You’ve got your damn report now, so just S T O P ! ! !

. . . over 5 000 peeps can’t be wrong, can they? . . .

The undated final report on the 2021 local station board elections,, seems to have been posted either today or yesterday. The link is from the homepage of the National Elections Supervisor, Renée A Peñaloza, Have to say, smart move undating a late doc; & calling it the final when it’s also the first – like getting a medal for coming last.

On Pacifica’s homepage,, the report neither appears nor its existence acknowledged. The members, the listeners, not even an afterthought.

It’s worth pointing out that Ms P chose to force anyone wanting to see her report to leave the Pacifica elections website, only to land on a webpage that carries the name of her business not once but twice, in the URL & down in the corner – (this also promotes one of her business emails, Oh. Given this, it’s simply disingenuous to say on the Pacifica elections site, “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FINAL REPORT” (original Trump-caps). Double oh. And it being her WeTransfer account, she, & not Pacifica, control access to the report: “you decide how long transfers are available. Give people four weeks to download your files or make sure they stick around forever—you’re in control” – Triple oh.

Not only that, Ms P chose to not make the report viewable at the Pacifica elections site. Quadruple oh. And her choosing didn’t stop there: the report isn’t even viewable on the Asteria Records page. Quintuple oh. Yes, if one wants to see the report one has to download it – from the Asteria Records page. O M G. That way, if Ms P so desires, she can capture all the IP addresses of not just the visitors to her account but a niche market, those who download this Pacifica document. Ever the small capitalist, Asteria Records, intentionally or otherwise, sometimes as if in a dream, positions itself to augment its database – and to spread news of her business (just as PacificaWatch has done here, by talking about it).

Analysis to follow.



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