Nominal 2018 LSB pseudo-elections

These elections became a pseudo-election when the PNB obstinately fired the National Elections Supervisor (NES), Graeme Drew, & carried on regardless. This happened Tu30Oct2018, the evening before he was going to publicly declare that he’d called off the elections, having determined that the elections couldn’t take place because the membership list was so poor that “I am unable to reliably verify any of the applicants for candidacy due to the poor quality of elector lists” (his final, leaked, report to the PNB, Tu30Oct, page 2, my emphasis – a week after its publication he kindly sent it to me). He also determined that there was no prospect of this being remedied any time soon.

Two pieces, one long, one short, downloadable as PDF’s:

A summary of what happened, & what it reveals about the Pacifica ‘leadership’, is given as an introduction to the 2019 LSB pseudo-elections. On the balance of probabilities, these are more sham elections, because they’re also based on a membership list for which there is no publicly available evidence that it is materially accurate: all we have is a practical assertion that there’s no problem, an assertion that’s to be taken on trust. Well, those days are long over.

(The results were declared M18Mar2019. An analysis of the NES’ final report (undated, but said to be M18Mar) will follow.


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