The breaker faction’s complete set of new by-laws: a new Pacifica constitution, refounding the Foundation

Pacifica Restructuring Project, document 6 of 7

[On Tu24Sep (apologies for the delay) will be posted an analysis of this latest attempt to break-up Pacifica, & it will examine, in context, these seven docs. The post will synthesise & develop the comments already made.]

The breaker faction’s petition is disingenuous in claiming it concerns “proposed Amended and Restated Bylaws”. No: it’s not as innocuous as that. No: it’s a complete set of new by-laws. Not ‘amended’ & ‘restated’, bland, ‘nothing to see here, move along’.

No: it’s a new constitution.

In its scope & urgent timetable, it’s an attempt at revolutionary change. By its content, it is reactionary & authoritarian, it is anti-democratic. By its scope, it creates a new Pacifica, refounding the Foundation.

1) The LSB’s are vaporised:

Upon adoption of these Bylaws the Local Station Boards authorized under the previous Bylaws shall be terminated” (Article X; page 14, my emphases); presumably this is when ‘the people’ have spoken, that is, when the National Elections Supervisor certifies the election result, not when the Pacifica National Board votes to accept the NES’ final report.

2) The serving directors have their terms ended during the last 14 days of Jan2020 – leaving the Board solely occupied by six non-Pacificans. From this point, the whole Pacifica membership will no longer elect the majority of directors:

“By approval of these Restated and Amended Bylaws by the Members, the following individuals are appointed to serve as Transition At-Large Directors: Heidi Boghosian, Judy Graboyes, Robert “Bob” King, Barbara Ransby, Walter Riley, and Norman Stockwell. Their terms shall commence at the first meeting of the Transition Board which shall occur during the during the [sic] last two weeks of January 2020. The terms of the previous Board of Directors shall expire on that date.” (Art. XV [their typo], Sec. 1; p. 16)

3) These six directors, all alone. Accountable to no-one, least of all the Pacifica members. Able to decide to do whatever they want, taking whatever seductive advice is fed themsuch as a detailed version of the Peter Franck break-up plan, the one published less than a year ago, on 23Sep2018 (please see the posting of it here,

The facts are plain: they are a committee, a junta, a dictatorship of six, a hexumvirate. The Roman conception of a dictatorship was an individual selected to rule, for a definite period, in a state of emergency, through special measures, & here we have the collective version: the Gang of Six do what they want for between 92 & 114 calendar days, until a date during the first 10 days of May next year (1+29+31+30+1 = 92 calendar days, & 14+29+31+30+10 = 114):

“the At-Large Directors shall constitute the full Board of Directors and shall be authorized to take any and all actions they deem necessary for the Board of Directors to take that are not in conflict with law or these bylaws.” (same passage, my emphases)

4) Conclusion … It’s obvious from the bios of the Gang of Six published by the breaker faction that they’re patsies, none having worked in radio management, selected by the faction to rubber-stamp what must be an already prepared detailed plan.

And the content of this secret plan? With ‘Breaker’ Spooner & ‘Breaker’ Franck listed on their petition as two of the nine creating this faction, there’s only one rational answer: breaking up Pacifica.

Panic over WBAI is simply being used as a political pretext, as a persuasive means, as a rhetorical device.

No trust can be placed in the movers of this complete set of new by-laws, a new constitution, refounding the Foundation.

Pacifica has serious problems, but this is not the way to go.

This by-laws proposal must be emphatically rejected.

Source: (19 pages)

Here, read online (click the ‘magnifying glass’) or download:!77YFgSyD!0gUc8su6NPL6154QN-1YNQbbrg8NTlptPahjv-M4VRY


One thought on “The breaker faction’s complete set of new by-laws: a new Pacifica constitution, refounding the Foundation

  1. Kim Kaufman 19 September, 2019 / 16:04

    I devote a couple of paragraphs in my article to some (not all) of these takeover and break up Pacifica people: KPFK and Pacifica: Update 2019

    In addition to what I said about Gendelman in my article, she was pushing a $1million loan on KPFK’s building in 2008 which luckily did not happen – or KPFK would already be out of business.

    These new board member people, who know nothing about Pacifica, nothing about radio or any media, have no actual management or business experience or anything related, are supposed to do what? There will be no ED or CFO, only an outsourced accounting company who have produced little to nothing in over a year. I’m sure they’re all good activists but, for sure, they were handpicked by these people who have long advocated for breaking up Pacifica so they could get the KPFA license for themselves.

    Each factional swing only brings Pacifica closer to its final resting place wherever that may be. The losers are always the public, whose money is supporting all these assholes’ grandiose plans, and the idea that Pacifica is supposed to be a public media organization serving the public with non-corporate information they can’t find elsewhere.

    – Kim Kaufman.


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