Vernile and breakers propagandise pseudo-plan in “peaceful, informed dialogue”. M7Oct2019 letter

Dictator Vernile & Breakers Co. excel themselves with hypocritical pseudo-plan!z7InSKYK!BVqLEaFnU8-fFHqTLD7g-duBDHR7jaLLlJewdfKf8vM

Last weekend I showed that Vernile & McCoy go back in the day, the late ’90s in San Francisco, at Gavin Report, the music radio trade weekly.

Two peas in a pod.

Pacifica listeners, unbeknownst to them, have been funding for weeks a coup, paying the wages of authoritarians, paying for security guards, paying for a secret plan, an action that is the very antithesis of what Pacifica stands for.

Bulldozering through the break up of Pacifica . . . “peaceful, informed dialogue” . . . the hypocrisy of dictators.

The rational response to this nonsense by the 11 anti-breaker directors on the Pacifica National Board:

today, the 11 anti-breaker directors on the Pacifica National Board must issue an open letter condemning the unauthorised move by Vernile & his associates, such as the station manager of KPFA in the Bay Area, Quincy McCoy; &

• declare that all those involved will be fired for acting beyond their powers, not least in using members’ subscriptions & listeners’ donations to defy all that Pacifica stands for.

The rational response to this nonsense by the anti-breaker delegates on the three Local Station Boards that have their monthly meeting tomorrow, WBAI in New York, WPFW in DC, KPFT in Houston:

• the anti-breaker delegates must move a motion in support of the letter of the anti-breaker directors;

• demand the firing of Dictator Vernile; &

• reverse his authoritarian action.


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