‘FAQs’ – missing what’s important

Pacifica Restructuring Project, document 4 of 7

[On Tu24Sep (apologies for the delay) will be posted an analysis of this latest attempt to break-up Pacifica, & it will examine, in context, these seven docs. The post will synthesise & develop the comments already made.]

Six Q&A.

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hx55oqvlMJd0j_h8IoKvVd8c-vijuFDwSBgwva-EvYg/edit (1 page)


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed new Pacifica Bylaws

Q: What happens to people on the Local Station Boards?

A: They are merged with the Community Advisory Board for their station, and of course may volunteer at their station.

Q: Should I vote in the current Delegate/LSB elections?

A: YES! That’s still important, too.

Q: Should I wait to donate to my Pacifca station?

A: Absolutely not. Your station needs your financial support, as well as volunteer hours, to keep going. Go to your station’s web site to donate today, or do it in the next fund drive.

Q: Why are there At-Large Directors on the new national Board, as well as station representative Directors?

A: The At-Large Directors will bring additional skills and experience, professional contacts, non-profit experience, and national perspective that the station representative Directors may not have.

Q. Why the need for change to the current Bylaws?

A: See the Introduction – it explains why it’s so important to replace the Bylaws with something that will create more functional governance and a stronger network.

Q: Isn’t this effort really designed to target individuals seen as impediments to some agenda?

A: The people who drafted these Bylaws are not in agreement about what programming is best, the appropriate authority and influence of paid versus unpaid staff, or many other issues. What brought us together are the current, unambiguous realities. Our current governance structure is not leading the organization toward greater strength and stability, rather it has failed to meet the changing nature of the media environment, and it has failed to deal effectively with financial realities. This is not about individuals, programs, or management choices.  The Pacifica Restructuring Project represent a diversity of views, many conflicting. This is about being honest with ourselves about Pacifica Radio’s long-term viability unless it is restructured.


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