Three station FCC licences expire this year: KPFT 1Aug, KPFA 1Dec, KPFK 1Dec

A digression worth making: today Chris Cory was added to the 2021 KPFA LSB nomination list. “Interesting”, as the man himself would say. Moreover, as a staff-member. (When he was elected in 2018 it was as a listener-member; the five who then ran as staff were the successful Sabrina ‘if you think I’m obnoxious, just wait untiI I bother to try’ Jacobs, Tim Lynch, Frank Sterling, & the unsuccessful Philip ‘I’m so sly you may even start off liking me’ Maldari & Darlene ‘there’s more to me than sadomasochism & black lesbians’ Pagano.) Re C ‘Pharaoh’ C’s biography, in Pacifica has that ever happened before, peeps getting onto the LSB, then getting a show? I wonderwheel . . .

Also making a return is Sherry ‘Donny is abrasive, I prefer the scalpel’ Gendelman: the breakers are continuing their Eurocommunist interpretation of Gramsci, working in & against the state, the state not of Denmark but of PacificaWorld.


Applications all on schedule?

Raises the question, what’s in these three preparation schedules? Where are the links, so Pacifica management can be transparent in their work, & that they, & the directors, can be held accountable for their acts, of both commission & omission?

Why have the 2021 licence applications, especially for KPFT, not been mentioned in any Pacifica meeting, those either open to the public or with an audiofile in the Pacifica meetings archive?

Bit of a prob at KPFT, praps, coz the station manager, David Baes, finishes work this Thursday. But then, it’s only some government rule – why would they mess with Pacifica? Rules are for other peeps, right? (Teresa Allen, 16:23)

And they had a power outage at the transmitter last Thursday, 8July, for 10hrs or so:

Tomorrow is the KPFT Local Station Board. Nominally starts at 8pm EDT. It’s expected that the proposed agenda has 30mins public comment from 9pm EDT (the jargon is ‘at time certain’). Will anyone ask about the licence renewal application? Will it rise up the agenda above the items most amenable to point-scoring? Find out, joining by either phone or Zoom.; &

The other stations: WBAI’s expires 1June2022; WPFW’s, 1Oct2027.

The Federal Communications Commission records of each station are linked from (section 3).



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