Anti-breakers, you’re politically bankrupt, accept reality. But will a new defender of Pacifica arise? Fat chance

This was posted Tu20July to the two main Pacifica Facebook groups, Pacifica Radio Supporters, & Friends and Fans of Pacifica Foundation (the name since 2020 of Pacifica Radiowaves). These remarks followed on from an appeal to the breakers to let it go, to accept that they failed to persuade Pacificans to adopt their proposed new constitution. It turned on losing the staff-member referendum, 255 — 180.

That cancelled out winning the listener-member referendum, 6 640 — 5 216. Nevertheless, this result was remarkable:

three percentage-point metrics, showing breaker swings, using as the base the Mar2020 listener-member referendum result: +75.7 (sic) when expressed as a proportion of the anti-breaker vote (–48.4 +27.3); +21.7 amongst those who voted (33.7 ⭢ 55.4); & +7.38 amongst the membership (7.70 15.08);

the breakers doubled their vote, x2.03 (3 273 6 640); &

the anti-breakers performed so badly, enthusing & mobilising so inefficiently, that with turnout increasing 23.4% (9 714 11 986), their vote went down a damning 17.7% (6 340 5 216).

The crushing result demonstrates the political bankruptcy of the anti-breaker prominents, namely, of both their style (form) & their messaging (content), expressed in & thru an alienated & alienating relationship with the members, reducing them to exhorting from on high . . . the moment of realisation, of calls falling upon deaf ears.


Nevertheless, the listener-member referendum result shows the political bankruptcy of the anti-breaker PNB majority. It showed that their bureaucratic approach of not organising & mobilising amongst the membership (unlike New Day), & instead relying on tired & dying networks of likely voters to spread the word, has reached its inefficient & inefficacious limit. The anti-breaker prominents (one can’t say leaders) are exhausted as a political force. Anti-politics, it’s been shown it can only do so much work. It’s only a matter of time. Their necrotic process has accelerated markedly.

Devoid of ideas & unable to generate hope, they have confirmed that objectively they exist as breakers themselves: they have shown they are unable to motivate members to believe & co-create a revived & vigorous Pacifica network that isn’t just desired & possible, but feasible.

In their stead, will such a political force arise within PacificaWorld?


Fat chance.



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