FY2020 audit fiasco intensifies: Pacifica said things were sent when they weren’t … auditor’s report “was completed”, but it isn’t … & claims “the due date of August 16” whereas AG says “No. The statute does not provide for an extension of time”

[If g-d grants the strength – although the screenshots, logic, & semantics say quite enough – added will be a series of obvious questions addressed to those on the PNB Audit Cttee, not least the obstructionist Chair Eileen it’s Ros-in Rosin, to the directors, & to those paid by Pacifica. Will anyone on the Cttee be responsible enough to move a motion to remove ‘Egregious’ Eileen from the Chair?

After all, as discussed in the last post, “[c]harity corp audit cttee duties: ‘[t]he audit committee shall confer with the auditor to satisfy its members that the financial affairs of the corporation are in order, shall review and determine whether to accept the audit’ (emphases added), [California Government Code] § 12586(e)(2) […] https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=GOV&sectionNum=12586“.

How can an Audit Chair choose to stop all this by choosing not to call meetings, committing all these acts of omission, & get away with it scot-free? Like certain governments, in Pacifica can decision-makers act with impunity, without consequences? Is there no accountability in Pacifica – even when California law is at stake?

What is Pacifica: private club or public charity?]


The PNB Audit Cttee was due to meet this evening, the first time since M26Apr. But at 4.04pm EDT this cancellation notice was posted (note, the “Eileen Rosin” is from the original noticing – but she may well have made the update):


The same, but without the “4:04 PM”:



“[I]t was completed” – yet it isn’t: it’ll be filed “at that time [16Aug], or sooner if it’s ready”.

Even if the final draft of today’s statement happened to be incoherent, is there no-one in the room, a fresh pair of eyes, to spot the nonsense?

(We won’t mention submitting/filing the “FY2020 audit” rather than the auditor’s report – although this is of a kind with Cttee members & directors repeatedly talking about NETA “doing the audit” rather than making all necessary preparations for the audit.)

False statement on the law

The statement says, “we are not required to file our FY2020 audit with the CA AG office until the due date of August 16”. Yet . . . yet . . .




Can we expect a correction of the correction, made on the last day of referenda voting on the breakers’ proposed homogenising, authoritarian new constitution? . . .

. . . hang on a sec . . .

. . . Come to think of it, things are quite authoritarian already, yes? And the supposed anti-breakers, without even trying, are doing their lil bit to help break up Pacifica, yes?


(Also note, before cancelling, at 3.46pm EDT, ‘Egregious’ Eileen noticed another PNB Audit Cttee meeting, for Tu20July, at 8.30pm EDT; “Purpose: Review audit documents”, so more than the auditor’s report? or other than the auditor’s report? or plain sloppiness? – https://kpftx.org/pacalendar/cal_show1.php?eventdate=20210720.)