Pacifica to lose its CPB music licence this Sunday, 31May – unless it pays $137 506

Executive Director Lydia Brazon gave devastating news to this evening’s PNB Finance Cttee at 10.14pm: come up with $137 506 by Sunday or lose the legal right to broadcast licensed music.


ED Brazon said the debt arose in 2013, the result of an audit by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was her understanding that it could be paid out of some future sizeable grant from the CPB. Obviously the CPB has begged to differ.


The CPB had written to her last Friday, 22May. It determined that $137 506 was owed – by Sunday.


Last year I wrote about a 2012 CPB audit of Pacifica. This determined a $133 240 overpayment of Community Service Grants to Pacifica (p. 1; p. 2 of the PDF):

Audit of Pacifica: 21Sep2012. The audit was of two complete fiscal years, 2009 & 2010. (CPB & Pacifica have the same year-end, 30Sep; so FY2009 ended 30Sep2009.) The fieldwork was done between Jan & June 2012. 31 pages. (Office of Inspector General)





[Audio of the meeting should be posted W27May at The topic will start around 1:27:00 (yes, the meeting started over 15mins late).]

[The FY2018 draft auditor’s report may – may – be presented to the M1June PNB Audit Cttee. Wonder if a cttee member will ask if the creditors figure includes this $137 506 debt, a material amount? (As explained elsewhere, link below, it’s almost certain that the financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, &, derivatively, cashflow statement) will be judged worthless by the auditors, stamped with ‘disclaimer of opinion’, as they did last June with the FY2017 financial statements. A preferred stamp is that used in Hrabal’s classic, put on the screen by Jiří Menzel, & known in the US as Closely Watched Trains, & in the UK as Closely Observed Trains.); & (yes, time-stamped link)]


2 thoughts on “Pacifica to lose its CPB music licence this Sunday, 31May – unless it pays $137 506

  1. Jeremy Lansman 27 May, 2020 / 06:36

    No. Don’t play music covered by license restrictions. Only play the silence portions of John Cage’s music.


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