Pacifica’s strategic plan: Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, ‘The Comedy of Terrors’ allegory

. . . Pacifica has its peculiar way of surviving: the necro-economics of the golden corpses . . .

✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞ ☦ ✞

The Comedy of Terrors. Vincent Price plays an undertaker; Peter Lorre, his assistant. Business is slow; creditors at his door. The Vladimir question: what is to be done? Bingo! Increase demand: raise the death rate. So Vince & Pete take to the night, murdering. Then, being in the neighbourhood, they offer their services to the bereaved. Problem solved.

Pacifica is a radio network. Income evaporating, having halved over the decade; creditors at its door. What’s saving Pacifica is corpses. Golden corpses, the bequests. But there can never be enough, can there? Especially with cashflow being so acute.

So have a heart. Think of others.

Do your lil bit for the network.

Auto; assist. Same-same. It’s all good.

Do it for The Mission.

Do it for Lew.

Trailer,; full film, (the ESRT moment, 7:56; the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee moment, 12:25; the plan is implemented again, applied to the ESRT problem, 30:20; the Pacifica premiums scam moment, 53:52). Putting an end to interminable fund-drives: pacific termination with extreme prejudice.


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