Can this be true? Has PNB reversed Wrecker Vernile’s wrecking? Will he resign in disgust?

. . . veridically, the Nielsen rating on this? . . .

Apologies for delay in posting this unbelievable news from Tracy Rosenberg: I wrongly assumed the weekend would witness more onslaught. But why don’t the Pacifica solidarians communicate directly with those interested in Pacifica? What’s the problem in being frank, removing uncertainty as to what’s happening?

How was the PNB’s 11-11 paralysis broken? It seems one person switched, Ron Pinchback (WPFW staff-delegate). The only publicly available authoritative & sourced evidence I have found on this question is the audio of the Su13Oct PNB public session. It only lasted 2:46 because quorum wasn’t made, & consisted in roll-call & a few telling remarks. The acting Chair was Alex Steinberg (WBAI listeners-delegate); roll was taken by Grace Aaron (KPFK listeners-delegate), conventionally a job of the PNB Secretary. Only 11 directors were present, but included the prize, Mr Pinchback.

Oddly, Tom Voorhees (KPFA listeners-delegate), a Pacifica solidarian, wasn’t. The session ended saying (2:29) they were going back into private session again. This suggests that there was no intention of having public proceedings, it merely being a useful way to let the public know (1) important things were happening in private, not least because (2) Mr P had switched sides, & so (3) Mr Voorhees was on the evening’s call but held in reserve.

There’s strange language in what is said to be the passed motion: “3) That all actions and plans for WBAI and our other stations be provided by an iED to the full PNB for review and approval, prior to their execution” (my emphases). Not ‘the’. There’s no mention of IEW Vernile having been fired, so is this imminent?

In any case, music corporate careerist IEW Vernile isn’t the sort of guy to hang around when lil peeps rebut him, is he?

Ms Rosenberg put the below report in her newsletter, & then on her blog, Pacifica in Exile: For your convenience, each of her webpages has a newsletter subscription application box.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday October 13, 2019

Majority of Pacifica Board Votes to Restore WBAI

Berkeley – On the evening of Sunday October 13th, the majority of the Pacifica Board of Directors voted to restore WBAI-FM to local content and staffing and undo the heist that occurred on October 7th. This vote also occurred on Saturday, October 12th, but on that day the perpetrators decided to “not count” the votes of five members of the national board from three different signal areas and then muted their telephone lines so they could not participate in the board proceedings. 

The twelve directors who met on Sunday night, who represent an absolute majority of the Pacifica National Board and include at least one director from each of the five signal areas, also did the following:

1. Removed the vice chair of the board from the vice chair position [Sabrina Jacobs, KPFA-Staff delegate]

2. Removed the secretary of the board from the secretary position [Bill Crosier, KPFT-Listeners delegate]

3. Instructed law firm Foster Garvey to withdraw from all litigation on behalf of Pacifica

All 12 board members, who represent a quorum of the nonprofit’s board of directors formally waived notice requirements for the special meeting and convened on a conference line that did not permit the involuntary muting of participants. 

The perpetrators of the unauthorized shutdown failed to show up for the Sunday night meeting after only mustering nine votes in their Saturday night attempt to retroactively authorize their actions. 

Here is the motion that restored community radio to New York:

MOTION to Restore WBAI – from Alex Steinberg, James Sagurton, Shawn Rhodes, Tom Voorhees, Grace Aaron and Lawrence Reyes

Due to the severe financial stress being placed on Pacifica because of loss of revenue from the interruption of the WBAI fall fund drive on the one hand, and the unusual severance, legal, and administrative costs incurred by the closing of the WBAI studios and operations on the other, be it resolved:

1)  That WBAI be immediately restored to its fully functional state as it was prior to Oct. 5, 2019;

2)  That all funds, equipment, files, computer access, the ENDEC required for emergency broadcasting by the FCC, studio to transmitter link, website and email access, bank accounts and credit card access, and any other actions or materials needed to restore WBAI to its previous condition be restored or returned, as the case may be, immediately.

3)  That all actions and plans for WBAI and our other stations be provided by an iED to the full PNB for review and approval, prior to their execution;

4)  That financial reports be submitted to the full PNB by the iCFO as soon as possible after the relevant period close. The iCFO should devise a set of reports that includes monthly P&L statements, quarterly balance sheets and cash flow, cash flow projections by quarter if not by month, plus any additional analytical reports that the PNB and management would find helpful for planning purposes; and

5) That a plan be drawn up for reducing expenses by the PNB with the participation of the iCFO and presented to the PNB in writing before the next regular PNB meeting (scheduled for November 7, 2019).

WBAI is expected to return to local control after the federal holiday on Tuesday October 15, 2019. 

The board minority continues to insist the meeting was illegal and their takeover of WBAI was sanctioned, but they have never on a single occasion been able to demonstrate authorization of their actions by a majority of the board of the Pacifica Foundation .


One thought on “Can this be true? Has PNB reversed Wrecker Vernile’s wrecking? Will he resign in disgust?

  1. robertgartner 15 October, 2019 / 02:42

    Do we know where John Vernile came from and who put him in office? Was it Grace Aaron for that moment she was in a drivers seat? Had bill Crosier had him in abeyance having groomed Tom Livingston out of the blue and perhaps had John Vernile in the waiting as I stated?? TO BE SURE it does seem that the plan here was already decided for John Vernile when he was hired or even before!! I hope the PNB DIGS DEEP for a change and takes off the blinders that have been worn, that have hypnotized them into thinking people Like Bill Crosier, et al, and especially et al have been truly for the Foundation. But how can a person do that when they do everything in secret, do everything in underhanded and manipulative manner. Do not forget that it is Bill Crosier who has put the PNB on “NOTICE”. The utter audaciity of him! There is something really ROTTEN here.


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