The post-NETA new beginning: Pacifica to recruit CFO from Mariana or Samoa, even Guantanamo! A triumph for inclusion – and dirt-bottom wages

. . . a customised solution for Pacifica Foundation, Inc. (note that American Samoa is next door, in Polynesia) – . . .

The Pacifica cash crunch exerts more pressure than the crusher in the wrecking yard. But no matter how tight the money, never say Pacifica isn’t rising to the challenge!

Up steps heir to the Pacifica throne, the future Queen Liz III. Yesterday, at the Su21Aug PNB Personnel Cttee meeting, Beth ‘that’s not a question, that’s a personal attack!’ von Gunten (KPFK listener-delegate) laid it out as it is: Pacifica could hire its new Chief Financial Officer from a low-wage state – “South Carolina, or Iowa, or wherever” (c. 48mins into proceedings, when she struggled to stay in management-speak, eventually landing on the euphemisms “lower-cost” & “less costly”). She said NETA, the National Educational Telecommunications Association – which has supplied Pacifica’s last four CFO’s – operates from Columbia, South Carolina, & that helps it offer so much for so little. ($27 500 a month, $330k a year – per the National Office net income/loss statement included in the NETA-produced management accounts monthlies,

Su21Aug2022 PNB Personnel Cttee, not in the Pacifica archive, so here’s the relevant 2mins11secs clip,; [UPDATE: eventually in the archive, at 47:58, but a much poorer recording, hissy –]

Next, the directors sleepwalkers will be pushing to make Pacifica a non-union shop. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to pause & take stock of the evidence before us. Then we can appreciate a few things about the Pacifica prominents, how blinkered they are, their narrow horizons, dull imaginations. A minimum of thought yields the question: why restrict the CFO search to states? Scour the territories! Even find someone in Guantanamo!

But you have to be careful: even Puerto Rico has unions, & plenty of peeps quit to leave for the mainland . . . & you won’t believe the labour costs in Guam – almost as high as Mississippi. That’s why for a cost-conscious, far-sighted employer, determined to deliver value to customers, Pacific islanders are the new Central Americans.

Yes, Pacifica may have left it late but it can still embrace the renewed liberal economic age, focusing all hiring on the Northern Mariana Islands & American Samoa! If the former were good enough for Enola Gay & Bockscar then they’re good enough for Pacifica! The new Pacifica can show it knows no depths. It can even adopt a new logo: a trench.


A lot has happened this calendar year. But is it even worth describing, let alone trying something a lil more difficult? Addressing things like explaining; identifying scenarios & options; offering rational, even actionable, prescriptions? Or does it make more sense just to remain submerged, swept over by events, wave upon wave?


. . . the coming gloaming, the darkness sweeping in upon the face of the deep . . .



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