Origin of FJC’s name & acronym

. . . the explanation of the asterisk in para #2 after “Alan Smith”, Lorin Silverman, is given at the foot of the third & final page: “[n]ame has been changed to protect privacy” – perverse in that the article is a fluff piece for the non-anonymised FJC, https://484d9f93-8046-4f51-84bb-28f8035e8031.filesusr.com/ugd/3aa597_1ffbb137d5ef4a7280ea79e16af4c057.pdf . . .

(1) The pic shows how Lorin Silverman, President of FJC, explained the foundation’s title, FJC, what it’s an acronym of: https://www.jlensnetwork.org (at the very bottom of the homepage, on the left, beneath ‘Learn’, in ‘Case Studies’), & https://484d9f93-8046-4f51-84bb-28f8035e8031.filesusr.com/ugd/3aa597_1ffbb137d5ef4a7280ea79e16af4c057.pdf (9Oct2013, page 1)

(2) FJC’s own words:

[i]n 1995, a small group of dedicated philanthropists, led by our founder Marty Silverman, established FJC, with the goal of making it the premier foundation of donor advised funds for new generations of philanthropists who strive for better ways of giving.


Yes, Lorin is his son.

(3) Director Jan Goodman (KPFK listener-delegate) was presumably speaking falsely when she told the Sa21Nov2020 KPFA LSB, in public comment, that when she rang up Lorin, & maybe others, she was told that “FJC [the letters] didn’t stand for anything […] that’s how I happen to know, you know, from the, the Board President” (29:13). So she says Lorin told her this – if so, he lied, given the highly credible report by Julie Hammerman of her 2013 interview with him.

But Jan isn’t naive. She’s a woman of the world. She wouldn’t be surprised by a factoid in the life of FJC’s former CEO, Leonard Glickman. In 2018 he changed job – rearranging the letters, moving from FJC to JCF, from the Foundation for the Jewish Community to the Jewish Community Foundation. Jan knows this alphabet soup. https://www.jcfblog.org/2018/01/new-director.html

When Jan attended the Su20Dec2020 KPFK LSB, a PacificaWatch minion corrected her in the Zoom chatbox, giving the link to Julie Hammerman’s interview of Lorin.

The truth about FJC being an acronym, linking to Hammerman, was included in a 15Nov2018 letter about the FJC loan sent to all 120 Local Station Board delegates by a PacificaWatch minion. LINK

FJC’s dual marketing strategy: the special one for Jewish-Americans & supporters of Jewish-Israeli supremacism

Quote from interview of FJC CEO Leonard Glickman, 11Nov2015, on their marketing to Jewish-Americans & supporters of Jewish-Israeli supremacism: FJC is the FJC: putting the JC, ‘the Jewish community’, into the FJC, the Foundation for the Jewish Community. One that many treat as a communal marketing, one that’s not mentioned outside ‘the community’.

Three of the Q&A: (1) “Are you able to steer your donations to one particular category, such as those that support the Jewish community?”, “Yes […]”; (2) “What is the advantage of opening an account with FJC as opposed to the Jewish Communal Fund?”, “It is really a personal preference. We are both 501(c)(3)s. FJC has deep roots in the Jewish community. We describe ourselves as a national organization that has no specific ties […]”; (3) “FJC offers another feature many other community foundations or donor advised funds don’t – the ability to make donations to pre-approved overseas charities”, “We do make them to approved charities oversees [sic] – and it helps if the government the charity is operating in has a nonprofit division like Israel does […]” – https://jewishweek.timesofisrael.com/the-abcs-of-donor-advised-funds/

A PacificaWatch minion made this point on 18Oct2018: “[c]onventionally, there’s a threefold categorisation of businesses managing donor-advised funds: single-issue; community; national. FJC seems to have started off projecting themselves solely as a community fund: hence their choice of name, Foundation for the Jewish Community. But as they grew they looked to a wider market, but leaving enough markers of what they see as their communal purpose, not least in volunteering where some of their directors used to work: http://www.fjc.org/board-and-staff. So it tries to ride two horses, neatly captured in these words by their recently replaced CEO, Leonard Glickman: “FJC has deep roots in the Jewish community. We describe ourselves as a national organization that has no specific ties” (11 November 2015 http://jewishweek.timesofisrael.com/the-abcs-of-donor-advised-funds/).” – https://wbai-nowthen.blogspot.com/2018/10/fumbling-fall-drive.html (comment denoted “4 of 7”)

[to be fully written-up June-July2021]