kpftx says “Not Recorded”, so here it is: audio of the laughable M13Mar2023 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee . . . Jim goes all Dolores

. . . Jim Dingeman Dolores Umbridge, of Harry Potter fame . . .

. . . “Argh, some people have said we have no strategy. Argh, I have to differ with that because the strategy at all times, at every station, is t-to increase audience and increase the ability of the programming to, urgh, engage with the, urgh, the station [sic], and hence create more listener members. Argh, that’s to me always the stra-strategy of a broadcast institution – which we are. Um, so, one, I take umbrage with these comments that there is no strategy” – Dolores Umbridge Jim Dingeman . . .


[UPDATE: Via Zoom, i attended the Sa18Mar2023 PNB Technology Task Force – for less than 5mins before being expelled, without warning, for no good reason by the Chair, Director Jim Dingeman. A presentation was being made by two bods from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, so i made a comment in the chatbox, explaining, with the linked evidence, that any CPB Radio Community Service Grant application, by a Pacifica station for the monies to be disbursed in FY2024, will necessarily fail, not least because two kinds of submissions, with deadlines of 15Feb & 28Feb, haven’t been made. Please see, as i said in my chatbox comment, Section 15(C) of the 2023 Radio Community Service Grant General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria, October 2022, page 18,

[Having given the evidence, a few seconds later Chair Jim retorted, “Not true Jara[,] and if you want to simply state constant [sic] negativity about all this[,] time to go”. Within seconds i asked, “@JimDingeman, what’s not true?” Within 5secs i was expelled from the Pacifica public meeting! Simple as. And automatically refused when trying to re-attend. Oh dear.

[On this a post will be made, along with four on non-petulant matters: the directors violating § 312(a), California Corporations Code by not hiring a Chief Financial Officer; the directors violating § 12586(e)(2), California Government Code by electing four members of staff to the PNB Audit Cttee; the PNB majority violating Pacifica by-law Art. 4, Sec. 8 by extending delegate terms; & ED Steph ‘The Breeze’ violating by-law Art. 4, Sec. 4 by not hiring a National Elections Supervisor on either 1Mar or 2Mar (in the context of the timeline, per Art. 4, Sec. 5), given that the PNB hadn’t invoked that section’s “exigent circumstances” provision & set by 30Nov2022 a new timeline. Quadruple oh.

[But on the subject in hand, that post will include three screenshots showing Chair Jim’s appalling autocratic, authoritarian action on Saturday. (I hesitate to call it un-Pacifican given the history of peeps who get into positions of Pacifica decision-making. Jim, a hypocrite? No, that’s another universe, its own honour by desert.) The content of the post will be used in an open letter to his 20 fellow Pacifica directors. They need to have their attention drawn to three things: (1) they need to know that in the next 4wks, Pacifica can spend its time more productively by not trying to make CPB applications (it’s 4wks coz, although no-one has mentioned it in a public Pacifica meeting, other than PacificaWatch minions, the Radio CSG money is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis; (2) they need to know that Director D has brought his office into disrepute by his action, an expression of both his inability to accept the evidence staring him in the face, as well as his inability to accept that in a forum open to the public that he can’t legitimately expel from the meeting those who present evidence he doesn’t like (moreover, that linked to the prospective grantor’s website); & (3), if these 20 fellows respect their office then they will censure Director D for being a dick, for being disreputable. An apology is irrelevant: the remedy is for Ungentlemanly Jim to publicly commit to stop being an autocrat, to stop acting as an authoritarian. But does he have the character to do this?

[Note that i wasn’t given time by Nuker Jim to post the illuminating contextual evidence showing how the CPB has deliberately, & explicitly, shaped the current situation for Pacifica, making plain the obdurate reality. That is, the Section 15(C) i cited needs to be read in conjunction with the CPB informing Pacifica, in no uncertain terms, that “[t]o be considered for re-entry to the CSG program, the Radio CSG program must be open to new applicants[;] Licensee and Stations must demonstrate full compliance with the General Provisions at the time of application[;] and Licensee and Stations must fulfill all requirements outlined in the March 28, 2013 letter” – CPB letter to ED Lydia Brazon & PNB Chair Alex Steinberg, 22May2020, emphases added (& to aid comprehension, semi-colons replace commas), So the CPB didn’t simply choose ‘comply’ – which is emphatic enough. No. That’s not at all how the CPB feels about Pacifica. Oh, no. So bears repeating: “must demonstrate full compliance” – no ifs, no buts. This isn’t doing a deal in a back alley, doing a deal without paperwork – this isn’t PacificaWorld: this is RealWorld.]

~~~~~ oh dear ~~~~~

The PacificaWatch TikTok message: audiofile at; key quote at 20:38.


The PacificaWatch long form message . . .

The M13Mar2023 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee meet was chaired, this year as last, by Director Jim ‘I know I talk a lot, but I know I’m the best at knocking it out’a the park, OK’ Dingeman.

Those present (they were all directors last year): Director James McFadden (KPFA listener-delegate), KPFK Listener-Member Beth Gunten, WPFW Listener-Member Donna Grimes, WPFW Listener-Member Julie Hewitt, WBAI Listener-Member James Sagurton, & Director Jim himself (WBAI listener-delegate).

You may ask, why the two radically different kinds of designation? Well, as mentioned above, this is per Pacifica’s by-laws – it’ll be fully explained in a coming post, titled something like ‘On the cuckoos, the LARP’ers, the impostors: illegally extending delegate terms, 20Oct2022 PNB’.

But we need to stay focused on those at the 13Mar2023 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee meeting, those selected by their esteemed colleagues on the PNB as the cream of the cerebral crop. Their distinctive skill sets standing out from the crowd, easily recognised by their peers. The PNB had sent them on a mission to the Cttee, to exercise their cognitive capacities, to deliver the goods of strategic thinking: visions; scenarios; gathering/commissioning necessary evidence; scaled scenarios, temporally & spatially; thoughts; intuitions; sketches; ideas (inchoate, preferably formed); statements; arguments; paragraphs; gathering new evidence; initial working papers; initial document; collective document; getting even more new evidence; revised document; re-revised document; presented document; document recommended by the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee to the PNB; document adopted by the PNB; then monitoring the implementation of the policy by management; & mini-cycles re revisions. The whole production cycle, an exercise in iteration . . . And the deliberations this Monday evening, 13Mar2023, what did their strategic thinking yield, what did they put on display for the world to see? Please consider for yourself the evidence – that is, the presence of absence – not least at 22:17 & 35:31.

The audiofile

The audiofile isn’t at, the curious, benign visitor being greeted with a defiant “Not Recorded” – this despite Chief Recorder Otis Maclay, who effectively owns Pacifica’s calendar & meetings archive because he owns the copyright to the contents, not just being present during the meeting but actually taking up the invitation of Cttee Chair Jim to contribute his opinions to the discussion (sic).

Chair Jim didn’t have the courtesy to ask his esteemed fellow committee members if it was OK to ask someone who hadn’t been accepted as a guest in the approved agenda, moreover one granted speaking rights. To be honest, in the spirit of inclusion, purportedly a Pacifica value, it was a surprise that the station cat wasn’t asked to comment, along with the termites, busily gorging themselves on the foundations, displaying teamwork unparalleled in PacificaWorld.

The audiofile, 1hr18mins, 108MB:

The key quote: Mr D not only asserts that Pacifica has a strategy, he describes it

Director Jim Dingeman, to use his words, takes “umbrage” at those who say “we have no strategy”. The passage:

Alright, the next thing I had on the agenda was to talk about short-term strategic policy, argh, and comments on the current situation. Now, um, we all know that argh, there are some difficult decisions in motion right now, argh, that are due to many reasons. Argh, some people have said we have no strategy. Argh, I have to differ with that because the strategy at all times, at every station, is t-to increase audience and increase the ability of the programming to, urgh, engage with the, urgh, the station [sic], and hence create more listener members. Argh, that’s to me always the stra-strategy of a broadcast institution – which we are. Um, so, one, I take umbrage with these comments that there is no strategy. Now the question is whether this particular strategy is working right now, and it clearly has not, as far as I’m concerned. Argh, we wouldn’t be in this situation, fiscally, if we had not got to the point where our audiences had [sic] basically diminished, due to a whole variety of reasons, argh, and be thinking about having to re-boot and take, argh, decisions that are, argh, quite Hobbesian, to say the least [. . . and on he droned]

Chair & Director Jim Dingeman (emphases added, 20:46), M13Mar2023 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee – (He mixes up Hobson’s choice & Hobbesian trap, when neither applies; & decision-makers are faced by neither a dilemma (there are more than two options) nor zugzwang (inaction is an option) – no, this is a deteriorating situation, fiscally & otherwise, because in the immediate & short term the pecuniary forces at work are so strong that their causal effect overwhelms any action/inaction; the situation is so out of control that it’s experienced as independent of all options, & so independent of volition, even of the will of the 21 directors, as they endlessly decide how to make decisions to direct with directions from their thrones. Whatever, say the millions & millions who don’t even know what a radio is because they never visit a museum.)

Serious, Jim?

The doc, Jim?

Give us a break, baby.

The 5-yr record of the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee, since 12Mar2018

This committee, the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee, has produced one document in its 5yr existence (sic), since meeting on 12Mar2018. This doc is all of 4½ pages (sic). This was an offering on 5Jan2021 by then PNB Chair Alex Steinberg (WBAI listener-delegate). That evening it was passed by the Cttee, without objection; however, without the Cttee’s agreement it was presented in quite a truncated form to the 25Feb2021 PNB, where it was passed unanimously with two slight amendments. (The sordid history of this Cttee is at section 1 of this PacificaWatch post – not least the doc simply never being used, never quoted in a public Pacifica meeting or document, never even cited . . . stillborn . . . (this link is given coz the ‘strategic plan’ was never posted on a Pacifica site, & even if the Cttee minutes were indeed passed they’ve never been made public, posted to; &

To date, yielding a single document of 4½ pages, how many meetings has the PNB Strategic Planning Cttee had? Eighty: i’ll put it in figures, 80 (66 open, 14 closed). With the doc presented at its 38th meet. The sorry procession: 2018, 15 (14 open, 1 closed; 12 sets of open meeting minutes missing, although 3 drafts are linked); 2019, 11 (11 open, 0 closed; 11 sets of minutes missing); 2020, 11 (11 open, 0 closed; 11 sets of minutes missing); 2021, 12 (12 open, 0 closed; 12 sets of minutes missing); 2022, 25 (15 open, 10 closed; 15 sets of open meeting minutes missing); 2023, 6 (3 open, 3 closed; 3 sets of open meeting minutes missing). In all, 64 sets of open meeting minutes missing (sic) – only 2 alleged sets of minutes are publicly available (the very first two meetings of the Cttee – sic)., etc.

Some 2nd grade math (as Andrew Weiss would say, “Bart, you may now leave your chair, pick up the chalk, and do the calculation for the class, then please put down the chalk, and return to your desk. You have 30 seconds”):

80 meets x 2hrs = 160hrs = 4 whole work-weeks;

4 whole work-weeks x 8 Cttee members = 32 whole work-weeks (assuming a prudent 8, understating a typical complement of 5 station directors plus affiliate director, PNB Chair, Pacifica Secretary, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, the Pope, attendants – in 2022 the membership was a magnifico 13); &

32 whole work-weeks = 4½ pages.

As a practitioner of billable time, i must say there’s something not quite right here. (Incidently, & as a public response to queries i have received over the years, i did offer my pro bono services to Pacifica in 2018, just after ‘the bankruptcy’ drama broke. I received no reply – except no reply.)



Yet another one without audio, but here it is: Th15Dec2022 PNB

The Th15Dec2022 PNB public meeting finished a lil later than usual – c. 2355 ET. So it’s even more derelict that there’s every chance the audio won’t end up in the Pacifica archive. (At the witches’ hour, a coven was formed – no wonder their closed session decision-making has deteriorated.)

Here’s the audio, as two files: (2 of 2; 20m, 28MB)

Note, this is a recording made by PacificaWatch: it’s not the one also doing the rounds (that’s 479MB, available at


The last PNB audio in the Pacifica meetings archive is that for Th10Nov (sic) –

Since then, four are missing: Th17Nov, Th1Dec, Th8Dec, & now Th15Dec (just as well no meet 24Nov).

However, PacificaWatch recordings are linked from here:



No reasonable person would think this is unintentional. Yet no director sleepwalker has publicly mentioned this parlous state of affairs: no-one has complained, no-one has asked for an explanation, no-one has moved a motion to instruct ED Steph ‘The Breeze’ Wells to discipline the worker responsible for this exercise in opacity.

There you go, says Lydia.


“Something’s happened today”, says Teresa Allen gravely. What? Audio of the Th1Dec2022 PNB – another recording not yet in the Pacifica meetings archive

This is becoming an unfortunate habit, the relevant Pacifica decision-makers & workers not bothering to post the audios of meetings, or doing so late. Low priority. Or not even registering. This has the anti-democratic effect of materially restricting the dissemination of knowledge (not simply info), plus discouraging the involvement of new peeps, especially those under the age of 70. The latest example is Thursday’s PNB meet. The same thing happened for two meets on Wednesday – still not posted at as of 1600 MT, Su4Dec:

W30Nov2022 WBAI Finance Cttee … start missing, (1h26m, 122MB)

W30Nov2022 PNB Strategic Planning Cttee … start missing, (1h01m, 86MB)

Another meet that day, the KPFK Finance Cttee, was posted within the hour: it can be done, people, as Cerene would say.


[UPDATE: crucial news is at the end of this post.]


Link, where the audio of the Th1Dec PNB can be listened to or downloaded: (1h35m, but file is 3h00m; 203MB)

Notable in the meeting was this:

Teresa Allen (KPFT listener-delegate) saying solemnly, slowly, with great gravity, “[s]omething’s happened today” (11:12). Oh.

Oh dear. And she asked the Chair if it’s on the agenda for the closed meeting, & as the first item. Within seconds an interjected “yes” was heard from a KPFA staff-delegate, Darlene Pagano. (So a KPFA matter?) Then came a slow, purposeful nod from PNB Chair Julie ‘I’m so corrupt I’m insisting that Eileen Rosin is a delegate even though her 6yrs expired on 22June’ Hewitt.

Wonder what alarmed Teresa, wonder what happened? Does anybody work for Teresa, at her sour cream creamery? If so, please drop PacificaWatch a line, at

Off-topic, I know, but there should always be room for hearing a heart-warming story: Teresa must feel so at home surrounded by all that sour produce. Some peeps are so lucky, finding their niche in the world. Truly blessed. Can we have a hallelujah? . . . Hallelujah!!! Can we have a hallelujah? . . . Hallelujah!!! Can we have a hallelujah? . . . Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!



[Our answer is revealed by the Vernile court docs. It’s about the seized $304 986.00. It seems that Th1Dec was when the Pacifica directors, as a group, found out. The docs have some real peculiarities – not least the deposition from Maria, KPFA’s business manager, made in support of Vernile & against her employer, Pacifica Foundation, Inc.: “declaration of Maria Negret in opposition to application for post-judgment ex parte relief”. A true volunteer: “if called as a witness I could testify”. In for a penny, in for a pound.

[An oddity is her physical evidence that the money was seized on W23Nov – yet she implies that the first anyone at Pacifica learnt of this was M28Nov (sic). She further implies that for the best part of 3days the news was kept at KPFA, with her sharing it with KPFA LSB Chair Christina ‘Nurse Ratched’ Huggins & GM Antonio Ortiz – and presumably others. It was only at c. 0905 PT, on Th1Dec, that ED Wells was informed (double sic) – who no doubt passed on the glad tidings to General Counsel Arthur Schwartz. Don’t you just luv it?

[If the Lord grants a minion strength, then the court docs will be written up – as ‘The Strange Case of Maria & the Cockatoo’. Can’t be fairer than that.]


Not Giving Tuesday, but Taking Wednesday – taking one’s sanity. Audios of three Pacifica meetings, two not yet in the meetings archive – W30Nov2022

UPDATE, 1200 MT, Th15Dec2022: the two still aren’t posted in the Pacifica meetings archive,

Additionally, the last three PNB audio are also missing – but they’re linked here:



W30Nov2022 audios:

KPFK Finance Cttee … put in the archive, seemingly within the hour (as Cerene would say, it can be done, people),, as (2h06m)

WBAI Finance Cttee … start missing, (1h26m, 122MB)

PNB Strategic Planning Cttee … start missing, (1h01m, 86MB)


KPFK Finance Cttee

[remarks to be added when the Lord provides the strength]

WBAI Finance Cttee

It’s all magic, apparently. So says Berthold (46:34; R Paul’s response, 49:54). Berthold, the gift that just keeps on giving.

0:17 Treasurer’s report, 5mins (R Paul Martin)

6:53 the committee men respond

36:06 GM’s report, 7mins (Berthold Reimers)

43:38 WBAI’s finest respond

46:34 magic moment, “that’s the magic combination”

49:54 question: is magic real, especially performed in the GM’s office? The answer may surprise you

59:22 (& 1:01:40 & 1:03:15 & 1:09:52) Michael D D Double-D D D White lives up to his reputation, being obnoxious, snarky, petty (guess Mario was never on his Xmas list)


Apparently, everything’s under control, largely because of the nitric oxide premium (56:26) & Gary Null’s latest film, Science for Hire (59:33) . . .

Donny G just fell off his chair – please, no cheering . . . instead, buy the latest merch from WBAI, the voodoo dolls, designed by Sister Mama Mama, a full range, closely resembling the leading breakers: Donny himself, Gendelman, Turner, Tanaka, Huggins, Wolfley, Cory, Jacobs, Adams, da Silva, Dodsworth, Lynch, Maldari, Goodman, Reson, Jones, Lexa, Macon, Marbach, Sabbagh, Wasserman, Crosier, Allen, Young, Foley, LaViolette – take your pick, then take your pin – or scissors.


Berthold’s report was as confusing as ever. But less so if one relates it to the last station report coming from outside WBAI management. This is the July2022 net income statement for WBAI, generated by NETA – remember them, the time when the directors sleepwalkers bothered to have fiscal management? This report has some of the figures mentioned by Berthold, & it helps orientate oneself when he goes into scattergun mode, spraying numbers all round the room, the likes of $70k, $100k, $120k, and $29k & $30k.

July2022 net income statements: (Publicly available Pacifica mthly net income statements are collated in this folder: [UPDATE: the later Aug2022 monthlies, such as they are, were thrown to the plebs the middle of last week – but sadly no electricity vouchers. Discussed below.]

So the basics of this WBAI statement, the 10mths of FY2022 thru July2022:

• total revenue $1 015 003, total expenses $1 312 754 (non-Central Services, $1 101 634; CS, $211 120), loss $297 751;

• annualising as, total revenue $1 218 003, total expenses $1 575 304 (non-CS $1 321 960, CS $253 344), loss $357 301;

• per mth (the figures useful for our purpose), total revenue ~$101.5k, total expenses ~$131.3k (non-CS ~$110.2k, CS ~$21.1k), loss ~$29.8k;

• so, loss > CS charge, so revenue doesn’t cover non-CS expenses, this portion of total loss annualising as $103 957 (1218003 − 1321960), so almost exactly $2k per wk (no-one has publicly pointed this out); &

• for those sceptical about the guidance offered by data from quite a while ago, Oct2021 thru July2022, one can compare the average of its later mths to the period as a whole. So, mthly averages for Apr-July, & the trend: revenue $92k, so downward trend, −9%; non-CS expenses $97k, downward, −12%; loss $26k, downward, −13%. The station has contracted since Oct2021 . . . again, no-one’s put this in the public record. But it is losing less, coz even though revenue fell, expenses fell more. This trend should be borne in mind, improving one’s intuition, prudently, at a time when Pacifica has been flying blind since 22Sep, without fiscal management.

So, the NETA report is thru July2022. Scroll on 4mths, thru a wasteland without NETA, & we come to Berthold, holding court, on the last evening of November . . .


As said, for trying to make sense of Berthold’s report, keep in mind NETA’s mthly figures: revenue $101k; non-CS expenses $110k, CS expense $21k, total expenses $131k; loss $30k.

For those wanting to listen along, Berthold’s report is 36:06-43:37, with queries & responses thru 1:18:35 (of note from 44:03, 52:04, & 1:14:50) –

Now, an intelligible rendering of what Mr B said:

once into his stride, having gone thru key creditors, the first figure thrown into the mix was $70k (40:12), apparently Nov’s revenue – but the sum isn’t enough: “we need 100 000, minimum” (40:20).

That was his report. Effectively.

Not so quick, buster. WBAI’s finest were there, thankfully, & they probed Mr B with a probe – sorry, questions:

extracted, then illuminated, was “my-our analysis of our deficit is that we are about 29 000, $30 000, urgh, in the red every month, for-on an average” (44:26);

R Paul laid a jab: “[w]hat do we pay if we get, if we get to 100 000? Does that pay our bills?” (45:09) … “[i]f we get to 100 000 we’ll definitely be paying our bills, yes” (45:14);

but that wasn’t what it seems. Another jab: “[d]oes that include Central Services fees?” (45:17) … “[u]mm, nah, umm, all-all of Central Services together would, would include more like 120 000 – but what happened is […]” – and then he was off, quick as a flash, a veritable jack-in-the-box, expounding on something quite different (45:21) . . . the master of evasion;

Mr B, ever inventive, blazing a new trail, throwing in figures not yet in a WBAI net income statement: Sep $93k, Oct $79k, Nov $80k (45:32) – an average of $84k. These being? Not immediately obvious because he was talking about “when you’re looking at the profit-and-loss” (45:40). However, they seem to be mthly total revenue – although, you may remember, earlier he gave Nov as “70 000” (40:12), not “80 000”. The power of magic.

What a performance. Drawing blood from a stone. Dragged from $70k, to $100k, then onto $120k. Alchemy turning 70k into 80k (a Gary Null product?).

[UPDATE: the so-called Aug2022 monthlies are a complete mess. Not just the inconsistency in how many FY2022 mths are displayed prior to Aug itself, nor whether there’s the comparative – there’s also the lack of analyses, describing the composition of broad categories, such as, you know, personnel expenses, admin expenses, programming expenses, development expenses . . . so for Pacifica as a whole (per the “Consolidated-F” tab), no analysis of $5.4m personnel expenses, $2.5m admin expenses, $0.9m programming expenses, $0.75m development expenses. No analysis at all. And no-one on the PNB Finance Cttee or the PNB remarked, let alone complained. A lack of fiscal management is simply accepted, lived, as a non-event.

As already noted, monthlies folder:

[So what Markisha did to the WBAI statement, even as editor, hardly merits comment. Such as, not all the Aug figures finding their way into the totals column! So, “Community Events Income”, $9 065 in Aug, has a $0 total for the fiscal year to date. The same happens, egregiously, for “Miscellaneous/Other Income”, $129 158 in Aug. So WBAI total revenue is understated by ~$140k! Other categories totalling as $0 but with an Aug figure are “Board Expenses” $1 031, “Depreciation (Admin Exp)” $1 357, & “Postage, USPS, FedEx, UPS” $1 020. None of this was spotted by the preparer of the statement, nor by those who review the monthlies before they’re distributed, the reviewers being the ED, the five station managers, & the 10 on the PNB Finance Cttee – so missed by 17 people. Welcome to the quality that is PacificaWorld.

[And did you catch the restatement of WBAI “Total Revenue” & “Listener Support” – without accompanying notes? Total revenue: the July monthlies have a carry-forward (C/F) of $1 015 003, but the Aug brought-forward (B/F) is $1 002 791 ((1129246 + 9065 + 129158) − (264654 + 24)) – a reduction of $12 212. Not explained. Listener support: C/F $948 159, but B/F $935 947 (1062378 126431) – the $12 212 reduction. Not explained. Also, no note explaining where the $129 158 “Miscellaneous/Other Income” comes from. All this passed in silence when the monthlies were presented by ED Steph ‘The Breeze’ (48:53) to the Tu6Dec PNB Finance Cttee –

[Sloppier than sloppy.]


This is the reality. 2022. Pacifica, & WBAI. So from Mr B nothing as simple, or systematic, as:

‘my report is in four parts, focusing wholeheartedly on eliminating the current loss-making of the station:

• (1) currently, the average monthly revenue, expenses (non-Central Services, CS), & the resulting loss are $ x, y, z; more informatively, $ x, y (y₁ + y₂), z;

• (2) for the remaining 10mths of FY2023, action will be taken to best reduce this otherwise expected loss by implementing these evidenced & costed programmes of work, a, b, & c, adjusted per our monitoring reports – all grounded in what I presented to you in September, before the year started, the evidenced & costed scenarios & derived policies that guide management;

• (3) looking beyond FY2023, I am devising the outlines of evidenced & costed scenarios, & derived candidate policies, & attendant programmes of work, that will be presented to this Cttee, starting in January; however

• (4) WBAI is confronted by a resources barrier, not just holding it back but burying it, slowly. That’s why annual losses keep being so high. To cut to the conclusion, I see no way out other than the directors adopting a network development plan, one that involves fundamental change, not only of management but also correcting the lopsided distribution of resources. Controlled properly, this new way ahead can *maximize the total marginal gain* available to the stations. Pacifica’s money needs to stop three of the stations operating on a shoestring, & allow them to breathe, allow them to make an impact, & grow. The money at Pacifica’s disposal needs to be treated as an investment fund, distributed to further the development of the network, of Pacifica as a whole, in fulfilment of its mission. This must replace the alien dogma currently applied to each station: the Reaganite/Thatcherite ‘pull y’self up by y’bootstraps’ mantra. Obviously this new approach will require changing the *structure* of where personnel are deployed; this means away from KPFA & towards KPFT in particular, & also towards WPFW & WBAI. To remind you all, this is the current structure of station full-time equivalents (@ $80k each), with half being at Berkeley: KPFA 31, KPFK 13½, KPFT 1½, WPFW 8, WBAI 7½. Total 61½. There are also three other units to consider (PNO, PRA, PAN) – not least to ensure the employment of adequate accountancy staff, including an internal audit team (if paid program producers have to be made redundant, so be it: the bookkeeping, accountancy, & internal audit function must be protected, above all else – otherwise no-one knows what’s going on). The principle of a network development plan is a matter for governance (not management), so for the Pacifica delegates, & ultimately the directors. I’ll leave it there, R Paul. I thank everyone for their attention, & I look forward to your questions & remarks.’

The station manager’s report not given by Berthold Reimers to the W30Nov2022 WBAI Finance Cttee


It’s worthwhile noting three errors in Mr Martin’s report, pace the public record: (1) “the Pacifica National Board has voted to sell the KPFK building in Los Angeles” (1:21); (2) “[t]he sale would also be used to retire the FJC loan [Foundation for the Jewish Community]” (1:49; the principal is currently $2 258 821); & (3) “the sale probably will not be final until April” (6:28) – per the link given above to the audiofile,

(Also, he got the 31Dec FJC quarterly interest charge wrong: it isn’t “a payment of around $48 000 or so” (3:36) – no, ⅐ more, $55 402.99. Workings: effective Th3Nov the rate went up from 9.25% to 10%; the Sa31Dec charge = ((2258821 x 0.0925 x 33) ÷ 365) + ((2258821 x 0.1 x 59)÷ 365) = 18890.550 + 36512.449 = $55 402.99.)

Why are these errors?

• (1) a decision hasn’t been made to sell the Studio City land & building. Only to prepare for a sale, doing everything required to sell it – so more than simply ‘getting it listed’. The passage in the PNB resolution: “[t]he PNB met […] to authorize the Board Chair, Executive Director and General Counsel to take all steps necessary to the most advantageous sale of the building currently housing the KPFK station and Pacifica National Office at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, California and relocation of all activities currently housed at 3729 Cahuenga and bring these transactions to the Board for approval” – Th27Oct2022 PNB closed meeting,

Director James Sagurton (listener-delegate, PNB Finance Cttee Chair), mealy-mouthed, put it this way: “the motion on the PNB was to explore [this he emphasised] a sale of the KPFK building. There’s been no decision to sell the KPFK building, as everybody knows. You know, the final decision in a real estate transaction doesn’t happen until the closing. Any number of things could happen that would derail this – one of which could be we only get an offer of $2m: we’re not going to sell that building for $2m. So right now what we’re doing is exploring the sale, which includes, by the way – which is a pretty good indication of where we’re going – realtors walking through the KPFK building, looking at it, and sizing it up. So that is happening. It’s assumed that’s probably where we’re headed, but it’s not a done deal. We didn’t vote to sell the building: we voted to explore the sale of the building” (22:44). Guess James could have written the press release for Columbus or Pizarro.

The resolution was suffused with woolly wording – praps intentional: nothing as unambiguous as ‘the PNB (a) has decided to sell the Cahuenga land & building, (b) instructs the Board Chair, Executive Director and General Counsel to do what’s required, within reason, to maximize the selling price, (c) instructs the Executive Director and General Counsel to bring to the PNB for approval each and every purchase they intend to make, and (d) instructs the Executive Director to ask the PNB for permission to arrange the public listing of the lot for sale’.

So, yes, a decision was made on 27Oct to prepare for a sale, so there is the intention to sell, but a decision to sell hasn’t actually been made, nor even to list it for sale;

• (2) the PNB hasn’t said how any of the net proceeds will be spent, & certainly not as specific as “to retire the FJC loan”; &

• (3) R Paul’s claim re April for completion is the first time in a Pacifica public meet that anyone has given a temporal estimate.


To conclude, the wider Pacifica picture. Despite NETA giving their 3mths’ notice 30June, allowing an efficient transition to new busy-beavers, the Pacifica directors sleepwalkers have succeeded, probably without too much effort, in rendering Pacifica without any fiscal management – not just an absence of any reconciled statements, or monthly net income statements, but, crucially this:

leaving this $11m annual turnover public charity with an absence of both internal audit control, & the recording of *all* financial events. These events are either transactions (money coming in or going out), or events that establish obligations (such as fund-drive pledges, or incoming goods & services that have to be paid for). And the scale of what hasn’t been recorded in Pacifica’s general ledger since 22Sep, when NETA left 8days early? Well, for Oct-Nov2022 alone one can estimate from the evidence a total of ~$3 284 862 x 2 ≃ $6.57m (this excludes intra-Pacifica events, such as scraping together payroll by ‘borrowing’ from an accounting unit or three). Come the New Year, the figure climbs to ~$9.855m ≃ $10m. The directors sleepwalkers continually demonstrate they’re oblivious to this double neglect: internal audit control & event recording. Oblivious to the scale of their neglect, one that increases hourly. Oblivious to *their personal liability* arising from a failure to discharge their legal responsibility to protect the assets of this public charity, a liability that is *not* protected by the famed D & O, directors’ and officers’ liability insurance.

The sleepwalkers have indicated not one iota that they are aware of what is happening. They’ve given no indication that they’re even thinking of producing a costed & evidenced plan to fund an accounting professional (or three) to establish fiscal management – not least finishing with FY2022: performing all the reconciliations, producing a trial balance, generating the three main financial statements, having all the supporting evidence available – that is, having everything ready to invite in the auditors to do their work.

Per NETA’s July2022 consolidated net income statement: FY2022, average mthly revenue, $764 871 + that for non-CS expenses, $877 560 = 1 642 431 … x 2 (that Italian thing, the nature of double-entry bookkeeping) = $3 284 862 of financial events to be recorded each mth

That’s the second of our 30Nov meets. Now a very short report on the final one.

PNB Strategic Planning Cttee

Semi-woke director Jim Dingeman (WBAI listener-delegate) advocated making applications to the CPB Radio Community Service Grant Program in May next year. Note, no-one expresses ‘application’ in the plural: because Pacifica holds multiple FCC broadcasting licences, any application is for an individual broadcasting station.

Apart from audience level, here are three obvious reasons why applications would fail, & the first, because it’s supervening, is a hurdle confronting each application:

• the impossibility of having, by 28Feb2023, FY2022 audited financial statements & a FY2022 Annual Financial Report (Section 15C, p. 18 – . . . such concerns are above Markisha’s pay-grade – one reason why there needs to be 1.25 full-time equivalent redundancies at KPFA to pay for a CPA as the CFO . . . perhaps starting with the cancellation of getting Mr Brian Edwards-Tiekert yet another full-time helper on UpFront, with applications having closed M14Nov2022 –, linked from (left sidebar) . . . since 30Sep1994, of those 28 auditor’s reports, FY1994 thru FY2021, those dated 28Feb or earlier number 12 (FY1994-2000, & FY2004-2008), so all within a 15yr-span – meaning none in the last 13yrs. . . . why has no director sleepwalker spoken to this? don’t they know the CPB rules?;

• KPFA not having a CAB (last met 23Nov2019 (sic), over 3yrs ago; last meeting noticed in the Pacifica archive is 16Apr2022, with no evidence it met –; Section 2D, p. 5) . . . with no director having even once spoken to this, let alone bringing a motion, can anyone deny they’re sleepwalkers?; &

• KPFT not having 4 employees, 2 being full-time (Section 5A & B, pp. 8-9) . . . why has no director sleepwalker spoken to this? don’t they know the CPB rules?


By coincidence, held & published today, Th1Dec: Mearsheimer on Ukraine, debating with Carl Bildt (starts 9:25; Bildt, 15:50; Mearsheimer, 32:32; & from then it continues. 2h45m. In an oil city, Bergen, Norway – further proof that a distraction distracts from the essential).


. . . NATO will fight to the last drop of Ukrainian blood – and Ukrainian nationalism will fuel the supply of corpses . . . meanwhile, decent peeps have their lives ripped apart, dissolving whatever security they thought they had . . . just before the illegal invasion, Ukrainian per capita real income was 74% of what it was when the Berlin Wall fell (see below) . . . disgust, anger, missile crater, in Kharkiv, 3Aug2022 – foto courtesy of Sergey Bobok/AFP/Getty Images, Guardian, 3Aug2022, . . .


. . . (note, that’s 3.2 thousand, not 32k!) . . . few know the reality of how it’s been being a Ukrainian since the end of Stalinism: per capita real income in 2021 was only ~74% of what it was in 1989 (2451.9 ÷ 3330.5 = 0.7362) . . . &, in 2015’s money, since the 2008 crash, it’s been less than $50 gross a week (just over $1 an hour; note, this is per capita, so including those not working, even neonates!) . . . Ukraine GDP per capita (constant 2015 US$), 1987-2021 – . . .


Audio of the Th10Nov2022 PNB – including another hot mic After Party. Also Mike Davis

Still not in the Pacifica meetings archive,, as of 1200 MST, M14Nov2022. One other 2022 PNB meeting is missing, that of Th9June: the daily calendar notice,, is in the form of an open meeting (so including three links for the stream), although the linked “Agenda” says “[p]art of the meeting will be in executive session.”, & the notice says there’ll be a closed meeting (but the calendar grid only gives an open meeting: yup, the software needs excluding pathways) –


Since the end of summer 2021 there has been a marked deterioration in Pacifica’s intercourse with the public. Yes, more online ‘town halls’, but a significant reduction in the streaming of meetings & the posting of audiofiles. Those in charge of this work have chosen to neglect the public. Low priority. As so often in Pacifica, even when workloads become even heavier, peeps are reluctant to delegate, or ask for volunteers. Neglect is the result. And an ageing organisation, a gerontocracy, heads in only one direction. The only question is whether the final repose – which is horizontal – is either supine or prone. (Incineration isn’t green.)

So, the Th10Nov2022 PNB. It started as a whirlwind, to cite the title of Yevgeniya Ginzburg’s memoir: a surprise attack, an ambush, from Lawrence – causing Chair Julie to shoot coffee all over her ‘Jerry Paris’ coaster.

That aside, Lawrence’s question: does the sale of the Pacifica building housing KPFK & Pacifica Radio Archives count as “substantially all” of the assets of Pacifica Foundation, Inc.? By-law 3/5:

“All Members shall have all rights granted to them by law or by these Bylaws, including without limit the right to vote, on the terms and in the manner set forth in these Bylaws […] on the sale, exchange, transfer or disposition of all or substantially all of the Foundation’s assets”

Pacifica by-law, Article 3, Section 5 (emphases added) –

And then it all kicked off . . .

Draft agenda:

Folder containing the whole of the public meeting (bar a few secs of roll-call), plus the first 10mins of the after party, when the grandparents & great-grandparents let down their hair – or at least took off their wigs – during the intermezzo before the great & the good donned their ceremonial robes, disappearing into their conclave, the closed PNB meeting: (as two audiofiles).


But if you want to spend your time doing better things, here are some tributes to Mike Davis – plus SoCal Mike from 7mths ago, an essay, an excerpt, & free PDF’s:

two episodes of ‘Beneath the Surface’, Suzi Weissman, 1000 PT, Su30Oct & Su6Nov: (yes, the website really needs to get unique URL’s for each item in the KPFK archive)

focus on his City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, 1990, & an essay on nationalism, 2015:

Verso Books, London, published his work, & its blog carried quite a few pieces by & on him:

Ciarán O’Rourke:

summaries of 10 of his books:

. . . finally, his books are here, as free downloadable PDF’s:

¡Presente!, as Lawrence would say. And rightly so.