Auditor's reports: FY1994-FY2004

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The Pacifica website has been renovating its financial archive, &, around about Christmas 2019, helpfully posted these reports.

Copies will be temporarily housed here, & then I’ll merge this webpage with the FY2005+ one, doing analytic re-writes where necessary. Also, when I make the time, I’ll post a set of pretty graphs.

These are the auditor’s reports of the period from 1Oct1993, so from fiscal 1994 (FY1994). The run is 11 years, through FY2004. The first report also has comparative figures (so for FY1993). The two audit webpages together, at present to FY2018 (albeit with that year’s unaudited statements), give figures for 26 years, since 1Oct1992.

Zip file of the folder: convenient one-click download:

Individual auditor’s reports: go to the above link, then click on a report; download, or read online by hovering over it, clicking the three horizontal dots, & then ‘preview’.


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