Pacifica release their latest fundraiser premium . . . after the bloodletting, the rancour . . .

So much for the breaker faction’s attempt to forge a new beginning for Pacifica, a new dawn, Pacifica 2.0 . . .

Pacifica’s finest emerge from the basement to greet the world . . .

Last night’s Pacifica National Board, in all its glory: (35:42)

Please note that Interim Executive Director John Vernile witnessed all this, but was obviously lost for words: he was as mute as the button.

Quiet John, corporate music careerist, formerly VP, EMI Music North America, also had a seat at the carnage that was the private session. The butchery was so thorough it splattered about for an extra hour, making the second public session start at 11.50pm EDT. Seems today’s COINTELPRO draws on the Bagram/Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo manual.

Highlights of the lowlights:

the first public session, the ‘a’ file premium:

7:14 Ralph makes an appeal to the world

29:47 Tom shares his private thoughts

35:51 Adrienne shows she’s having problems getting into the swing of things: fails to appreciate why electing a pro tem Chair to take over from the Vice-Chair is needed immediately before electing the new Chair – give her time

second public session, ‘b’ file premium:

15:45 Chair Sabrina, Nancy, & five-year-olds

18:36 Chair laughs at Grace’s move to extend time

23:01 after the calm, the storm

25:18 Adrienne has her Ariana Grande moment: the “oh my fucking god” release

27:00 Parliamentarian Tatum sums up the progress made so far, in those 79 long & heart-felt Pacifican minutes . . . the answer won’t surprise you

31:03 Alex, ever the philosopher, brings all back to earth

35:04 Wild Bill gives the executive summary (same as his by-laws proposal, really)

P.S. This all happens again, next Thursday, 26Sep. You have to admire their stamina – these peeps are well-motivated, the committee equivalent of endurance athletes. Maybe the Cali stations can organise a special fundraiser: The Pacifica Death Valley Triathlon, with an opening concert by The Grateful Dead, with each PNB faction entering their own team.

According to the Pacifica Calendar, next Thursday is 7.30pm & 10pm EDT for public, 8.30pm for private. Please note the earlier start, again, of 7.30pm.

The main change in the notices is the 7.30 not trying to elect a new PNB Chair; instead the breaker faction have a single focus, giving the meeting one purpose: “Set Bylaws Amendments Notice Date”. Crucially, let’s hope directors insist that proof & verification details are offered by IED Vernile that c. 465 of the petition signatories (that is, equivalent to 1% of the membership) are Pacifica members in good standing – otherwise the petition is invalid for its purpose.

Incidently, the notices for the 8.30pm & 10pm, Th26Sep, were posted on Th19Sep before those memorable three meetings (at 5.21pm & 5.25pm). These were done, as before, by ex-Chair Grace: see how she anticipated there was every chance the business wouldn’t be completed first time round? No flies on Grace. (Except when she was ousted.)

So, guaranteed more material for fundraiser premiums.


2 thoughts on “Pacifica release their latest fundraiser premium . . . after the bloodletting, the rancour . . .

  1. robertgartner 20 September, 2019 / 20:02

    Pretty astute analysis I would say! Thank you!


    • PacificaWatch 22 September, 2019 / 17:26

      Pleasure, Robert. But some posts just write themselves.


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