Emergency Th25Feb2021 PNB on the $3.265m loan, from the Foundation for the Jewish Community, falling due F2Apr2021: problem? what problem?

. . . pretty pic would be wasted here . . .

“Reason for emergency:
This is a special meeting of the PNB called mainly to discuss the loan and Pacifica’s plans in relation to it
.” https://kpftx.org


The knowledge displayed by Pacifica’s directors, breathtaking.

The ideas detailed by Pacifica’s directors, captivating.

The energy expressed by Pacifica’s directors, inspiring.

The future, secure.


Quite a few recent Pacifica meetings don’t have audiofiles in the Archive. Given this, & because this evening’s proceedings are so reassuring, a recording is here:

https://mega.nz/file/UVsCRa5R#EXGnA_eR3vrPc5-ZWqdAyQx4xc130qAoS8ITtvd45uY (2:00:41 missing is almost all of the reading of the proposed agenda, & the stream stopped 57:53-1:00:11). [UPDATE: the audiofiles, 2 no., were posted Tu2Mar2021, https://kpftx.org/archives/pnb/pnb210225/pnb210225a.mp3, & the ‘b’ file. The recording is complete, unlike that of the livestream. (However, still not in the Archive is the audio of the Th4Feb2021 PNB.)]


Yes, on tonite’s evidence, as before, any reader of this blog has a better understanding of Pacifica’s predicament. Sad, but true.