Pause, & reflect on how disputes & station financial performance have been addressed in the past

The quality of discussion by Pacifica decision-makers has, how can one put it, left much to be desired. This is especially so since 2Apr2018, when Pacifica borrowed $3.7m from the Foundation for the Jewish Community, FJC.

This document, kindly suggested by Nalini Lasiewicz, was written just over 20 years ago. Yet it’s of great relevance, if only for the tenor it should induce in the reader. The crisis in 1999 was much more intense than the current one. We need to pause, and reflect. And learn from the past. (17July1999)

The document:

Garland Ganter, Bessie Wash, & Mark Schubb, Funding National Priorities: Station Perspective & Suggested Solutions, 23Sep1999, 4 pages!DjYjwCpQ!UOCpRTF_d6eVqNG9lKx6RujGTzOUzMLkHpPyvy3yPa4

This Pacifica report is in a series of documents being posted here, drawing attention to the sort of written work that Pacifica’s decision-makers used to produce. I would draw your attention to another one, posted at this blog two months ago, 9Aug, the Pacifica Financial Recovery Plan, 28Feb2012, written by the Financial Recovery & Audit Taskforce.

The PNB Finance Cttee meets tonite, & it’s being livestreamed from 8.30pm ET at (best bet is probably ‘Direct Link’). It’s chaired by director Chris Cory, who was the breakers’ nominee for temporary Chair of the Board at the Th19Sep PNB meeting, the first after the launch of the breaker petition for a new Pacifica constitution, & the first display of paralysis, the vote splitting 11-11. The PNB itself meets this Thursday, livestreamed from 7.30pm ET, an hour earlier than usual, same webpage; this had been called last Thursday, so before the venal Vernile house invasion station invasion.


2 thoughts on “Pause, & reflect on how disputes & station financial performance have been addressed in the past

    • PacificaWatch 9 October, 2019 / 14:40

      Thanx for that, Nalini. With two links to it let’s hope twice as many read it, & ponder what’s best to do today. Thanx again.


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