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3 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. 3rd1000yrs 18 August, 2020 / 20:27

    I would like to post the following, if I may: Mail-in Votes-They don’t count these until the night of the election, after the networks have called the election. Please vote in person-it’s a one-shot against voter suppression. Trump is in power and is sabotaging the other kinds of votes. S


  2. PacificaWatch 30 August, 2020 / 20:30

    So S, your idea is that it’s best to get the anti-Trump votes out on show during election night, rather than dribbling out over the following days & even weeks?

    But how safe do you think it will be ‘voting in-person’? How credible would any assurances be? Isn’t it more rational, safer, to vote without having to queue?

    After Tu3Nov, Trump has 77 days, 11 weeks & 12 hours, before the inauguration, midday W20Jan. A lot of time to cause bad trouble, including killing what is likely to be of the order of 100 001 people. And in any case, as Michael Moore said straight after Trump’s RNC rally (with only imaginary torches gracing the DC sky), i wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has his own in-person appearance that day. Even when official COVID-19 deaths were 2 001 a day, way back in April, i predicted Trump would win. Perception of reality often trumps reality until it hits you on the head – and even then there’s always a reason to carry on as before. Unfortunately, not enough have been hurt enough.

    Two of Moore’s FB postings of recent days:, &, today,

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    • 3rd1000yrs 30 August, 2020 / 20:51

      In March of 2016 I predicted on line that Trump would win, but everyone just laughed at me.
      Considering Trump’s forces disabling and discrediting votes by mail, and how they were lost in previous elections, I predict that voting in person is safest. I would wear a mask and self-distance, and it’s only a one-shot appearance to try to dump Trump. S


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