Posted by Chris Albertson Apr2019

. . . Chris Albertson, WBAI studios, 1965 (photographer: Sam Falk, New York Times) . . .

I didn’t make a comment in Apr2019 on Chris’ blog. He had only one post, written by KPFK Commentator: There were four comments, two penned by Chris:

My moving finger points to Pacifica’s broken, corrupt National Board.


The next day Anonymous said, “Glad to see a new post Chris. I was starting to get worried especially after I saw an updated bio for you on wiki. I don’t hear much about Pacifica anymore. Maybe I’m not getting the press releases. Maybe I got tired of listening to long PNB meetings. The WBAI board met for the first time since June last year. Will they meet again? Who knows? Since Maxie made it clear he wants to get rid of the local boards, it may not really matter.”

Chris replied the same day:

My inertia was/is due to a combination of circumstances, including Pacifica’s stagnation and my own need to take care of health issues. Then, to, there was my need to take a bit of a breather from the circular rut that maps Pacifia’s course from insignificance to tangible oblivion.

That said, I am not going away—the fat lady’s song—out of tune though it is—has become somewhat catching. There also does appear to be a genuine effort afoot to make meaningful program changes—sad to say, however, far to much crap has been afforded further unmerited longevity.

Thanks for worrying over my absence. I hope Indigopirate, Jara Handala and other informed, astute posters will continue to contribute.



This photo appeared in his obituary published by the New York Times, Th9May2019, written by Richard Sandomir.



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