Not Giving Tuesday, but Taking Wednesday – taking one’s sanity. Audios of three Pacifica meetings, two not yet in the meetings archive – W30Nov2022

UPDATE, 1200 MT, Th15Dec2022: the two still aren’t posted in the Pacifica meetings archive,

Additionally, the last three PNB audio are also missing – but they’re linked here:



W30Nov2022 audios:

KPFK Finance Cttee … put in the archive, seemingly within the hour (as Cerene would say, it can be done, people),, as (2h06m)

WBAI Finance Cttee … start missing, (1h26m, 122MB)

PNB Strategic Planning Cttee … start missing, (1h01m, 86MB)


KPFK Finance Cttee

[remarks to be added when the Lord provides the strength]

WBAI Finance Cttee

It’s all magic, apparently. So says Berthold (46:34; R Paul’s response, 49:54). Berthold, the gift that just keeps on giving.

0:17 Treasurer’s report, 5mins (R Paul Martin)

6:53 the committee men respond

36:06 GM’s report, 7mins (Berthold Reimers)

43:38 WBAI’s finest respond

46:34 magic moment, “that’s the magic combination”

49:54 question: is magic real, especially performed in the GM’s office? The answer may surprise you

59:22 (& 1:01:40 & 1:03:15 & 1:09:52) Michael D D Double-D D D White lives up to his reputation, being obnoxious, snarky, petty (guess Mario was never on his Xmas list)


Apparently, everything’s under control, largely because of the nitric oxide premium (56:26) & Gary Null’s latest film, Science for Hire (59:33) . . .

Donny G just fell off his chair – please, no cheering . . . instead, buy the latest merch from WBAI, the voodoo dolls, designed by Sister Mama Mama, a full range, closely resembling the leading breakers: Donny himself, Gendelman, Turner, Tanaka, Huggins, Wolfley, Cory, Jacobs, Adams, da Silva, Dodsworth, Lynch, Maldari, Goodman, Reson, Jones, Lexa, Macon, Marbach, Sabbagh, Wasserman, Crosier, Allen, Young, Foley, LaViolette – take your pick, then take your pin – or scissors.


Berthold’s report was as confusing as ever. But less so if one relates it to the last station report coming from outside WBAI management. This is the July2022 net income statement for WBAI, generated by NETA – remember them, the time when the directors sleepwalkers bothered to have fiscal management? This report has some of the figures mentioned by Berthold, & it helps orientate oneself when he goes into scattergun mode, spraying numbers all round the room, the likes of $70k, $100k, $120k, and $29k & $30k.

July2022 net income statements: (Publicly available Pacifica mthly net income statements are collated in this folder: [UPDATE: the later Aug2022 monthlies, such as they are, were thrown to the plebs the middle of last week – but sadly no electricity vouchers. Discussed below.]

So the basics of this WBAI statement, the 10mths of FY2022 thru July2022:

• total revenue $1 015 003, total expenses $1 312 754 (non-Central Services, $1 101 634; CS, $211 120), loss $297 751;

• annualising as, total revenue $1 218 003, total expenses $1 575 304 (non-CS $1 321 960, CS $253 344), loss $357 301;

• per mth (the figures useful for our purpose), total revenue ~$101.5k, total expenses ~$131.3k (non-CS ~$110.2k, CS ~$21.1k), loss ~$29.8k;

• so, loss > CS charge, so revenue doesn’t cover non-CS expenses, this portion of total loss annualising as $103 957 (1218003 − 1321960), so almost exactly $2k per wk (no-one has publicly pointed this out); &

• for those sceptical about the guidance offered by data from quite a while ago, Oct2021 thru July2022, one can compare the average of its later mths to the period as a whole. So, mthly averages for Apr-July, & the trend: revenue $92k, so downward trend, −9%; non-CS expenses $97k, downward, −12%; loss $26k, downward, −13%. The station has contracted since Oct2021 . . . again, no-one’s put this in the public record. But it is losing less, coz even though revenue fell, expenses fell more. This trend should be borne in mind, improving one’s intuition, prudently, at a time when Pacifica has been flying blind since 22Sep, without fiscal management.

So, the NETA report is thru July2022. Scroll on 4mths, thru a wasteland without NETA, & we come to Berthold, holding court, on the last evening of November . . .


As said, for trying to make sense of Berthold’s report, keep in mind NETA’s mthly figures: revenue $101k; non-CS expenses $110k, CS expense $21k, total expenses $131k; loss $30k.

For those wanting to listen along, Berthold’s report is 36:06-43:37, with queries & responses thru 1:18:35 (of note from 44:03, 52:04, & 1:14:50) –

Now, an intelligible rendering of what Mr B said:

once into his stride, having gone thru key creditors, the first figure thrown into the mix was $70k (40:12), apparently Nov’s revenue – but the sum isn’t enough: “we need 100 000, minimum” (40:20).

That was his report. Effectively.

Not so quick, buster. WBAI’s finest were there, thankfully, & they probed Mr B with a probe – sorry, questions:

extracted, then illuminated, was “my-our analysis of our deficit is that we are about 29 000, $30 000, urgh, in the red every month, for-on an average” (44:26);

R Paul laid a jab: “[w]hat do we pay if we get, if we get to 100 000? Does that pay our bills?” (45:09) … “[i]f we get to 100 000 we’ll definitely be paying our bills, yes” (45:14);

but that wasn’t what it seems. Another jab: “[d]oes that include Central Services fees?” (45:17) … “[u]mm, nah, umm, all-all of Central Services together would, would include more like 120 000 – but what happened is […]” – and then he was off, quick as a flash, a veritable jack-in-the-box, expounding on something quite different (45:21) . . . the master of evasion;

Mr B, ever inventive, blazing a new trail, throwing in figures not yet in a WBAI net income statement: Sep $93k, Oct $79k, Nov $80k (45:32) – an average of $84k. These being? Not immediately obvious because he was talking about “when you’re looking at the profit-and-loss” (45:40). However, they seem to be mthly total revenue – although, you may remember, earlier he gave Nov as “70 000” (40:12), not “80 000”. The power of magic.

What a performance. Drawing blood from a stone. Dragged from $70k, to $100k, then onto $120k. Alchemy turning 70k into 80k (a Gary Null product?).

[UPDATE: the so-called Aug2022 monthlies are a complete mess. Not just the inconsistency in how many FY2022 mths are displayed prior to Aug itself, nor whether there’s the comparative – there’s also the lack of analyses, describing the composition of broad categories, such as, you know, personnel expenses, admin expenses, programming expenses, development expenses . . . so for Pacifica as a whole (per the “Consolidated-F” tab), no analysis of $5.4m personnel expenses, $2.5m admin expenses, $0.9m programming expenses, $0.75m development expenses. No analysis at all. And no-one on the PNB Finance Cttee or the PNB remarked, let alone complained. A lack of fiscal management is simply accepted, lived, as a non-event.

As already noted, monthlies folder:

[So what Markisha did to the WBAI statement, even as editor, hardly merits comment. Such as, not all the Aug figures finding their way into the totals column! So, “Community Events Income”, $9 065 in Aug, has a $0 total for the fiscal year to date. The same happens, egregiously, for “Miscellaneous/Other Income”, $129 158 in Aug. So WBAI total revenue is understated by ~$140k! Other categories totalling as $0 but with an Aug figure are “Board Expenses” $1 031, “Depreciation (Admin Exp)” $1 357, & “Postage, USPS, FedEx, UPS” $1 020. None of this was spotted by the preparer of the statement, nor by those who review the monthlies before they’re distributed, the reviewers being the ED, the five station managers, & the 10 on the PNB Finance Cttee – so missed by 17 people. Welcome to the quality that is PacificaWorld.

[And did you catch the restatement of WBAI “Total Revenue” & “Listener Support” – without accompanying notes? Total revenue: the July monthlies have a carry-forward (C/F) of $1 015 003, but the Aug brought-forward (B/F) is $1 002 791 ((1129246 + 9065 + 129158) − (264654 + 24)) – a reduction of $12 212. Not explained. Listener support: C/F $948 159, but B/F $935 947 (1062378 126431) – the $12 212 reduction. Not explained. Also, no note explaining where the $129 158 “Miscellaneous/Other Income” comes from. All this passed in silence when the monthlies were presented by ED Steph ‘The Breeze’ (48:53) to the Tu6Dec PNB Finance Cttee –

[Sloppier than sloppy.]


This is the reality. 2022. Pacifica, & WBAI. So from Mr B nothing as simple, or systematic, as:

‘my report is in four parts, focusing wholeheartedly on eliminating the current loss-making of the station:

• (1) currently, the average monthly revenue, expenses (non-Central Services, CS), & the resulting loss are $ x, y, z; more informatively, $ x, y (y₁ + y₂), z;

• (2) for the remaining 10mths of FY2023, action will be taken to best reduce this otherwise expected loss by implementing these evidenced & costed programmes of work, a, b, & c, adjusted per our monitoring reports – all grounded in what I presented to you in September, before the year started, the evidenced & costed scenarios & derived policies that guide management;

• (3) looking beyond FY2023, I am devising the outlines of evidenced & costed scenarios, & derived candidate policies, & attendant programmes of work, that will be presented to this Cttee, starting in January; however

• (4) WBAI is confronted by a resources barrier, not just holding it back but burying it, slowly. That’s why annual losses keep being so high. To cut to the conclusion, I see no way out other than the directors adopting a network development plan, one that involves fundamental change, not only of management but also correcting the lopsided distribution of resources. Controlled properly, this new way ahead can *maximize the total marginal gain* available to the stations. Pacifica’s money needs to stop three of the stations operating on a shoestring, & allow them to breathe, allow them to make an impact, & grow. The money at Pacifica’s disposal needs to be treated as an investment fund, distributed to further the development of the network, of Pacifica as a whole, in fulfilment of its mission. This must replace the alien dogma currently applied to each station: the Reaganite/Thatcherite ‘pull y’self up by y’bootstraps’ mantra. Obviously this new approach will require changing the *structure* of where personnel are deployed; this means away from KPFA & towards KPFT in particular, & also towards WPFW & WBAI. To remind you all, this is the current structure of station full-time equivalents (@ $80k each), with half being at Berkeley: KPFA 31, KPFK 13½, KPFT 1½, WPFW 8, WBAI 7½. Total 61½. There are also three other units to consider (PNO, PRA, PAN) – not least to ensure the employment of adequate accountancy staff, including an internal audit team (if paid program producers have to be made redundant, so be it: the bookkeeping, accountancy, & internal audit function must be protected, above all else – otherwise no-one knows what’s going on). The principle of a network development plan is a matter for governance (not management), so for the Pacifica delegates, & ultimately the directors. I’ll leave it there, R Paul. I thank everyone for their attention, & I look forward to your questions & remarks.’

The station manager’s report not given by Berthold Reimers to the W30Nov2022 WBAI Finance Cttee


It’s worthwhile noting three errors in Mr Martin’s report, pace the public record: (1) “the Pacifica National Board has voted to sell the KPFK building in Los Angeles” (1:21); (2) “[t]he sale would also be used to retire the FJC loan [Foundation for the Jewish Community]” (1:49; the principal is currently $2 258 821); & (3) “the sale probably will not be final until April” (6:28) – per the link given above to the audiofile,

(Also, he got the 31Dec FJC quarterly interest charge wrong: it isn’t “a payment of around $48 000 or so” (3:36) – no, ⅐ more, $55 402.99. Workings: effective Th3Nov the rate went up from 9.25% to 10%; the Sa31Dec charge = ((2258821 x 0.0925 x 33) ÷ 365) + ((2258821 x 0.1 x 59)÷ 365) = 18890.550 + 36512.449 = $55 402.99.)

Why are these errors?

• (1) a decision hasn’t been made to sell the Studio City land & building. Only to prepare for a sale, doing everything required to sell it – so more than simply ‘getting it listed’. The passage in the PNB resolution: “[t]he PNB met […] to authorize the Board Chair, Executive Director and General Counsel to take all steps necessary to the most advantageous sale of the building currently housing the KPFK station and Pacifica National Office at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, California and relocation of all activities currently housed at 3729 Cahuenga and bring these transactions to the Board for approval” – Th27Oct2022 PNB closed meeting,

Director James Sagurton (listener-delegate, PNB Finance Cttee Chair), mealy-mouthed, put it this way: “the motion on the PNB was to explore [this he emphasised] a sale of the KPFK building. There’s been no decision to sell the KPFK building, as everybody knows. You know, the final decision in a real estate transaction doesn’t happen until the closing. Any number of things could happen that would derail this – one of which could be we only get an offer of $2m: we’re not going to sell that building for $2m. So right now what we’re doing is exploring the sale, which includes, by the way – which is a pretty good indication of where we’re going – realtors walking through the KPFK building, looking at it, and sizing it up. So that is happening. It’s assumed that’s probably where we’re headed, but it’s not a done deal. We didn’t vote to sell the building: we voted to explore the sale of the building” (22:44). Guess James could have written the press release for Columbus or Pizarro.

The resolution was suffused with woolly wording – praps intentional: nothing as unambiguous as ‘the PNB (a) has decided to sell the Cahuenga land & building, (b) instructs the Board Chair, Executive Director and General Counsel to do what’s required, within reason, to maximize the selling price, (c) instructs the Executive Director and General Counsel to bring to the PNB for approval each and every purchase they intend to make, and (d) instructs the Executive Director to ask the PNB for permission to arrange the public listing of the lot for sale’.

So, yes, a decision was made on 27Oct to prepare for a sale, so there is the intention to sell, but a decision to sell hasn’t actually been made, nor even to list it for sale;

• (2) the PNB hasn’t said how any of the net proceeds will be spent, & certainly not as specific as “to retire the FJC loan”; &

• (3) R Paul’s claim re April for completion is the first time in a Pacifica public meet that anyone has given a temporal estimate.


To conclude, the wider Pacifica picture. Despite NETA giving their 3mths’ notice 30June, allowing an efficient transition to new busy-beavers, the Pacifica directors sleepwalkers have succeeded, probably without too much effort, in rendering Pacifica without any fiscal management – not just an absence of any reconciled statements, or monthly net income statements, but, crucially this:

leaving this $11m annual turnover public charity with an absence of both internal audit control, & the recording of *all* financial events. These events are either transactions (money coming in or going out), or events that establish obligations (such as fund-drive pledges, or incoming goods & services that have to be paid for). And the scale of what hasn’t been recorded in Pacifica’s general ledger since 22Sep, when NETA left 8days early? Well, for Oct-Nov2022 alone one can estimate from the evidence a total of ~$3 284 862 x 2 ≃ $6.57m (this excludes intra-Pacifica events, such as scraping together payroll by ‘borrowing’ from an accounting unit or three). Come the New Year, the figure climbs to ~$9.855m ≃ $10m. The directors sleepwalkers continually demonstrate they’re oblivious to this double neglect: internal audit control & event recording. Oblivious to the scale of their neglect, one that increases hourly. Oblivious to *their personal liability* arising from a failure to discharge their legal responsibility to protect the assets of this public charity, a liability that is *not* protected by the famed D & O, directors’ and officers’ liability insurance.

The sleepwalkers have indicated not one iota that they are aware of what is happening. They’ve given no indication that they’re even thinking of producing a costed & evidenced plan to fund an accounting professional (or three) to establish fiscal management – not least finishing with FY2022: performing all the reconciliations, producing a trial balance, generating the three main financial statements, having all the supporting evidence available – that is, having everything ready to invite in the auditors to do their work.

Per NETA’s July2022 consolidated net income statement: FY2022, average mthly revenue, $764 871 + that for non-CS expenses, $877 560 = 1 642 431 … x 2 (that Italian thing, the nature of double-entry bookkeeping) = $3 284 862 of financial events to be recorded each mth

That’s the second of our 30Nov meets. Now a very short report on the final one.

PNB Strategic Planning Cttee

Semi-woke director Jim Dingeman (WBAI listener-delegate) advocated making applications to the CPB Radio Community Service Grant Program in May next year. Note, no-one expresses ‘application’ in the plural: because Pacifica holds multiple FCC broadcasting licences, any application is for an individual broadcasting station.

Apart from audience level, here are three obvious reasons why applications would fail, & the first, because it’s supervening, is a hurdle confronting each application:

• the impossibility of having, by 28Feb2023, FY2022 audited financial statements & a FY2022 Annual Financial Report (Section 15C, p. 18 – . . . such concerns are above Markisha’s pay-grade – one reason why there needs to be 1.25 full-time equivalent redundancies at KPFA to pay for a CPA as the CFO . . . perhaps starting with the cancellation of getting Mr Brian Edwards-Tiekert yet another full-time helper on UpFront, with applications having closed M14Nov2022 –, linked from (left sidebar) . . . since 30Sep1994, of those 28 auditor’s reports, FY1994 thru FY2021, those dated 28Feb or earlier number 12 (FY1994-2000, & FY2004-2008), so all within a 15yr-span – meaning none in the last 13yrs. . . . why has no director sleepwalker spoken to this? don’t they know the CPB rules?;

• KPFA not having a CAB (last met 23Nov2019 (sic), over 3yrs ago; last meeting noticed in the Pacifica archive is 16Apr2022, with no evidence it met –; Section 2D, p. 5) . . . with no director having even once spoken to this, let alone bringing a motion, can anyone deny they’re sleepwalkers?; &

• KPFT not having 4 employees, 2 being full-time (Section 5A & B, pp. 8-9) . . . why has no director sleepwalker spoken to this? don’t they know the CPB rules?


By coincidence, held & published today, Th1Dec: Mearsheimer on Ukraine, debating with Carl Bildt (starts 9:25; Bildt, 15:50; Mearsheimer, 32:32; & from then it continues. 2h45m. In an oil city, Bergen, Norway – further proof that a distraction distracts from the essential).


. . . NATO will fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood – and Ukrainian nationalism will fuel the supply of corpses . . . meanwhile, decent peeps have their lives ripped apart, dissolving whatever security they thought they had . . . just before the illegal invasion, Ukrainian per capita real income was 74% of what it was when the Berlin Wall fell (see below) . . . disgust, anger, missile crater, in Kharkiv, 3Aug2022 – foto courtesy of Sergey Bobok/AFP/Getty Images, Guardian, 3Aug2022, . . .


. . . (note, that’s 3.2 thousand, not 32k!) . . . few know the reality of how it’s been being a Ukrainian since the end of Stalinism: per capita real income in 2021 was only ~74% of what it was in 1989 (2451.9 ÷ 3330.5 = 0.7362) . . . &, in 2015’s money, since the 2008 crash, it’s been less than $50 gross a week (just over $1 an hour; note, this is per capita, so including those not working, even neonates!) . . . Ukraine GDP per capita (constant 2015 US$), 1987-2021 – . . .



Seems Berthold’s on his way out – no prob, Volunteer Alex becomes not just interim general manager but interim executive director as well, a win-win . . . cometh the moment, cometh the man

. . . “Seeking a Director position”, the start of Mr Reimers’ LInkedIn webpage – all five screenshots taken Tu23Aug2022, . . .

Berthold ‘I’ve got more coats of Teflon than Donald Trump’ Reimers has been WBAI’s station manager since July2010 (sic). He’s hoping to be gone by Xmas.

Berthold is one of life’s survivors. Forget pussy: his performance should have been evaluated annually, in writing, 12 times by the WBAI Local Station Board, carrying out its duty “[t]o prepare an annual written evaluation of the station’s General Manager” – by-law Article 7, Section 3(C), This hasn’t happened. The LSB members, year after year, failed to carry out one of the few mandatory duties they have.

Why has this been tolerated? Not least by the directors sleepwalkers of the Pacifica National Board because it has its own mandated duty in this matter – an unconditional duty, a duty without discretion – to make sure that the LSB members (which includes themselves!) do their job: “[s]ubject to the provisions of the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law, and any limitations in the Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws relating to action required or permitted to be taken or approved by the Members or Delegates of the Foundation, the activities and affairs of the Foundation shall be conducted and all corporate powers shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Board.” (the whole of by-law Article 5, Section 1(D), “General Power and Authority”, all emphases added –

Despite this lack of scrutiny, how much have the members & other listeners been giving Mr B? The only publicly available info pertains to fiscal-year 2016, thru 30Sep2016, when he was paid $117 127 ($85 000 “[r]eportable compensation from the organization” + $32 127 “[e]stimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations”) – (page 8), accessed from For some it will be regrettable that this is his only pecuniary appearance in a Pacifica Internal Revenue Service Form 990.

. . . Pacifica Foundation, Inc. 2015 IRS Form 990, mostly using FY2016 data, page 8 – . . .

Meanwhile, Pacifica will be transformed in the coming weeks & months. Bigtime. This, the product of an opaque process, all helped by the directors sleepwalkers not being pressed by any LSB to disclose (1) not just the criteria but the ranked criteria the directors sleepwalkers are using for decision-making, & (2) the scenarios they’ve specified, thoroughly analysed/discussed, & then evaluated using said criteria – but, to do them justice, they’re probably just proceeding ad hoc, like a Trump. Fat chance decisions are being made in the context of implementing a network development plan – let alone one designed to allow every one of the five stations, plus the Pacifica Radio Archives & Pacifica Affiliate Network, to not just grow but to develop, to flourish.

This PNB opacity & LSB collusion has been reinforced for the last 12mths or so by a Pacifica withdrawal from the public: choosing more often to refuse to publish the joining details of meetings; reducing the number of streamed meetings; & putting far fewer audio recordings in the Pacifica meetings archive – every lil bit helps in the war against transparency & member/listener/staff involvement. After all, curiosity is dangerous. Whereas secrecy precludes accountability, & also makes it more difficult to know what’s going on, even discouraging an initial interest from a newbie to PacificaWorld. Yes, alienating the plebs makes it easier to rule as one wants.

That aside, never let a crisis go to waste, as the wit has it. Crisis? Seize the opportunity! And quote some Chinese sage – even if it’s made up. Can even talk of Mao & ‘there is great chaos under Heaven – the situation is excellent’, adding Chinese characters for authenticity, an authority prop.

Despite these travails, Berthold’s imminent departure opens up a golden double opportunity: Comrade Volunteer Alex Steinberg, Chair of The Board until January this year, may be on holiday in Greece at the moment but he can be made both WBAI station manager & Pacifica executive director. Steph can be made redundant, paid off, maybe with cowrie shells. And with Alex doing the two jobs on an expenses-only basis, the savings will be Himalayan. Not to be clichéd, but what could go wrong?

And why stop there? Who knows, maybe Alex can be the CFO as well, just like ED Tom Livingston was in 2018 – it may break a by-law, but what’s new: “neither the Secretary nor the Chief Financial Officer shall serve concurrently as the Chairperson of the Board or the Executive Director” – Never forget the first rule of PacificaWorld: rules are for RealWorld, not PacificaWorld. (Yes, a universe of paradoxes, of contradictions.) Instead, PacificaWorld is run by decisions – which is why it’s important to keep out troublemakers, those asking awkward questions, & instead just recycle, decade after decade, the Pacifica grandparents & great-grandparents, tempered in the Vietnam period, then steeled in the Pacifica politics spanning the millennia. Year after year, those are the ones ‘we thank for their service’, those exalted in Amerikan culture as ‘our leaders’ (without a flicker of recognition that this lauds the Führer principle). And keeping things cosy gives the decision-makers the peace & quiet they need to get on with the difficult job of deciding decisions, even if on occasion caution requires this to be deciding decisions about how to decide decisions – all achieved without the restraint of rules. The creativity & imagination of the directors sleepwalkers simply can’t be held back. After all, the very survival of ‘The Foundation’ is at stake.


But to return to Berthold. Here, courtesy of LinkedIn, is ‘Berthold’s public profile badge’, which can be pinned all over the internet, posted on all sorts of websites, as he does his damnedest to get away from Pacifica, from WBAI:


And his LinkedIn declaration is a wonder to behold. (Sad attempt at wordplay? Of course.) Some peeps get ribbed for hiding their light under a bushel. Berthold is dynamo incarnate: he cloaks his light within his behaviour. Listening to his performances, month after month, year after year, at the WBAI Finance Cttee & the WBAI LSB, & an annual appearance at the PNB Finance Cttee (if a station budget existed), who had the slightest suspicion that he not only has an MBA but came to WBAI with over 13 years’ experience of financial administration? Who knew? Who could tell? The wonder! The wonder!

Dynamo incarnate. Always on the move. Deflecting attention by bringing up new issues. Saying the opposite of what he said the week before. Even twisting time by producing the report after the meeting, tying up tens of minutes of the next meeting. Yes, Mr B is an irrepressible moving target. And when you think you’re finally within range he’s gone, poof!, just like that, as if he was never there. And in a sense he wasn’t, for Berthold is he who operates in another dimension. PacificaWorld, truly a unique universe!

The over-13yrs as a financial administrator, per his LinkedIn:

at Healthfirst (1yr 3mths; followed by an undisclosed gap of 2yrs 6mths; then 1yr 2mths):

• Premium Billing Supervisor

• Manager of Financial Operation

at EmblemHealth (11yrs 3mths):

• Manager of Capitation

• Assistant Director of Capitation

• Director of Product & Customer Management

• Director of Corporate Business Development

• Director of Financial Reporting & Analysis

• Director of SSP & Medicaid Dual Products R&A – Government Assisted Programs

Two screenshots showing Mr B’s work declaration – plus his two degrees (please, no music ‘jokes’):


For completeness, here’s the other relevant section of his LinkedIn testimony/self-promotion/advert, his ‘About’, stressing ‘why Berthold? Berthold is CaptainFantastic, your one-and-only Mr StrategyGuy!’:


. . . Someone like Berthold, no need to ‘wish him luck’, ‘wish him all the best’: Berthold is one of life’s survivors. He’ll always land on his feet.

Speaking of which, if WBAI had a newsletter, would his farewell be drenched with as many tears as washed over Quincy’s feet?


Milosz: Pacifica’s reality


A Song on the End of the World

On the day the world ends
A bee circles a clover,
A fisherman mends a glimmering net.
Happy porpoises jump in the sea,
By the rainspout young sparrows are playing
And the snake is gold-skinned as it should always be.

On the day the world ends
Women walk through the fields under their umbrellas,
A drunkard grows sleepy at the edge of a lawn,
Vegetable peddlers shout in the street
And a yellow-sailed boat comes nearer the island,
The voice of a violin lasts in the air
And leads into a starry night.

And those who expected lightning and thunder
Are disappointed.
And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps
Do not believe it is happening now.
As long as the sun and the moon are above,
As long as the bumblebee visits a rose,
As long as rosy infants are born
No one believes it is happening now.

Only a white-haired old man, who would be a prophet
Yet is not a prophet, for he’s much too busy,
Repeats while he binds his tomatoes:
There will be no other end of the world,
There will be no other end of the world.


Czeslaw Milosz, A Song on the End of the World, Warsaw, 1944, translated by Anthony Milosz, in Czeslaw Milosz, New and Collected Poems 1931-2001, HarperCollins Publishers (New York), 2003, pages 56 & 776 – free download at


[Pertinent is the successful 2022 news blackout, keeping secret even the concrete topics of any significant PNB decision (made in the famed ‘executive sessions’), the cherry on the top of the increasing number of open meetings either lacking a publicly available audio recording or even closed to the public thru the withholding of joining details when they aren’t streamed. Every lil bit helps. This exercise in opacity makes it even more likely that Milosz is right, that “There will be no other end of the world, / There will be no other end of the world.” – “And those who expected lightning and thunder / Are disappointed. / And those who expected signs and archangels’ trumps / Do not believe it is happening now.” Gotta luv it. Only goes to prove that when Pacifica decision-makers really put their mind to something, even without coordination, they can come up trumps. Now there’s a thought.]


FY2021, only KPFA made an unaudited net income after adjusting for windfalls, per Sep2021 monthlies

Here are the unaudited FY2021 net income statements of the 5 stations, per the NETA-produced Sep2021 monthlies. They’re adjusted to exclude the windfalls: the forgiving of the two loans received from the Paycheck Protection Program that benefited all stations, & a property donated to WBAI.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KPFA . . . . . . . KPFK . . . . . . . .KPFT . . . . . . WPFW . . . . . . . . WBAI . .


revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 861 315 . . . .3 120 159 . . . . .667 024 . . . . 1 774 741 . . . . . 1 713 203

less PPP #1 & #2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~891 475. . . . .~735 972 . . . .~117 373 . . . . .~273 411 . . . . . .~255 715

less donated property . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . .0 . . . . . . . . . . . .0 . . . . . . . 200 000

total revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~$3 969 840 . .~$2 384 187 . . .~$549 651 . .~$1 501 330 . . . ~$1 257 488


Central Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .471 456 . . . . .500 868 . . . . . 161 628 . . . . . .208 176 . . . . . . .253 344

other expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 216 336 . . . 2 671 995 . . . . .580 498 . . . . 1 351 266 . . . . . 1 399 170

August tower rent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0. . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . 6 000 . . . . . . . . . . . .0 . . . . . . . . . . . . .0

total expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3 687 792 . . $3 172 863 . . . .$748 126 . . . $1 559 442 . . . .$1 652 514

net income/(loss):

FY2021 net income/(loss) . . . . ~$282 048 . .(~$788 676) . . (~$198 475) . . .(~$58 112) . . (~$395 026)

depreciation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~77 310 . . . . . ~15 461 . . . . . .~26 882 . . . . . ~13 900 . . . . . . ~16 282

FY2021 net income/(loss) . . . . ~$204 738 . .(~$804 137) . . (~$225 357) . . .(~$72 012) . . (~$411 308)

The stations as a whole:

• one net income, ~$204 738

• four losses, ~$1 512 814

total loss (net), ~$1 308 076

Sources: Sep2021 monthlies,; &, for the FY2020 audited depreciation charge, please see page 36 (page 39 of the PDF) of the FY2020 auditor’s report,


Explanations of estimates, etc.:

• this statement supersedes the one derived from the Aug2021 monthlies – in the section ‘Discussion: General’ of

• why the PPP amounts had to be estimated: “[t]he distribution of PPP #1 (& #2, for that matter) hasn’t been made public. But in the NETA monthlies are the Jan2021 & Aug2021 totals for ‘Miscellaneous/Other Income’, within which they’re posted. The Jan2021 totals per the July monthlies, the latest to have PPP #1 posted within FY2021: KPFA $440 828.47, KPFK $393 653.02, KPFT $58 199, WPFW $141 119.64, WBAI $126 557.47, PNO $50 180.54, PRA $46 755.67, consolidated as $1 257 293.81. That’s $663.81 more than the loan – and, indeed, that’s the figure left in the Jan2021 statement of the Aug2021 monthlies, when PPP #1 was deleted from the FY2021 consolidated & put in the FY2020 one. With no other info, in the KPFK computation above, the perhaps overstated $393 653 has been used” – link just given, in the ‘Discussion: General’ section, problem P#5. The size of the forgiven loan: “[t]he PPP loan [#1] was granted to the Foundation on June 19, 2020 in the amount of $1,256,630” (p. 19; p. 21 of the PDF) –

• the $200k property, donated to WBAI, & booked June2021 – report to WBAI Local Station Board (p. 1) by its Treasurer, R Paul Martin,

• the revenue data in the Sep2021 monthlies differ from those in the Aug ones. There’s no change for KPFK, WPFW, & WBAI. However, KPFT has 1 change: the June2021 ‘Listener Support’ was reduced by $200. And KPFA has 9 changes, almost half of them material: 3 were unchanged (Oct, July, Sep); 5 differed by <$5k each; but 4 were larger, with Dec rising by $39 757, Jan falling by $48 377, Feb falling by $127 606, & Mar rising by $373 303. Booking adjustments are made all the time, but management are interested in patterns. It would be reassuring – not least because KPFA’s bookkeeper, Maria ‘if you don’t stop your nasty questions I’m off this call’ Negret, has been holding up the production of NETA’s monthlies – if CFO Anita Sims provided a written public explanation of why the last 4 bookkeeping totals were changed.

R Paul Martin on the bottleneck: “[at the 9Nov PNB Finance Cttee,] NETA Controller Julia Kennard substituted for the interim CFO […] She said that she hoped that the September financials would be out soon. She said that KPFA is still getting their revenue numbers in, and that it always takes long time to get that in. She said that she didn’t know why the software KPFA uses makes that a challenge” (p. 2) – Fiefdoms. Provincial priorities. The Berkeley Hillbillies.

The KPFA material differences: Dec2020 rising $39 757 (562875 ⭢ 602632), Jan falling $48 377 (604089 ⭢ 555713, rounding), Feb falling $127 606 (381092 ⭢ 253485, rounding), & Mar rising $373 303 (374292 ⭢ 747595).

• KPFT Aug2021 tower rent charge: all year the charge is ~$6 500 rising to ~$6 700, except for Aug, which is ~$776. With no explanation given, it’s prudent to add $6k.

• depreciation estimate: this charge is absent, as a matter of course, from the net income statements constituting the NETA monthlies. It’s computed from the relevant asset balances destined for the balance sheet, a statement that first appears when it’s presented to the auditors. Given this, as mentioned, the estimate used is simply the audited FY2020 charges found in the auditor’s report (p. 36; p. 39 of the PDF) – Note that KPFA’s charge is anomalous in Pacifica terms, & exactly x5 that of KPFK: they’re buying assets, presumably to improve their service to the listeners, whilst the struggling stations are dying on their knees . . . this is the inverse of the implementation of a Pacifica network development plan. We need a rational response to the uneven & combined development that is Pacifica Foundation, Inc. – as The Lion may have put it.


The directors need to get a grip: instructing ED Brazon to devise & publish plans, & to ensure their implementation by the station managers. Public comment at Su12Sep2021 KPFK LSB

A public comment was made, on the fly, at the Su12Sep2021 KPFK LSB (2:07:03, Listening to the meeting, & what hadn’t been said, a comment had to be made. In the rush, one clause was incomplete; that’s been rectified in this somewhat augmented re-write. The immediate context was an emergency LSB meeting to replace a prominent breaker, Jim Osborne, who resigned as a listener-delegate, & so as a Pacifica director, a few days before, on Th9Sep. He, like most of the breaker delegates Pacifica-wide, had withdrawn from most of the meetings since the referenda results, M12July – no doubt working on getting the breaker vote out in the current LSB delegate elections . . . mixed in with spending more time with the next group writing another parachute, a new constitution for Pacifica, benignly termed, in Pacificese, a set of proposed by-law amendments.


It was noticeable that not one director candidate (nor anyone in the earlier public comment) stressed that what Pacifica needs today are plans & their execution. In other words, (1) Executive Director Lydia Brazon has been derelict in not producing plans, and (2) the directors constituting the National Board have been derelict in the legal sense (as they’re the carers of the charity’s assets) in not ensuring that ED Brazon has both produced plans & executed them.

Plans have to be of different durations: one, three, & five years. Today there are five most urgent plans: one for Pacifica as a whole; a plan addressing the $3.165m due to FJC by 30Oct2022 (especially given that FJC only allow a loan to last five years, so to 1Apr2023); a financial plan to eliminate losses at KPFK; ditto one for KPFT; ditto one for WBAI.

This will necessarily mean a planned transfer of Pacifica’s fundraising proceeds from KPFA to allow all Pacifica stations to have a station manager & enough staff to adequately do the work of station development & growth, so focusing on programming, outreach, fundraising, & business. This is the minimum perpetual station staff complement of any functioning radio network – Pacifica cannot be reduced to an aggregation of stations, of fiefdoms.

The directors need to take control, making the ED (& the Chief Financial Officer) their instrument; likewise, the ED needs to ensure that the five station managers implement her plans. Both relationships are required to allow the testing of ideas for Pacifica’s development & growth, concretised in plans that are democratically adopted & made public. It’s also one way that Pacifica member decision-makers, & senior employees & contractors, can be made accountable to the members & listeners, those who either elect them or pay their wages. This is all basic. One may call this rational arrangement democratic centralism.

But can the political conditions be created for this? – not least because the breaker momentum is likely to result in them controlling from Jan2022 the PNB & three local station boards, allowing them to ram thru all the by-law amendments they want that don’t need a national membership vote; plus them creating a 23rd at-large director; plus a PNB-directed ED taking over any of KPFK, KPFT, & WBAI as emergency austerity operations.

Without comprehensive public statements (that is, policies) of what the directors want to achieve, & so what the ED has to plan & execute, (1) the directors & the ED are largely unaccountable for their acts of commission & omission, & (2) the intent of all concerned isn’t transparent. That’s why these plans have to be made public.

Instead, what we have is firefighting: living at the level of events, not structures. Choosing not to develop a vision, choosing not to exercise foresight. Refusing to make the necessary hard decisions. Objectively, the anti-breakers function as breakers, jeopardising both individual stations & Pacifica as a network.

Deficiencies & absences. Helping to explain why Pacifica is largely run not as a public charity but as a private club.


[This would have taken 3¾mins to read; so ~30secs a para.]


WBAI Radio Cttee goes all Brechtian, evaluating the call-in listeners. And “don’t tempt fate, ladies”

Bertolt, not Berthold


What are we going to do: say ‘we want a better grade of callers, don’t call back’? […] What are we going to do: ‘track them down, & say don’t call back’?

Cerene ‘Serene’ Roberts, 15:51 & 19:59

WBAI Radio Cttee, Tu20Oct, from 4:16:


And what was interpreted as non-verbal heckling, a disturbing repeated choking cough, provoked a retort from Cerene ‘Serene, so serene she was named it twice’ . . . a “don’t tempt fate, ladies” (38:18). Ever the compassionate.

Cerene ‘Serene’ Roberts may no longer be on the PNB, but she still gets to show she hasn’t lost it.

Indeed, rumour has it that Ms Roberts now gives Manhattan executive/masterclass seminars & webinars on, mimicking a famous book-title, The Art of the Putdown, The Art of the Trigger, & The Art of the Filibuster. Obviously, discounts for all multiple & group bookings, & special rates for aspiring non-profit dragons.

As she herself says, “knock yourself out” (30:55).

Not all Ice Maidens are Scandinavians.

One year ago, Pacifica was shafted by the fifth columnist breakers, with the lockout at WBAI

Guess the anniversary never even got to Amy’s editorial meeting this morn. So here it is.

Bare leads, WBAI’s master control studio (W9Oct2019 photo; courtesy of R Paul Martin)

R Paul Martin: “[n]ot pictured is the vacant space where the Emergency Alert System (EAS) module had been. It is illegal for WBAI, or any radio or TV station in the United States of America, to operate without a functional EAS capability.”


Lockout notice, new locks on the door, 3rd floor (W9Oct2019 photo; courtesy of R Paul Martin)

After the W9Oct WBAI Local Station Board, R Paul Martin & other staff went to the building housing the station, got inside, & saw the damage.

This was the work of “a group composed of Pacifica interim Executive Director (iED) John Vernile, Pacifica National Board Directors Bill Crosier (KPFT) and Adrienne LaViolette (KPFT) and Moe Thomas, Chief Engineer of WPFW”. Pacifica’s very own wrecking crew. WCP.


R Paul Martin, ‘A visit to WBAI on the night of October 9, 2019’,


That 9Oct WBAI LSB meeting (2:03:39; videographer, Joe Friendly):


Protest outside City Hall, 15Oct (59:42; videographer, Joe Friendly):


There are quite a few PacificaWatch blogposts about this attack on Pacifica by the breakers. Please scroll down on the right, or click ‘WBAI’ in the list of folders at the end of this post.

But the saddest thing is that the political lesson hasn’t been learnt: Pacifica partisans have to be strategic, have a plan, & not just be reactive to the repeated initiatives of the breakers. One year on, the only change is deleterious, a further reinforcing of established routines.


Initiatives . . . the latest one was sprung on Monday, at the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee, 5Oct, by Lynden Foley (KPFT listener-delegate) – 7:22,

‘Peruvian’ Lynden isn’t just an average breaker: he’s named in the groundhog scheme to give Pacifica a new constitution, the so-called by-laws petition doing the rounds. Lynden would be Pacifica’s treasurer, one of four breaker-appointed officers running a reconstituted Pacifica until “early December2023 (proposed Article 4, Section 13, added emphases), officers “responsible both for implementing the New Day Pacifica Bylaws and also bringing Pacifica back to financial and governance health during the transition”. (pages 17-18), &

The wheels, the wheels, they just keep a-turnin’ . . .


WBAI treasurer’s 8July monthly report

. . . right on time – as usual . . .

R Paul Martin, long-standing WBAI treasurer, & Secretary of the PNB Finance Cttee, gives a written report to each meeting of his Local Station Board. This one, five pages, was a lot easier for him: usually the national Cttee meets the evening before, calling for a page or three of details. Small mercies in These Times of the Reign of the Lunatic.

These Times of the Reign of the Lunatic. Made possible by the opportunistic Republican Party. Made worse by renegades from their scientific & public health training, bringing their professions into disrepute, bending to the opinions of The Lunatic, discarding their duty to the public, diluting CDC public health policy. Sacrificing the public, collateral in a self-serving effort to keep their jobs. Colluding with the advocate of shining the light, cleaning with disinfectant. Betraying fidelity to evidenced reason. Capitulators. Yes, these enablers are led by Sideshow Bob–Debby–&–(less so)–Tony. Sad, horrible, as The Lunatic says in public. Wimps, cucks, as The Lunatic says in private.

. . . Amerikan Karnage . . .


Meanwhile, back in PacificaWorld . . .

Remarks on the report:

  • FY2018 audit delay: will do a separate post on this fiasco
  • re eligibility for money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, CPB, the lack of “the FY19 audit” (p. 3, emphasis added) largely misses the point: even if Pacifica can earn timely audited financial statements, & not an auditor’s report declaring their absence, the CPB has criteria for evidenced listenership ‘in the community’ that’ll trip up Pacifica
  • “we can’t forget that the principal on the big loan is scheduled to come due in less than nine months” (p. 4) – much, much worse than that, Paul: not only is there no plan addressing FJC’s $3.265m, there hasn’t even been the preliminaries of a public Pacifica discussion to simply identify the options!
  • corrections: NETA is not Television (p. 1), but Telecommunications; & FJC quarterly interest, due 30Sep, 31Dec, & 31Mar, is not ~$70k (p. 3), but, since 16Mar2020, $51 016 ($3.265m x 6.25% ÷ 4).


Lastly, this teleconferenced meeting isn’t being streamed. No explanation is given in the notice on It’s an open meeting, in the terms of the Communications Act of 1934, § 396(k)(4). This sub-section implies that if Pacifica is indeed receiving any money under the Act, then for a teleconferenced meeting to be compliant, Pacifica has to publicly stream the proceedings, not simply make public a recording of the meeting. That is, the meeting must be witnessed, even if only aurally; & witnessing means whilst it’s happening. (the Act, p. 216)

And what counts as a meeting? ln the opinion of the CPB, “[n]ote that deliberations do not require any formal action or vote. Any discussion of public broadcasting issues that may influence the opinions of members makes it a meeting” (all emphases added). So much for the view expressed at the 11Mar2020 LSB meeting that, in the past, decisions had been ratified at a subsequent meeting. (linked from, the homepage)

Have any audiofiles been posted on In 2020, prior to today’s meeting, there’s been six LSB open meetings, one each month, with the last four being teleconferences. But only the March has a publicly available recording – and although the box says “Archive Soon” it’s actually there, as a URL, – so no, it’s not the proposed agenda. Hidden gems do exist in PacificaWorld.

The public can obviously attend in-person open meetings, & posting a recording is a courtesy to members & listeners, & an exercise in transparency. The April/May/June teleconferences may indeed have been streamed, even allowing public comment, but Pacifica has offered no evidence that this was so. In fact, only the April & May notices show such an intention. Let’s hope that if the CPB comes auditing for compliance then the evidence exists. And if there are audiofiles, why aren’t they posted in the meetings archive,


R Paul Martin’s monthly reports, from Apr2013, are archived here:

PacificoroniaWorld goes a lil more coronia: but why hasn’t WBAI’s x5 a week ‘Going Viral’ gone network?

. . . invisible virus . . . invisible enablers . . . invisible island . . .

(Nina Bernstein, ‘Unearthing the secrets of New York’s mass graves’, New York Times, 15May2016)

Just over six long weeks ago, on Tu10Mar, New York State had 173 confirmed COVID-19 cases. 108 were in Westchester County, all in New Rochelle. It’s just beyond the Bronx, within sight of Hart Island. Hart Island. As was said of something else way back in 1848, ein Gespenst, a spectre. Home of a million people, corpses, neatly arranged in unmarked trenches, watched over until last year by the NYC Dept of Correction, a nice lil earner, an economic opportunity, Rikers prisoners used, at 50¢ the hour in 2016, to dispose of the city’s unwanted. Public service at its best.

(superbly written by Nina Bernstein; a chilling section is on the NYC corpse market;

has three embedded vids)

In the same cold vein, we have the quality of decision-making by Governor Cuomo. He thought he had to do something about the New Rochelle case cluster, so on Tu10Mar he imposed some restrictions on the humans roaming about. But fair being fair, Andrew the Cuomo gave Viro the Virus some leeway, letting the measures come into force two days later, on the Thursday. Fair’s fair. Even Viro has rights in the land of the free. After all, it wasn’t as though anything was at stake, something urgent, some sort of public emergency. As NYS Health Commissioner Dr Howard Zucker said, sitting alongside Cuomo at the daily media briefing, & spreading the sugar, “we believe that the risk generally to New Yorkers is low”. Note that his NYS Dept of Health participated in the major 2019 Crimson Contagion simulation that showed how seriously deficient the US system would be in responding to a virus pandemic. Oh. &

Thing is, Viro’s a virus. No cognitive capacity. No sense of reasonableness. Unable to recognise give & take. Viro simply lacked the capacity to wait 48 hours before carrying on doing what a virus does. So carry on it did. Whilst Cuomo waited to apply his measures. Viruses, eh. And the folly of humans. (Not least in accepting a positivist conception of scientific knowledge, especially of a new object.)

While Cuomo was waiting, the next day, W11Mar, the World Health Organization, those pesky globalists, declared that the disease was so wrapped around our mortal coil that it had to be recognised as a pandemic. Oh. Then two days later, F13Mar, the Very Stable Genius declared a national emergency. “Two very big words”, said he, in the Rose Garden, fresh from having kicked around in his playroom these additions to his lexicon.

New Rochelle was a healthcare disaster – for the town, the state, & beyond. The containment attempt failed miserably. This has not been adequately described & explained by any journalist. There were 108 known infected individuals. But what proportion of their ‘close contacts’ was identified, traced (found), & then tested for infection? What proportion of these was infected, subsequently placed in supported & monitored isolation? (If diagnostic tests were unavailable, were those close contacts all placed in supported & monitored quarantine, to use the CDC’s specific jargon?) In turn, what proportion of their identified ‘close contacts’ was tested, etc.? What did the rapid containment force consist in? Why did it fail? Indeed, for the ~20m of the NY Metro Area, was there a pre-existing, well-drilled, coordinated network of rapid response teams for identify-trace-test-isolate/quarantine, ITTIQ (or IFTIQ), the first line in avoiding containment? If not, why? One could go on. By comparison, with no-one to learn from, Wuhan City alone, from 23Jan, the start of the virus-suppression operation, used at least 9 000 field tracers, organised as 1 800 teams of five or more (28Feb WHO report, page 8). Who’s the ‘Third World’ country? &

Cuomo’s star may be rising, contrasted with the darkening shadow of The Don, but his partial responsibility for the New Rochelle failure remains. And don’t forget, this is the man who decided in January to effectively chop future Medicaid funding for the state’s residents, shovelling responsibility, the cost, onto the cities & counties. Refusing to raise taxes, this was the thrust of his response to NYS’ fiscal crisis, announced 21Jan in his fiscal 2021 plan (year-end 31Mar2021 – the day by which Pacifica has to pay the $3.265m principal to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC).

Meanwhile, WBAI carried on being WBAI. That was until M30Mar, 20 days after Cuomo’s New Rochelle announcement, when WBAI started a new programme, Going Viral. It broadcasts live each weekday, so now in its fourth week, at 8.45pm EDT (7.45pm CDT, 5.45pm PDT), for roughly 1½ or 2 hours. Helpfully, it’s linked from the homepage of the Pacifica meetings archive, with a ‘button’ to listen live. It also has an archive (there’s no programme for Tu14Apr).

Going Viral is presented by Jim Dingeman, Local Station Board listener-delegate, & it’s obvious from the PNB Programming Cttee he chairs that he’s a wannabe presenter, so this was his chance. Cometh the moment, cometh the man.

It started off a bit rough, made on the fly. And it’s still a bit rough. Not what Maxie Jackson, former ED, would call best practice. It’s a live conference call, with the usual four or five co-presenters all trying to speak over one another, with Otis Maclay, Pacifica’s technician-who-never-sleeps, also being asked what he thinks about the topic in hand. If Michelle were around, she’d be asked for her opinion too. But it’s more civil than the usual PNB meeting, & it is gratifying not to hear the continual grating of a ‘point of point, Madam Chair’, & suchlike.

Going Viral is admittedly a low tech production, but no other Pacifica station runs a COVID programme. So why not ask your local station manager to consider it?; &; also, you can drop Jim a line at the email he uses for Pacifica meetings noticing,

WBAI treasurer’s Feb-Mar2020 report to the WBAI LSB, W11Mar2020

R Paul Martin’s latest diligent endeavour. Mr Martin is the only Pacifica treasurer to publish for members & listeners the report they make to their Local Station Board. Not only that, it’s posted online within hours of the meeting. His courtesy & service is unequalled amongst the $$$ p$$ps of Pacifica.

Also please note that by an accident of the Pacifica calendar, his LSB usually meets less than 24hrs after the PNB Finance Cttee, details of which are always part of his report.

Mr Martin’s dedication is exemplary, his judgment astute. (downloadable; 4pp.)

The archive, starting Apr2013:


[Remarks to be added, esp. re the Tu10Mar PNB Finance Cttee that Paul discusses, one addressed by both Chief Financial Officer Anita Sims & auditor Jorge Diaz of Rogers & Co. With the breakers busy with their breaking, Paul was perhaps at his most pessimistic, wondering whether “this will be my final Treasurer’s Report” (p. 4), a small matter compared with his fearing for the future of WBAI. Unless the breakers pull some stunt, Tuesday’s showpiece was the last national Pacifica meeting on financial/audit matters before the referendum voting ends next Thursday, 19Mar, at 8.59pm PDT, 10.59pm CDT, & 11.59pm EDT.]