You’ve got your damn report now, so just S T O P ! ! !

. . . over 5 000 peeps can’t be wrong, can they? . . .

The undated final report on the 2021 local station board elections,, seems to have been posted either today or yesterday. The link is from the homepage of the National Elections Supervisor, Renée A Peñaloza, Have to say, smart move undating a late doc; & calling it the final when it’s also the first – like getting a medal for coming last.

On Pacifica’s homepage,, the report neither appears nor its existence acknowledged. The members, the listeners, not even an afterthought.

It’s worth pointing out that Ms P chose to force anyone wanting to see her report to leave the Pacifica elections website, only to land on a webpage that carries the name of her business not once but twice, in the URL & down in the corner – (this also promotes one of her business emails, Oh. Given this, it’s simply disingenuous to say on the Pacifica elections site, “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FINAL REPORT” (original Trump-caps). Double oh. And it being her WeTransfer account, she, & not Pacifica, control access to the report: “you decide how long transfers are available. Give people four weeks to download your files or make sure they stick around forever—you’re in control” – Triple oh.

Not only that, Ms P chose to not make the report viewable at the Pacifica elections site. Quadruple oh. And her choosing didn’t stop there: the report isn’t even viewable on the Asteria Records page. Quintuple oh. Yes, if one wants to see the report one has to download it – from the Asteria Records page. O M G. That way, if Ms P so desires, she can capture all the IP addresses of not just the visitors to her account but a niche market, those who download this Pacifica document. Ever the small capitalist, Asteria Records, intentionally or otherwise, sometimes as if in a dream, positions itself to augment its database – and to spread news of her business (just as PacificaWatch has done here, by talking about it).

Analysis to follow.



The directors need to get a grip: instructing ED Brazon to devise & publish plans, & to ensure their implementation by the station managers. Public comment at Su12Sep2021 KPFK LSB

A public comment was made, on the fly, at the Su12Sep2021 KPFK LSB (2:07:03, Listening to the meeting, & what hadn’t been said, a comment had to be made. In the rush, one clause was incomplete; that’s been rectified in this somewhat augmented re-write. The immediate context was an emergency LSB meeting to replace a prominent breaker, Jim Osborne, who resigned as a listener-delegate, & so as a Pacifica director, a few days before, on Th9Sep. He, like most of the breaker delegates Pacifica-wide, had withdrawn from most of the meetings since the referenda results, M12July – no doubt working on getting the breaker vote out in the current LSB delegate elections . . . mixed in with spending more time with the next group writing another parachute, a new constitution for Pacifica, benignly termed, in Pacificese, a set of proposed by-law amendments.


It was noticeable that not one director candidate (nor anyone in the earlier public comment) stressed that what Pacifica needs today are plans & their execution. In other words, (1) Executive Director Lydia Brazon has been derelict in not producing plans, and (2) the directors constituting the National Board have been derelict in the legal sense (as they’re the carers of the charity’s assets) in not ensuring that ED Brazon has both produced plans & executed them.

Plans have to be of different durations: one, three, & five years. Today there are five most urgent plans: one for Pacifica as a whole; a plan addressing the $3.165m due to FJC by 30Oct2022 (especially given that FJC only allow a loan to last five years, so to 1Apr2023); a financial plan to eliminate losses at KPFK; ditto one for KPFT; ditto one for WBAI.

This will necessarily mean a planned transfer of Pacifica’s fundraising proceeds from KPFA to allow all Pacifica stations to have a station manager & enough staff to adequately do the work of station development & growth, so focusing on programming, outreach, fundraising, & business. This is the minimum perpetual station staff complement of any functioning radio network – Pacifica cannot be reduced to an aggregation of stations, of fiefdoms.

The directors need to take control, making the ED (& the Chief Financial Officer) their instrument; likewise, the ED needs to ensure that the five station managers implement her plans. Both relationships are required to allow the testing of ideas for Pacifica’s development & growth, concretised in plans that are democratically adopted & made public. It’s also one way that Pacifica member decision-makers, & senior employees & contractors, can be made accountable to the members & listeners, those who either elect them or pay their wages. This is all basic. One may call this rational arrangement democratic centralism.

But can the political conditions be created for this? – not least because the breaker momentum is likely to result in them controlling from Jan2022 the PNB & three local station boards, allowing them to ram thru all the by-law amendments they want that don’t need a national membership vote; plus them creating a 23rd at-large director; plus a PNB-directed ED taking over any of KPFK, KPFT, & WBAI as emergency austerity operations.

Without comprehensive public statements (that is, policies) of what the directors want to achieve, & so what the ED has to plan & execute, (1) the directors & the ED are largely unaccountable for their acts of commission & omission, & (2) the intent of all concerned isn’t transparent. That’s why these plans have to be made public.

Instead, what we have is firefighting: living at the level of events, not structures. Choosing not to develop a vision, choosing not to exercise foresight. Refusing to make the necessary hard decisions. Objectively, the anti-breakers function as breakers, jeopardising both individual stations & Pacifica as a network.

Deficiencies & absences. Helping to explain why Pacifica is largely run not as a public charity but as a private club.


[This would have taken 3¾mins to read; so ~30secs a para.]