this point. This must change.


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