Video of WBAI Local Station Board, W9Oct2019

Thanks so much to Joe Friendly for doing this. (2:03:39)

Directors’ report, only given by Alex Steinberg (informative chronological account, with some analysis): 14:22 – 27:40

(Lengthy) resolution to be sent to PNB, passed unanimously: 32:12 – 44:51

General Manager Berthold Reimers’ report: 1:16:19 – 1:28:04

Announcements, then public comment (obviously including Mimi Rosenberg & Cerene Roberts, plus Program Director Linda Perry): 1:28:05 – 1:57:43

Chair Carolyn McIntyre on her letter to IED Vernile about rising Nielsen ratings, that he chose not to reply to: 1:57:44 – 1:58:41

Worth mentioning is an unfortunate coincidence, Jack DePalma wearing his Stony Brook sweatshirt. Not to blight a whole university, but that’s the bounteous mamma of Interim Executive Wrecker John Carlo Vernile.

Please check out Joe Friendly’s channel: His films include the W8May2019 WBAI LSB, & two public sessions of current LSB candidates being asked questions.

Tonite, the PNB meets at 7.30pm ET, one hour earlier than usual. It will be livestreamed from; best is the ‘Direct Link’ embed, usually taking you to However, there’s every chance quorum will not be achieved (12 of the 22 directors).


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