Pacifica officeholders: PNB Chair, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary

[to be filled in, some time this century] [gaps are temporary bods (even bots, perhaps),called ‘pro tem’ in Officialese]

(For National Elections Supervisor, 2003 – present, please see


Pacifica National Board Chair

<1997>Jack O’Dell [per (p. 18 of the PDF) ]

<1998 – 2000>Mary Berry [ (p. 18 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 17 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 4 of the PDF) ]

<FY2001 – 12Mar2004 Leslie Cagan (WBAI) [ (p. 25 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 16 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 16 of the PDF) ]

x, & (unpaginated; page 1 of the PDF);

14Mar2004 – 15Jan2005 Marty Durlin (KGNU, Boulder) (unpaginated; pp. 9-10 of the PDF), & (unpaginated; p. 11 of the PDF)

16Jan2005-x20xx Ambrose Lane, Sr. (WPFW) (unpaginated; pp. 1-2 of the PDF), & x; [the URL ends in a ‘.’ – WordPress won’t hypertext it]

<2006> Dave Adelson (KPFK)

<20xx> Julie Rodriguez (KPFK)

<2007> Dave Adelson (KPFK)

<praps 25-27Jan2008 in-person – x>Sherry Gendelman (KPFA) (she chaired the 20Mar PNB, the next avail. audiofile), & x

1Feb2009 -x> Grace Aaron (KPFK) (unpaginated; pp. 1-2 of the PDF) [also ], & x

30Jan2010-x George Reiter (KPFT) (p. 5), & x

26Feb2011-x Summer Reese (KPFK) (p. 5), & x

28Jan2012-x Summer Reese (KPFK) (unpag.; p. 2 of the PDF), & x

24Feb2013-x>Summer Reese (KPFK) (unpag.; p. 7 of the PDF)

9Feb2014-x Margy Wilkinson (KPFA) (unpag.; pp. 2-3 of the PDF) & (unpag.; pp. 1-2 of the PDF – disputed result) (also, & x

26Feb – 10May2015 Margy Wilkinson (KPFA) (p. 3), & (unpag.; p. 10 of the PDF)

11May2015-x Lydia Brazon (KPFK) won PNB Chair election on 26Apr (41:05) –, & x

17Feb2016-x Tony Norman (WPFW) (29:58), & x [still Chair 12Jan2017,

<2017> Jonathan Alexander (KPFK)

<x2018-x2019> Nancy Sorden (WPFW)

<x2019-c. 5Sep2019 Grace Aaron (KPFK) x &

<2019> Lawrence Reyes (KPFK)

<2020-x2022> Alex Steinberg (WBAI)

17Feb2022 – present, Julie Hewitt (WPFW) (12:28)


Executive Director

<1997 – 1998 or 1999>Patricia Scott x [in post during FY1997 – (p. 7 of the PDF) ], & (using FY1999 financial statements – p. 7 of the PDF)

<1998 or 1999 – FY2000>Lynn Chadwick [assumed the position during FY1999 – (p. 7 of the PDF) ] [was in post Oct1999 – ] [in post FY2000 – (p. 7 of the PDF) ]

<15May2001>Bessie Wash [ (pp. 5 & 6 of the PDF) ]

<FY2001 -11Jan2002 Joanne Meredith-Jackson x, & [ (p. 25 of the PDF) ]

11–13Jan2002: seems to be vacant

13Jan2002 – 15June2005 Dan Coughlin (& see, &, & (unpaginated; pp. 2, 3, repeated on p. 7, of the PDF)

15June2005-x20xx Ambrose Lane, Sr. (PNB Chair; WPFW) (unpaginated; p. 3, repeated on p. 7, of the PDF), &


c. 23Jan2006 – praps Sep2007> Greg Guma, & & … also

[<2006><2007> praps PNB Chair as ED, ?Dave Adelson (KPFK) – or did Dan Siegel, Pacifica legal counsel, step up instead?]

<praps Sep2007-x> Dan Siegel (from legal counsel to iED?; KPFA) (Siegel installed – NES Casey Peters, Pacifica 2007 Elections: Summary Report, 21Jan2008, unpaginated; p. 1 of the PDF)

mid Nov – praps 12 or 13Dec2007 Nicole Sawaya &;

<?Dec2007- 4Mar2008 iED Dan Siegel (from legal counsel – NES Peters, 2007 Final Report, p. 45 of the PDF; spoke as iED, Sa26Jan2008, at the 25-27Jan Newark in-person PNB – x, & (although NES Peters reported that 13Mar “Interim ED Dan Siegel” fired him (2007 Final Report, pp. 45 & 49 of the PDF), Ms Sawaya told the 20Mar2008 PNB that she had started 5Mar (as announced, 4Mar, in Current

[Had spoken about Pacifica’s financial crisis 11 days before, at the 19Sep2008 in-person PNB: “[i]n general, um, I think that the most important order of business in the following – in this weekend is going to be what I call the reality budget tour, and that we really have to look at the finances, review the budgets, and do that with an eye towards what is real” (0:18, emphases added) – PacificaWorld = Groundhog Day. A refusal to practise the imperative enshrined in the eponymous name of C L R James’ political group: facing reality]

<2008 Sherry Gendelman (PNB Chair; KPFA) – “[s]he was on the Pacifica National Board for two years and served as its Chair, and interim Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation”,;

<2008; 2009> praps vacant (for 4 whole mths) – until 1Feb2009 . . . but, praps Dan Siegel per (1:37) – although “While general counsel I served for a few months as Interim Executive Director on two occasions in 2007 and 2008, just before Nicole Sawaya took over and after she resigned” (, & he had spoken as iED at the Jan2008 Newark PNB . . . or PNB Chair Gendelman? [no 2008 PNB agendas or minutes >30Sep (so check audios); 2009 has lots, praps all; early 2010?]

[9Nov2008 PNB (70° anniversary of a momentous, defining national fracture): (a) “the recovery plan”, & Pacifica is about to hire a turnaround expert, the sub-cttee reports: (3:46), & (b) someit re authorising $1m loan application, collateralising land & buildings at either KPFA or KPFK – ]

<vacant as of 4Jan2009>: “‘we are currently operating with no Executive Director'” (but w/ an iED?) – (no pagination; p. 3 of the PDF)

[For the period 1Oct-11(or 6)Dec, Ms Grace was paid $40 000, which annualises as either $202 778 (sic; re 72 days) or $217 910 (sic; re 67 days) (p. 8; this 990 is denoted ‘2009’, & uses data from the fiscal year ending 30Sep2010); however, she received no ‘compensation’ per the previous IRS Form 990 (pp. 7-8),, so maybe she started off doing the job for free, but during FY2010 the PNB decided to pay her for either the whole period or give her a lump-sum at the end, meaning the $40k (if for 10¼mths) annualises as ~$46 829, which is a fair bit lower than $100k or so]

c. 7Dec2009 – 16Aug2012 Arlene Engelhardt (46:07 & 53:44), & (said to be re-post of a 17Aug2012 Current article, ‘Embattled Pacifica director to exit immediately’) but (re 16Aug2012 PNB – CHECK any audio) … reflections on her time, 7Apr2014:

17Aug2012 – 13Mar2014 Summer Reese (PNB Chair; KPFK) (KPFA iGM report to KPFA LSB, Sep2012, a Word doc), & x

13Mar – 3Apr2014 Margy Wilkinson (PNB Chair; KPFA)

3Apr – ?[F4-]Sa5-Su6-M7July2014 Bernard Duncan (had recently resigned as KPFK GM) (& the only PNB mtg. in 1° week of Apr is 3Apr:, & his resignation announced by PNB Chair Wilkinson to 19June2014 PNB (38:18; also 42:45), (by Tu8July2014, PNB Chair Wilkinson was also iED: – p. 1)

<?F4July2014 – 10May2015 Margy Wilkinson (PNB Chair; KPFA) (p. 1), & (unpag.; p. 10 of the PDF)

11May – ?14Oct2015 John Proffitt, & (his 14Sep2015 resignation letter to the PNB, saying his latest day of work will be 14Oct2015; he was in post 12Oct, per

15Oct2015 – 10Feb2017 Lydia Brazon (PNB Chair; KPFK) (2:46), &

10 or 11Feb2017 – 22 or 23Jan2018 Bill Crosier (KPFT) (& Terry Goodman, 2016 Pacifica Delegates Elections Ballots Recount Report, 22July2017, unpag., but p. 2 of the PDF –, & (23Jan2018 Pacifica press release: Tom Livingston is ED with immediate effect)

23Jan – 4Oct2018 Tom Livingston (23Jan2018 Pacifica press release), & x

4Oct2018 – 5July2019 Maxie Jackson, III x, &

5July2019 – xJuly2019 Grace Aaron (PNB Chair; KPFK), & x

xJuly2019 – xNov2019 John Vernile x, &

x?Nov2019 – 5Dec2019 Lawrence Reyes (PNB Chair; KPFK) x, & x

[Unbelievably, 5Dec2019-Brazon seems to be the start of the 23rd ED term, the office held by 18 individuals, in less than 17yrs 11mths (from 11Jan2002 – 5Dec2019)]

17Jan2022 – present, Stephanie Wells

[One does wonder about the decisions made by the 2021 PNB majority: Ms Wells is conventional Amerika personified, having lived the ethos of big capital & big money that inspires the management of society. Re big capital, self-congratulatory fora are the houses of the high arts, a safe space for splashing & bathing with the purveyors of human civilisation, & Steph worked at the Los Angeles Philharmonic as principal gifts officer. Re big money, she worked for a Los Angeles billionaire, Gary Michelson, as development director of The Michelson Found Animals Foundation, Inc. (20Jan2022)

[In Feb2022, Gary had ~$1.7bn, according to Forbes, making him the 395th richest Amerikan, & in 2021 he was ranked 1 833rd on G-d’s fair earth. One easily forgets how stellar unusual this is. Of the world’s ~7.877bn peeps, the cliched 1% total 78.77m (Germany’s population is 83m). And Gary’s position within this 1%? Well, we have to get extreme because even 1% of this 1% is 787 700. That’s nowhere close: here, Gary’s in the very topmost ‘2 000 slice’, with 393 such slices beneath it, to total 788k). And even when we get down to 1% of 1% of the 1%, literally humanity’s one-in-a-million, we have 7 877 people. So as Human #1 833, Gary’s not just in the 1%, he’s a ~0.000023% man, that’s 2.3 x 10-7. And even that doesn’t merit him being in the elite of the elite. Just leaves Gary as an outsider. Yes, capitalist wealth inequality even makes Gary a victim.; also (Bill Crosier, who works with medical instruments, will know how Gary got his wealth)

[Can Steph ask Gary for a donation? Well, Pacifica is Pacifica, & he has received an award from the arch-defender of Jewish-Israeli supremacy, B’nai B’rith International, a prime anti-BDS organiser. And yet, and yet: “[a]sked why he has not made Jewish charities a focus of his work, Michelson said, ‘To me, that’s like a small-world view of things. It’s never occurred to me to ask what religion people are'” (Jewish Journal, 31Mar2016). So maybe, before Steph asks Gary, Pacifica won’t have to condemn Human Rights Watch & Amnesty (as well as Yesh Din [There Is Law] & B’Tselem [In the Image of G-d], the Israeli organisations who preceded ‘the internationals’ in making the apartheid call in June2020 & Jan2021, respectively). And if KPFK starts an animal welfare show then that may seal it.

[But isn’t the idea, & reality, of apartheid confined to South African history? No, not in international law, where it’s a general idea. And isn’t it defined in terms of race, in two key legal instruments, the 1973 ‘Apartheid Convention’ & the 1998 Rome Statute? Yes, but this needs to be seen in the light of the 1965 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination not restricting itself to racialisations: “‘racial discrimination’ shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin” (Article 1, emphases added). All this is argued & evidenced in the 2020-2022 reports of the mentioned four organisations. And remember, human races don’t even exist – unlike the race idea, racialisations, racism, &, crucially, their application as action – nasty action]


Chief Financial Officer

<1998 – FY2001>Sandra Rosas [in post 14May1998 – (p. 6 of the PDF); & at 5Dec2000 – (p. 6 of the PDF) ] [in post FY2000 – (p. 7 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 26 of the PDF) ]

x2002 – xJan2009 Lonnie Hicks [$44 615 in FY2003 (@ $75.4k pa (FY2004 gross income) = ~7mths, so starting 1Mar2003 – not in 2002) – (p. 16 of the PDF) ] (“Lonnie’s original hire letter, signed by Dan Coughlin in 2002, said that the CFO worked ‘under the supervision of’ the executive director”), & (by Dan Siegel)


1Feb2009 – 30Nov2012 LaVarn Williams (PNB decision at 31Jan2009 closed mtg., unpaginated; p. 1 of the PDF) [also ], & (p. 8) & (re-post of a 17Aug2012 Current article: her contract was to run thru 30Nov2012)

<> vacant?

13May2013 – June2015 (or 15May2015?) Raul Salvador (p. 8) & (Mr Salvador (21:57), but 9May2013 per (unpaginated; p. 1of the PDF)), &, but 15May2015 per

vacant [but Efren Llarinas, Pacifica controller, seemed to be in charge of audit prep, Sep2015, ] [Llarinas? A certain Angie Llarinas works at KPFA, as “Bookkeeping Assistant”: ],

? second-half of Dec2015 – 16Sep2016 Sam Agarwal (p. 2), & (8Sep2016 resignation letter to the PNB, pp. 7-8)

vacant – but in Oct2016, Raul Salvador “returns as a ‘consultant'”

xMar2017 – 4May2018, Sam Agarwal, both dates stated in his 27Mar2018 resignation letter to the PNB, pp. 1 & 3,


x2018-4Oct2018 ED Tom Livingston (violating by-law Article 9, Section 1, without a peep from the director peeps – x, & x

seems to have been vacant (there was no public mention of a replacement)

6Dec2018 – ?31May2019 Larry Dankner (employee of NETA, the National Educational Telecommunications Association, a Pacifica supplier – and so usually also a Pacifica creditor (the FY2020 monthly charge was $27 500) . . . so no conflict of interest there, not even the hint of a possibility), &

1June2019 – ?9Jan2020 Tamra Swiderski (NETA employee)

ED Jackson: “[h]er official start date will be June 1st, 2019” (47:56, 13May2019 PNB Audit Cttee), (&, per the 9May2019 PNB minutes, “[t]he PNB hired Tamra Swiderski as interim CFO for the Pacifica Foundation” –, &

9Jan2020 – 31Jan2022 Anita Sims (NETA employee),

1Feb – 22Sep2022 Julia Kennard (NETA employee; without written evidence, it was said, in a garbled way, at the xDec2021 PNB Finance Cttee that Ms Kennard’s position at Pacifica is as “a consultant”, albeit functioning as the CFO – this is the first time any NETA employee has been publicly termed ‘a consultant’)

x, & (announced by ED Wells, out of the blue, that NETA had just left the building, 8days early, news made soon after 9:08, when Chair Hewitt had discouraged questioning of the ED – nice)


NOTE ON BEING VACANT: although California law mentions that if the post of chief financial officer isn’t filled then the corporation’s treasurer is that person, it has a caveat: “[u]nless otherwise specified in the articles or the bylaws” – CA Corporations Code, section 5213(a), Quotes: “[a] corporation shall have […] (3) a treasurer or a chief financial officer or both”, & “[u]nless otherwise specified in the articles or the bylaws, if there is no chief financial officer, the treasurer is the chief financial officer of the corporation” (emphasis added).

First things first: does Pacifica, a corporation, have a treasurer? No. Oh. But isn’t the Chair of the PNB Finance Cttee, Pacifica’s treasurer? No. In the articles of incorporation & the by-laws there’s no mention of a position denoted as corporation treasurer. What we get is a position of “Board Treasurer” – a PNB position, not a corporation position: by-law 8/3 says, “[t]he chair of the Finance Committee shall be a Director who may be referred to as the Board ‘Treasurer’” (emphases added) – (inconsistently, the title pops up three more times in that section but each time without scare-quotes). (This is akin to the secretary situation, with by-law 9/1 specifying that there’s a corporation secretary – “[t]he officers of the Foundation shall be a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, an Executive Director, a Secretary, and a Chief Financial Officer” – whilst the PNB continually elects a “Board Secretary”, with never a mention of Pacifica having a corporation secretary.; LINK to recent PNB minutes.)

Even if it was accepted, by whomever, that the Board Treasurer is also the corporation treasurer, is there a get-out clause in the grounding docs of Pacifica? Well, the re-founding fathers & mothers seem to have thought they did their lil bit in damage limitation: by-law 8/3, “(The chair of the Finance Committee shall be a Director who may be referred to as the Board ‘Treasurer’. However, the Board Treasurer shall not be an officer of the Foundation. The Foundation’s Chief Financial Officer shall be an employee of the Foundation and shall not be the Board Treasurer. The Board Treasurer shall not represent him/herself to any party as an officer of the Foundation nor may s/he sign documents on behalf of the Foundation requiring the signature of the Chief Financial Officer nor represent him/herself to have any authority to bind the Foundation.)” –

“The Foundation’s Chief Financial Officer […] shall not be the Board Treasurer.” Crystal clear.

And with no-one having a ‘corporation treasurer’ Post-it on their forehead, the CFO position is indeed unfilled.

Which poses at least one problem: the FJC contract. Requirements. Certifications. CFO certifications. Who’s going to become legally liable for the promises they make, re ‘the big loan’, to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, operating as FJC? The promises are of two kinds: “[t]he financial statements shall be accompanied by a written statement of the Chief Financial Officer of Borrower certifying the financial statements to be true and correct” (Section 6.2 of the root loan agreement document, p. 11; p. 12 of the PDF); & “[w]ithin one hundred twenty (120) days following the close of each fiscal year of the Borrower, Borrower shall provide to Lender a certificate (the CFO Certificate) of the Chief Financial Officer of Borrower, in form and substance acceptable to Lender, certifying to the compliance of the Borrower with the covenants set forth in Article 7 of this Agreement” (§ 6.3, same pagination, original bold & underline)., &, the root loan agreement doc,

Both certification deadlines are 28Jan2023 – as the date also applies to the FY2022 audited financial statements (§ 6.1, p. 10; p. 11 of the PDF). The feasibility: (a) only twice in the last 28yrs has Pacifica been speedy (FY2006, 19Jan2007; & FY2007, 14Jan2008); (b) NETA have walked, leaving Markisha in the void; & (c) auditors, Rogers & Company, given the complaint they face, have probably already scarpered.

As an aside, re the four CFO’s of the NEP period NETA period, were they employees of Pacifica, per the above quote from by-law 8/3? Almost certainly not. First, the inference from the Pacifica National Office monthly net income statements is that expenses were charged solely to NETA, never to anyone ‘associated’ with NETA. Just inspect the lines denoted “Personnel Costs” (as analysed, the level), & “Accounting-Contract Agency” (a steady $27 500 a mth; note, no line for NETA’s management of labour, the euphemistic ‘human resources’, the old ‘personnel dept.’). Second, the NETA webpage titled “Our Staff” (now deleted) had The Gang of Four (plus George Walter, liaison when Mr Auditor came calling) as . . . staff . . . & the website has never carried the hint of a suggestion that the five have ever been other than NETA employees, not even ‘consultants’ hired by NETA – example of the staff page, 3May2019, (hover over face to reveal name; 14 ‘scrapes’, 2Mar2019-13Dec2021,*/; additionally, of the five, Swiderski & Sims appear at



<1997 – 1998>Roberta Brooks [per (p. 18 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 18 of the PDF) ]

<1999 – 2000>Andrea Cisco [ (p. 17 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 4 of the PDF) ]

<2001 – 2003>Carol Spooner [ (p. 25 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 17 of the PDF) ] [ (p. 16 of the PDF) ], &

14Mar2004-xJan2005 Roger Manning (WBAI) (no pagination; pp. 9-10 of the PDF), & x; “Roger Manning elected as secretary of PNB” (p. 10) – so not of Pacifica Foundation, Inc.

15Jan2005- William Walker (KPFA) (unpaginated; p. 12 of the PDF), &

<2006>Teresa Allen (KPFT)

<2007>Mary Berg (KPFA)

<2008>Mary Berg (KPFA), & x

<2009>Richard Uzzell (KPFT)

30Jan2010-x Efia Nwangaza (WMXP, Greenville, SC) (p. 5), & x

26Feb2011-x Carolyn Birden (WBAI) (p. 6), & x

28Jan2012-x Efia Nwangaza (WMXP, Greenville, SC) (unpag.; p. 3 of the PDF), & x

24Feb2013-x Richard Uzzell (KPFT) (unpag.; p. 7 of the PDF), & x

9Feb2014-x Cerene Roberts (WBAI) (unpag.; p. 5 of the PDF), & x

<2015> Janet Kobren (KPFA) [was in post 26Feb2015 ( – p. 3)]

17Feb2016-x Janet Kobren (KPFA) (29:58) (&, & x

<2017> Akio Tanaka

<> Grace Aaron (KPFK)

<> ?Nancy Sorden (WPFW) e.o.2020/early2021?

<> – present, Polina Vasiliev (KPFK)