Beyond 31Dec2020, only the *very* occasional post will be made

. . . the future . . .

You have to ask yourself, what brought the organisation to this point.

(adaptation of the words of the customs official, opening Exotica, the best film by Atom Egoyan)

As mentioned in a Dec2020 response to a comment, after three whole years of writing about Pacifica, it’s time to stop for three years, if not five. A few drafts will be written up, as will the series, The auditor speaks! The A-Files: audiofiles, 2004-2020, For the rest, PacificaWorld will continue on its happy way, perpetually perplexed by its unhappy travails.

Peyton Place, as my great-grandmother would apparently say, a world unto itself.

PacificaWorld, unwilling, & finding itself unable, to recognise & then satisfy its two existential needs: replacing de facto federalism with adequate centralised control; devising & implementing a network development plan.

PacificaWorld, populated by peeps who have yet to live in the 21st century.

PacificaWorld, unwilling to accept reality, to accept that it too is bound by the social law of money, by its causal force.

~~~ fin ~~~


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