FY2003 auditor’s report. Audiofiles

https://pacifica.org/finance/audit_2003.pdf, with a duplicate at https://mega.nz/folder/lJNwSbhb#7XmZ2F2j0dqvrlZcRRP82Q/file/4RtlCBja

• Ross Wisdom

• Dated 12Mar2004

• This was their third Pacifica audit, having done FY2001 & 2002.

PNB Audit Cttee: no meeting found re this auditor’s report (first 2004 meeting in the archive is 21Oct); no audiofile; no draft/approved agenda; no minutes.

PNB: Sa13Mar2004 (King Middle School, Berkeley – back in the day, the directors had a three-day quarterly meeting, the venue rotating between the five signal areas); no audiofile; approved minutes, https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb040312/pnb040312_1924_minutes.pdf (item 9; no pagination; page 6 of the PDF; approved 4June2004). However, according to detailed (& jocular) contemporaneous notes posted in the archive, the meeting was audio recorded: https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb040313/pnb040313_1923_minutes.pdf (unpaginated; p. 1 of the PDF). Oddly, after the presentation by auditor Ross Wisdom, of the eponymous professional limited liability company, there was no motion to accept the report.

• Post-report PNB Audit Cttee meeting with Ross Wisdom: 26Oct2004; no audiofile; approved minutes, https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/audit/041026/audit041026_1827_agenda.txt (approved 13Dec2004).

https://kpftx.org/archive_2004.php (just use the search function, ‘Filter Committees’, at top of page; PNB Audit Cttee is simply ‘Audit’)