Seems Berthold’s on his way out – no prob, Volunteer Alex becomes not just interim general manager but interim executive director as well, a win-win . . . cometh the moment, cometh the man

. . . “Seeking a Director position”, the start of Mr Reimers’ LInkedIn webpage – all five screenshots taken Tu23Aug2022, . . .

Berthold ‘I’ve got more coats of Teflon than Donald Trump’ Reimers has been WBAI’s station manager since July2010 (sic). He’s hoping to be gone by Xmas.

Berthold is one of life’s survivors. Forget pussy: his performance should have been evaluated annually, in writing, 12 times by the WBAI Local Station Board, carrying out its duty “[t]o prepare an annual written evaluation of the station’s General Manager” – by-law Article 7, Section 3(C), This hasn’t happened. The LSB members, year after year, failed to carry out one of the few mandatory duties they have.

Why has this been tolerated? Not least by the directors sleepwalkers of the Pacifica National Board because it has its own mandated duty in this matter – an unconditional duty, a duty without discretion – to make sure that the LSB members (which includes themselves!) do their job: “[s]ubject to the provisions of the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation law, and any limitations in the Articles of Incorporation and these Bylaws relating to action required or permitted to be taken or approved by the Members or Delegates of the Foundation, the activities and affairs of the Foundation shall be conducted and all corporate powers shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Board.” (the whole of by-law Article 5, Section 1(D), “General Power and Authority”, all emphases added –

Despite this lack of scrutiny, how much have the members & other listeners been giving Mr B? The only publicly available info pertains to fiscal-year 2016, thru 30Sep2016, when he was paid $117 127 ($85 000 “[r]eportable compensation from the organization” + $32 127 “[e]stimated amount of other compensation from the organization and related organizations”) – (page 8), accessed from For some it will be regrettable that this is his only pecuniary appearance in a Pacifica Internal Revenue Service Form 990.

. . . Pacifica Foundation, Inc. 2015 IRS Form 990, mostly using FY2016 data, page 8 – . . .

Meanwhile, Pacifica will be transformed in the coming weeks & months. Bigtime. This, the product of an opaque process, all helped by the directors sleepwalkers not being pressed by any LSB to disclose (1) not just the criteria but the ranked criteria the directors sleepwalkers are using for decision-making, & (2) the scenarios they’ve specified, thoroughly analysed/discussed, & then evaluated using said criteria – but, to do them justice, they’re probably just proceeding ad hoc, like a Trump. Fat chance decisions are being made in the context of implementing a network development plan – let alone one designed to allow every one of the five stations, plus the Pacifica Radio Archives & Pacifica Affiliate Network, to not just grow but to develop, to flourish.

This PNB opacity & LSB collusion has been reinforced for the last 12mths or so by a Pacifica withdrawal from the public: choosing more often to refuse to publish the joining details of meetings; reducing the number of streamed meetings; & putting far fewer audio recordings in the Pacifica meetings archive – every lil bit helps in the war against transparency & member/listener/staff involvement. After all, curiosity is dangerous. Whereas secrecy precludes accountability, & also makes it more difficult to know what’s going on, even discouraging an initial interest from a newbie to PacificaWorld. Yes, alienating the plebs makes it easier to rule as one wants.

That aside, never let a crisis go to waste, as the wit has it. Crisis? Seize the opportunity! And quote some Chinese sage – even if it’s made up. Can even talk of Mao & ‘there is great chaos under Heaven – the situation is excellent’, adding Chinese characters for authenticity, an authority prop.

Despite these travails, Berthold’s imminent departure opens up a golden double opportunity: Comrade Volunteer Alex Steinberg, Chair of The Board until January this year, may be on holiday in Greece at the moment but he can be made both WBAI station manager & Pacifica executive director. Steph can be made redundant, paid off, maybe with cowrie shells. And with Alex doing the two jobs on an expenses-only basis, the savings will be Himalayan. Not to be clichéd, but what could go wrong?

And why stop there? Who knows, maybe Alex can be the CFO as well, just like ED Tom Livingston was in 2018 – it may break a by-law, but what’s new: “neither the Secretary nor the Chief Financial Officer shall serve concurrently as the Chairperson of the Board or the Executive Director” – Never forget the first rule of PacificaWorld: rules are for RealWorld, not PacificaWorld. (Yes, a universe of paradoxes, of contradictions.) Instead, PacificaWorld is run by decisions – which is why it’s important to keep out troublemakers, those asking awkward questions, & instead just recycle, decade after decade, the Pacifica grandparents & great-grandparents, tempered in the Vietnam period, then steeled in the Pacifica politics spanning the millennia. Year after year, those are the ones ‘we thank for their service’, those exalted in Amerikan culture as ‘our leaders’ (without a flicker of recognition that this lauds the Führer principle). And keeping things cosy gives the decision-makers the peace & quiet they need to get on with the difficult job of deciding decisions, even if on occasion caution requires this to be deciding decisions about how to decide decisions – all achieved without the restraint of rules. The creativity & imagination of the directors sleepwalkers simply can’t be held back. After all, the very survival of ‘The Foundation’ is at stake.


But to return to Berthold. Here, courtesy of LinkedIn, is ‘Berthold’s public profile badge’, which can be pinned all over the internet, posted on all sorts of websites, as he does his damnedest to get away from Pacifica, from WBAI:


And his LinkedIn declaration is a wonder to behold. (Sad attempt at wordplay? Of course.) Some peeps get ribbed for hiding their light under a bushel. Berthold is dynamo incarnate: he cloaks his light within his behaviour. Listening to his performances, month after month, year after year, at the WBAI Finance Cttee & the WBAI LSB, & an annual appearance at the PNB Finance Cttee (if a station budget existed), who had the slightest suspicion that he not only has an MBA but came to WBAI with over 13 years’ experience of financial administration? Who knew? Who could tell? The wonder! The wonder!

Dynamo incarnate. Always on the move. Deflecting attention by bringing up new issues. Saying the opposite of what he said the week before. Even twisting time by producing the report after the meeting, tying up tens of minutes of the next meeting. Yes, Mr B is an irrepressible moving target. And when you think you’re finally within range he’s gone, poof!, just like that, as if he was never there. And in a sense he wasn’t, for Berthold is he who operates in another dimension. PacificaWorld, truly a unique universe!

The over-13yrs as a financial administrator, per his LinkedIn:

at Healthfirst (1yr 3mths; followed by an undisclosed gap of 2yrs 6mths; then 1yr 2mths):

• Premium Billing Supervisor

• Manager of Financial Operation

at EmblemHealth (11yrs 3mths):

• Manager of Capitation

• Assistant Director of Capitation

• Director of Product & Customer Management

• Director of Corporate Business Development

• Director of Financial Reporting & Analysis

• Director of SSP & Medicaid Dual Products R&A – Government Assisted Programs

Two screenshots showing Mr B’s work declaration – plus his two degrees (please, no music ‘jokes’):


For completeness, here’s the other relevant section of his LinkedIn testimony/self-promotion/advert, his ‘About’, stressing ‘why Berthold? Berthold is CaptainFantastic, your one-and-only Mr StrategyGuy!’:


. . . Someone like Berthold, no need to ‘wish him luck’, ‘wish him all the best’: Berthold is one of life’s survivors. He’ll always land on his feet.

Speaking of which, if WBAI had a newsletter, would his farewell be drenched with as many tears as washed over Quincy’s feet?



The post-NETA new beginning: Pacifica to recruit CFO from Mariana or Samoa, even Guantanamo! A triumph for inclusion – and dirt-bottom wages

. . . a customised solution for Pacifica Foundation, Inc. (note that American Samoa is next door, in Polynesia) – . . .

The Pacifica cash crunch exerts more pressure than the crusher in the wrecking yard. But no matter how tight the money, never say Pacifica isn’t rising to the challenge!

Up steps heir to the Pacifica throne, the future Queen Liz III. Yesterday, at the Su21Aug PNB Personnel Cttee meeting, Beth ‘that’s not a question, that’s a personal attack!’ von Gunten (KPFK listener-delegate) laid it out as it is: Pacifica could hire its new Chief Financial Officer from a low-wage state – “South Carolina, or Iowa, or wherever” (c. 48mins into proceedings, when she struggled to stay in management-speak, eventually landing on the euphemisms “lower-cost” & “less costly”). She said NETA, the National Educational Telecommunications Association – which has supplied Pacifica’s last four CFO’s – operates from Columbia, South Carolina, & that helps it offer so much for so little. ($27 500 a month, $330k a year – per the National Office net income/loss statement included in the NETA-produced management accounts monthlies,

Su21Aug2022 PNB Personnel Cttee, not in the Pacifica archive, so here’s the relevant 2mins11secs clip,; [UPDATE: eventually in the archive, at 47:58, but a much poorer recording, hissy –]

Next, the directors sleepwalkers will be pushing to make Pacifica a non-union shop. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to pause & take stock of the evidence before us. Then we can appreciate a few things about the Pacifica prominents, how blinkered they are, their narrow horizons, dull imaginations. A minimum of thought yields the question: why restrict the CFO search to states? Scour the territories! Even find someone in Guantanamo!

But you have to be careful: even Puerto Rico has unions, & plenty of peeps quit to leave for the mainland . . . & you won’t believe the labour costs in Guam – almost as high as Mississippi. That’s why for a cost-conscious, far-sighted employer, determined to deliver value to customers, Pacific islanders are the new Central Americans.

Yes, Pacifica may have left it late but it can still embrace the renewed liberal economic age, focusing all hiring on the Northern Mariana Islands & American Samoa! If the former were good enough for Enola Gay & Bockscar then they’re good enough for Pacifica! The new Pacifica can show it knows no depths. It can even adopt a new logo: a trench.


A lot has happened this calendar year. But is it even worth describing, let alone trying something a lil more difficult? Addressing things like explaining; identifying scenarios & options; offering rational, even actionable, prescriptions? Or does it make more sense just to remain submerged, swept over by events, wave upon wave?


. . . the coming gloaming, the darkness sweeping in upon the face of the deep . . .


Here’s looking at you, baby! . . . Geil!

. . . notice the last name on the right? . . .

. . . and there’s more:

. . . . . .


As Mr Slippery himself says, he’d been there over eight years.

No Pacifica director sleepwalker had the guts, not least the Chair, Ms Julie Hewitt (WPFW listener-delegate), to announce this shattering change at any PNB meeting, not least at the full board public meeting of 7July, or 21July, or 28July, or 4Aug, or 11Aug. Abdication of responsibility doesn’t grasp the half of it.

This week, Quince did his last day at KPFA (Tu16Aug, i’ve been told – of course, like the mafia, nothing’s written down), & on the weekend changed his LinkedIn page. Nice.

In the true Pacifican spirit of communication, the basis of not just a ‘mass’ media outlet but a listener-funded one, the KPFA & Pacifica websites have haven’t announced his departure. Nor why. Neither, as of 1430 PDT Su21Aug, have the sites told the pleb public who is the acting station manager – a violation of the station’s licence from the Federal Communications Commission. But hey, rules are for RealWorld, not PacificaWorld., (the title ‘general manager’ or ‘station manager’ doesn’t appear, zilch), (the station manager is a member),, (but then the latest post under the ‘News’ tab is on its way to its own eight years, being dated 15Jan2015 (sic))

His new stone:

Foto: courtesy of Sanfranman59 (at wiki)

Guess there’s self-interest & self-interest:

(In the vid, please excuse the inclusion of the misanthropic missionary position: see the truth described by Chris Hitchens, free download at – also please excuse the presence of a later pope, & of Amerika’s first black prez, LBJ, & the unforgivable absence of the likes of Paul Robeson, shunned by the majority of the ‘leaders’ of the civil rights movement.)


. . . sleepwalking into the chainsaw . . .

UPDATE, Tu23Aug2022 (& then some)

At that evening’s PNB Finance Cttee, CFO Julia Kennard said, regarding the July monthlies, “who needs to receive it at KPFA, now, umm, that the GM left? […] is there an interim GM at KPFA now?” – no audiofile archived yet, but at 2153 EDT, c. 23mins before the open meeting ended. (One may think a bod chosen by ED Stephanie Wells – but praps by the PNB, given that the ED has said publicly, more than once, that she has no powers, under her contract, (a) to appoint anyone, (b) to dismiss anyone, or (c) to change any programming at any station (“I can’t do anything with personnel, and nothing with programming” (at a KPFK meeting, 1:36:30 … link, etc., at the ‘boxed in/boxed up’ paragraph way below)) – but one needs to acknowledge that the public record does suggest that her contract does give her the autonomy to breathe, move around, & rehydrate. Although she probably did need the PNB’s permission to donate that kidney this month.)

[. . . UPDATE OF THE UPDATE, hereafter 2° UPDATE: PNB Finance Cttee audio now archived (from 1:08:31), . . .]

The Chair, James Sagurton (WBAI listener-delegate), responded quickly & authoritatively: “argh, I don’t think so, not yet, not that I’m aware of. So I guess just send it to Maria, and, umm [long pause] yeah” . . . and to Maria we shall return . . . At the Finance meeting, clarification re the iGM couldn’t come from KPFA’s Treasurer, Chris ‘Janus’ Cory (staff-delegate until 14Jan2023, when his 6yrs are up – first seated as per coz he was MIA – praps plotting, given he’s a breaker, in that KPFA militia, the Protectors: “KPFA Protectors Staff Board Members[:] Sherry Gendelman[,] Chris Cory” –

Maria. Yes, Maria. Maria ‘I never make a mistake, & don’t you dare harass me with questions’ Negret, who happens to appear in the first screenshot above. Maria, the busy business manager, so busy she needs, even in these desperate times, an assistant, “Bookkeeping Assistant, Angie Llarinas” – Pacifica, assistant bookkeeper – same sentence?!? How does this compare with other operating units? Well, the Pacifica Radio Archives has had four full-timers from pre-epidemic times, one being a business manager/bookkeeper, Mariana Berkovich (, even though the FY2021 unaudited revenue, excluding that from Central Services, was only $231k (Oct2021 monthlies – the last publicly available monthlies giving the FY2021 totals). Nevertheless, the whole of KPFT, in Houston, with FY2021 unaudited total revenue of $667k (same source), has been reduced to a single full-time employee, an engineer, & one part-timer, & with ‘Consultant/Temps/Contractuals’ a mere ~$2k a month thru Apr2022 (that’s why CFO Julia reported, “they have one-and-a-half [paid] people there” – c. 11:30 into the Finance meeting [2° UPDATE: per audiofile, 12:33]). [2° UPDATE: KPFT now “only have two part-time employees” – ED Wells, 18:06, 22Sep2022 PNB,] (Concurrently, at WBAI, CTC runs at ~$15.5k a month, so 2-2½ FTE – despite the ‘IRS! IRS! IRS!’ cry by station treasurer R Paul Martin (1:09:26), 22Sep2021 WBAI Finance Cttee, Have FCC investigators, called in by the Pacifica Safety Net breakers, already sent off a letter?)

All publicly available NETA-produced Pacifica monthlies are at

And overall staffing at KPFA, the veritable home of welcomeness, conviviality, & joy? KPFA, home of the bestselling bumper sticker & range of children’s merch, ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’? KPFA currently has more than 30 full-time equivalents: in no uncertain terms, that’s where staff must be chopped – for the sake of the network. And the stock as a flow, KPFA personnel costs have effectively risen 14%, ⅐, since the onset of the epidemic! (All calculations are below, in a pair of paragraphs.) Yes, it’s all about power, inertia, a lack of vision – not a rational distribution of labour-power.

Fundamentally, Pacifica’s decline & crises this century are the responsibility of successive sets of directors sleepwalkers, who have refused to ensure that there is adequate centralised control over operations – the very activities that could have been designed & coordinated to turn a vision for Pacifica into reality. In this, the sets of directors sleepwalkers have dramatically failed to ensure that their main instrument, the executive director, uses a control structure that does the job. Lack of vision. Lack of skills. Lack of control. The observed destructive deficiencies shredding Pacifica are evidence that the directors sleepwalkers have failed, & continue to fail, to discharge their fiduciary duty, their legal responsibility as trustees to protect the assets of this public charity.

. . . no, not a Board of Directors: a Board of Sleepwalkers . . . sleepwalking into the chainsaw . . .

FTE’s at KPFA: FY2022, personnel costs thru Apr2022 annualise as $2 525 834, say ~$2.525m … using the evidence examined in a Nov2021 PacificaWatch post, @ $66k, that’s 38¼ FTE; @ $75k, 33 FTE; @ $80k, 31½ FTE … so, roughly, between 31 & 38 FTE. Part of that data solely concerned KPFA, during June2019, giving estimated average annual personnel costs of $71 463; three years on, 2.525m ÷ 71.5k = 35.3 FTE. But hang on a sec, shouldn’t that figure be deflated given the 14% increase in personnel costs? Only if there’s been a rise in the FTE unit labour cost, such as from $71.5k. So, for example, $71.5k x 1.14 = $81.5k … & 2.525m ÷ 81.5k = 31.0 FTE, which happens to agree with the number derived from the June2019 payroll records of the station’s 47 employees (suggesting a possible staffing freeze). Given the limits of the publicly available info, if a single figure is to be used, perhaps the most reasonable prudent working assumption is 31 FTE – see Apr2022 monthlies, & appendix at

The 14.02% rise in KPFA personnel costs across the 3yrs, 1Oct2019-30Sep2022: FY2019, $2 215 341 (FY2019 auditor’s report, page 35 (the PDF page # always lags, here p. 38); lacking the auditor’s opinion on the figure’s material accuracy – p. 2); FY2020, $2 282 066 (FY2020 auditor’s report, p. 36; judged materially accurate by the auditor, pp. 2 & 3); FY2021, $2 428 265 (NETA’s computation) [2° UPDATE: the FY2021 auditor’s report gives $2 441 210, p. 35; judged materially accurate, p. 2]; FY2022, $2 525 834 (annualisation of NETA’s total thru Apr2022) … year-on-year changes: FY2020, +3.01%; FY2021, +6.41%; FY2022, +4.02% … the +14.02% over 3yrs: 2525834 ÷ 2215341 –; Oct2021 & Apr2022 NETA-produced monthlies.

Well, re the iGM matter, guess neither Julia nor James subscribe to the KPFA e-newsletter: the adieu sob to Quince, signed “KPFA’s Management Team [line-break] Antonio Ortiz, Interim General Manager [with on the next line, four other names – including Maria’s]” (emphases added), not dated but archived as Th18Aug,; Julia, James, newsletter subscription button is, conveniently, in the bottom-left corner of any webpage at (Tino keeps stepping up, but then he is a dancer: at KPFA since 2004, including 4yrs as Operations Manager before Quince appointed him Director of Operations as recently as January –

It’s a pity ED Wells didn’t tell CFO Kennard what’s going on. But i guess that lil prob gets solved in typical Pacifica fashion by there being no CFO from 1Oct – only an NBM, a National Business Manager, an empty vessel getting a few mentions that evening. Brilliant.


[Two 2° UPDATES, the first much longer:

[. . . 2° UPDATE: a vessel now filled, without as much as a vacancy advert or even a job description, by KPFT’s bookkeeper/business manager, Markisha ‘I’m so calm I could be basking in the Gulf – and yes, I’m cooler than Cerene’ Deshaun Venzant-Sampson – although her appointment hasn’t been thought worthy of a public announcement at any Pacifica meeting or in any Pacifica statement, the word ‘Markisha’ simply mentioned in passing. (The ‘V’ part of her name is usually misspelt in Pacifica docs.) Good luck in getting the Sep monthlies out by mid Oct – or before Xmas. And good luck trying to cope with Maria.

[And no, no director sleepwalker has publicly asked why there’s no disclosed timeline for hiring a new Chief Financial Officer; nor why there’s been no discernible progress, not even the placing of an advert.

[And it gets worse. Despite the dire situation, with NETA giving up on Pacifica, making it go it alone, with no cash to hire anyone (not even a GM at KPFK, to replace a guy trying to do the job from 3 000 miles away), no director sleepwalker or member of the PNB Finance Cttee has asked for a public disclosure of what’s at stake here: (a) the plan of the NETA ⭢ Markisha ‘transition’, with temporal details; (b) the achievements & cock-ups of this ‘transition’; (c) how Pacifica will try to mitigate for what Markisha can’t do; & (d) what are Markisha’s qualifications to do bookkeeping & accounting, her skills, & her experience in these quite different fields? The directors sleepwalkers, & the station treasurers of the PNB Finance Cttee, don’t seem to recognise how weird this silence is. It’s the practice of the politics of the emperor with no clothes: ignore it, & it’s not there. Denial = no problem exists.

[On the legal matter of Pacifica saying they don’t have a designated CFO, please see the note at the end of the ‘Chief Financial Officer’ section of (a webpage also accessible from the drop-down menu atop each page of this blog). In a phrase, the California Corporations Code says that when the chief financial officer post isn’t filled then in law the corp’s treasurer is that postholder – unless the org’s rules prevent that . . . and that’s how it is with Pacifica.

[As explained in the note mentioned, Pacifica’s “Board Treasurer” – the by-laws don’t refer to a corporation treasurer – is the Chair of the PNB Finance Cttee. This year that’s James Sagurton (WBAI listener-delegate). James ‘terms out’ his 6yrs on 7Dec2022 (his last currently noticed PNB Finance Cttee meeting is Tu22Nov), having come 5th in the delegates election held 2016, & seated at the 7Dec2016 WBAI delegates’ assembly. (Remember, one is elected as a delegate – not as a local station board member – and being a delegate entitles one to be seated as a member of the LSB, so making this derivative.) The current PNB Finance Cttee has expressed no inkling that they’ll need to elect a new Chair this year.,,, (pump in ‘WBAI Delegates’), &

[Not having a CFO poses at least one problem: the FJC contract. Requirements. Certifications. CFO certifications. Who’s going to become legally liable for the promises that a CFO has to contractually make, re ‘the big loan’, to the Foundation for the Jewish Community, operating as FJC? The promises are of two kinds: “[t]he financial statements shall be accompanied by a written statement of the Chief Financial Officer of Borrower certifying the financial statements to be true and correct” (Section 6.2 of the root loan agreement document, p. 11; p. 12 of the PDF); & “[w]ithin one hundred twenty (120) days following the close of each fiscal year of the Borrower, Borrower shall provide to Lender a certificate (the CFO Certificate) of the Chief Financial Officer of Borrower, in form and substance acceptable to Lender, certifying to the compliance of the Borrower with the covenants set forth in Article 7 of this Agreement” (§ 6.3, same pagination, original bold & underline)., &, the root loan agreement doc,

[Both certification deadlines are 28Jan2023 – as the date also applies to the FY2022 audited financial statements (§ 6.1, p. 10; p. 11 of the PDF). The feasibility: (a) only twice in the last 28yrs has Pacifica been speedy (FY2006, 19Jan2007; & FY2007, 14Jan2008); (b) NETA have walked, leaving Markisha in the void; & (c) auditors, Rogers & Company, given the complaint they face, have probably already scarpered.

[(The loan is now $2 258 821, down $1 006 179 (30.8%). In FY2019, $100k was repaid, & the rest in FY2022 thru 20July2022 (the FY2021 auditor’s report helpfully gave the balance at the day when FJC extended maturity to 30Oct2024) – however, Pacifica, & the auditor’s notes, haven’t disclosed the date, sum, & reason re any payment: per auditor’s reports, FY2019 (pp. 3 & 16; pp. 5 & 18 of the PDF), & FY2021 (pp. 3 & 29; pp. 5 & 31 of the PDF), The current quarterly interest payment is, @8.5%, $47 999.94, ~$48k – The next one, the 18th, so 4½yrs, is due 30Sep (the 1st fell on 30June2018, per §2.3(1) of the cited loan agreement, p. 5; p. 6 of the PDF). Pacifica listeners & members have handed over the best part of $1m of their donations to FJC as interest.) [The ¾ percentage point rise effective 22Sep will cost Pacifica an extra $16 941 pa – with a double-whammy expected of at least a further +1 point to endure for a year, pushing the annual charge to $231 529, a quarterly ~$58k.] . . .]

[. . . 2° UPDATE: re Quince, KPFA management preferred to make the announcement via YouTube rather than the station website. The channel, KPFAradio, started 30May2007, & since Jan2022 it has produced ‘On the Deck’, first as a monthly, then weekly from 3May (playlist: It’s hosted by the Social Media Manager, MikO Tolliver, & since 31May she’s been joined by Tino. (No typo:; oddly, her name is omitted from the Social Media section –; not that that would impair her self-promotion/self-expression,,, etc., etc..) The announcement of Quince’s passing was made 5Aug (6:10-6:38; 408 views) – but not in the intro itself. Those paltry seconds contrasted with the >8mins obituary given days later to a host, & staff-delegate, Jeannine Etter (9Aug, 1:54-10:26). Quince got another mention, 16Aug (0:09-3:44; 9 views), when Tino read a script (sic), after MikO had introduced him as Interim General Manager. She even tapped him on the head. Sweet.

(Ms Etter was elected Nov2019, seated part way thru the 14Dec2019 LSB meet (new LSB roll-call, 11:50; the old one, 0:02), & her replacement (so only for the Sep, Nov, & partial Dec meets) is Ann Garrison, a noted anti-breaker – that’s if she can stomach Christina ‘Nurse Ratched’ Huggins et al..,, & . . .]


On Steph being boxed in/boxed up by the PNB, with minimal powers – so ‘the Vernile effect’ – she revealed all at the Su26June2022 KPFK Outreach Cttee (1:33:10-1:36:41, the topic continuing to pop up thru to 1:49:48) – still not posted at, but it’s here, (please rise above the crackle – the recording came from the Cttee). Given how she described what the directors sleepwalkers expect of her, as codified in her employment contract, Steph merits being denoted as ER Steph: not the Executive Director but the Executive Recommender. At long last, Pacifica has a social influencer!


This Quince piece is part of a triptych, the other flank being his olde friend, Berthold (who’s now telling the world that he’s looking for a new job: “[s]eeking a Director position”), with the central panel graced by an imaginative hiring idea spawned within the Su21Aug PNB Personnel Cttee. Yes, an employment theme.

If the energy allows, there’ll be an examination of the KPFK FY2023 budget, presented to the W24Aug station Finance Cttee. It was met by a series of motions, none of which passed. It’s due to be discussed at the Su28Aug KPFK Local Station Board. It had been prepared by KPFK Treasurer Kim ‘(sigh) yes, Bella? (sigh)’ Kaufman, CFO Julia ‘I work a 73hr-week, for Pacifica – what is wrong with me?’ Kennard, iGM Moe ‘what new excuse can I come up with to avoid going to the next KPFK meeting?’ Thomas (WPFW’s full-time engineer, & also working at KPFT – there seems to be no truth in the rumour that Pacifica is trying to lend him to a station in Alaska), & his assistant, Ali ‘Michael, I’d rather go after Beth’ Lexa Al-Hilali (director sleepwalker, & staff-delegate – what about management not being eligible for Pacifica staff membership? – see sub-section B, [2° UPDATE: director sleepwalker Ali Lexa has just left the sinking ship – mentioned in passing at the W14Sep KPFK Governance Cttee by Chair Michael Novick (listener-delegate, & LSB Chair). He reminded us, the iGM lives in Maryland. So now losing his right-hand in Los Angeles. Pacifica is unravelling.]

The budget displays a $1 124 158 loss, with the $2 219 403 expenses not covered by the $1 095 245 revenue. [Please see UPDATE below.] Put another way, revenue isn’t even half of expenses! (Strictly true, as it comes in at 49.35%.) What was the lengthy title of the lengthy PacificaWatch analysis, posted 19Nov2021, nine long months ago, & distributed at that time by Chair Blair to the KPFK Finance Cttee members? “Today KPFK is losing money at a rate of ~$3 500 a day, ~$105k a month, ~$1.26m a year as per the docs. Why does no-one publicly recognise the scale, the urgency?” (The loss-making machine has slowed down a lil: 1124 ÷ 1261 = 0.891, so an 11% improvement.) One can but try . . . although it’s a lil different from Mohammed & the mountain –

[UPDATE: the budget presented to the Su28Aug KPFK LSB had two immaterial changes: a deletion of an unjustified $3k from total revenue, & the addition to it of $10k (presumably to “Sponsorship”, doubling it from $10k to $20k coz of the likely PNB move to encourage underwriting, Politese for advertising). The adjusted totals presented that Sunday: revenue $1 102 245, expenses $2 219 403 (so, Central Services $500 868, others $1 718 535), loss $1 117 158.]