PNB great-grandparents start the year excelling themselves: 94mins after the meeting was due to start, agenda still not agreed

. . . not a 16th-century illustration to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh . . .

The headline says it all. Th7Jan2021 will have its own illuminated manuscript in the Pacifica annals.

Just as well Pacifica has no pressing business, especially as it’s now engulfed as PacificoroniaWorld.

Hail Trump! Pacifican great-grandparents!


UPDATE: . . . now released by Pacifica as a New Year audiofile premium, a double-packed USB, The Long March to the Agenda: (all of the 49:01) & (only the first 38:26, sadly, but they get the chance to sort out their d’s & their c’s). (The balance, to get to 95mins, was coz the meeting, of course, started late.)



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